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  1. VKB has another throttle in development due to be released "before the end of the year." Their year is lunar which means before mid February of 2021. Twin engine controls with expansion modules similar to the model shown above. Photos show throttle with module designed for VKB's desk mount.
  2. No. They're speaking of British Pounds. Pre-order in Europe came with a discount that expired with the end of July. Reverb Gen 2 has been $599 since pre-order began in the US.
  3. AT 6:00 of this video MRTV says the current pre-order price for Reverb Gen2 in Europe of 580 Euro will go up to 690 Euro after July 31.
  4. @Bob100 Nice, clean set up. I have two of those 50 Amp Aurasound bass shakers that I'm not using. PM your mailing address and I'll send one off to you.
  5. The menu screen is much closer to the player than normal screen. I believe the 45 is correct for what we are seeing at the moment. Reverb G1 = 92
  6. @dog1 I had similar experience. After update I logged in to CB and flew a mission. On return to base I lost server connection. After 10-15 mins server came back up and I flew another mission successfully and logged off. No mission details or credits were registered. I don't care about the stats - just want to point out the bug. Combat Box stats page is showing the same 7 players as were flying five hours ago. Actual player count on the server is currently 34.
  7. You can delete a topic you originate. On the right of the topic's title box there is an option tab.
  8. The Oculus Rift S is a very good vr headset at a reasonable price. Go to their website and scroll down to see what they recommend for hardware. https://www.oculus.com/rift-s/?locale=en_US
  9. Do we now have enemy snipers at spawn points? I spawned into Y42 on the Crossing the Rhine map approx 5:50 EST in a p38. As I was waiting for the engines to start I began receiving rifle fire to the plane. There were no other planes in the area that I could see or hear. Airfield was not under enemy ground attack to the best of my knowledge. Total of approx 6 shots over a 3 min period. Another problem I encountered during the same time period. I left the mission and re-spawned at Y46 again in a p38. After engines started I pressed brake release and began to taxi only to bog down after 5-6 feet. Left mission and spawned again at same airbase with same results. Became frustrated and went back to Y42 where the inability to taxi arose again. Felt like the tires were flat or mired in mud. Even with 100% throttle and rpm plane would not budge.
  10. @SCG_Fenris_Wolf Manual IPD adjustment will range from 60 to 68mm.
  11. @spitfirejoe The new version reverb does not have a 3.5mm audio jack. HP recommends bluetooth earphones if user isn't happy with the over the ear speakers provided. These are the same speakers the Vive Index have and I haven't seen or heard of anyone complaining about sound quality.
  12. The two modes (red and green) are for the grip buttons only. The nine buttons on the base are single use and do not change modes.
  13. Can you say if it supports Virtual Reality?
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