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  1. Gordon200

    Installing New

    Very exciting moment for you. I'm happy for you knowing how long you've been planning and looking forward to this. When I built my rig recently I did like you and saved my settings file. When applied to the new system I had to go through and remap everything over again. Not a big problem and it gave me the opportunity to tweak some things for the better. Congratulations!
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    I have a friend who flies for FedEx. I asked him the other day about the chemtrail conspiracy and he shot back this pic.
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    I don't think even this rig would get me to put down my VR. Please excuse the commercials
  5. Gordon200

    Come and Join the Luftwaffe! [Recruiting]

    Beautiful. Well done.
  6. Gordon200

    OMG OMG OMG is this amazing

    You get feedback from the deep base notes. The depth and intensity are controlled via an amp. The shaker I got for my rudder pedals feels stronger than the buttkicker attached to my swivel chair. That may be because of the padding in the chair idk. Both shakers are daisy chained off the amp so receive the same input. The second shaker is an AuraSound Pro Bass Shaker - https://www.ebay.com/itm/AuraSound-AST-2B-4-Pro-Bass-Shaker-Tactile-Transducer/123535085593?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 All you need is an amp, one or two shakers and cables. If I had it to do over I would go with two AuraSound shakers and the Buttkicker amp with cables and remote. I velcroed the Buttkicker remote to the right side of my VK Gladiator MkII joystick. I would mount one of the shakers directly to the underside of the chair for better conducting the vibrations and to save $100. The second shaker I would attach to rudder pedal mounting hardware. An ideal set up would be having a floor mounted joystick with rudder pedals employing the same base or framework and another shaker under your seat. If you still have some paycheck left you could opt for a more expensive amp that would separate the stereo signal and give you input for left or right landing gear, bomb or rocket releases, damage etc. Similar set up can be made for racing sims to use 360 deg surround sound and give you feedback for the four wheels. Here's an evaluation from the UK of a cheaper way to go. Hope this helps.
  7. Gordon200

    OMG OMG OMG is this amazing

    I was told that was possible in VR but hadn't tried it. Start the game in 2D and choose a plane for Quick Mission. Press Pause to begin and press nubpad 5 to go to the default position. While still on Autopilot make your adjustments using Home, End, etc. Delete and End will move your seat left & right to properly align your dominate eye. In 2D my preference is for the cross hairs to be on the left margin of the sight. When you are satisfied with the position then press F10 to save it as the default position when you press numpad 5 in the future for that plane. And yes, you'll need to do that for each plane you own. Only takes a few secs to do one then exit the QM and choose the next plane.
  8. Gordon200

    OG Odyssey owners

    Go to your Windows Settings and you will see a group called "Mixed Reality. Click on that and then "Environment". Click the gray bar "Clear Environment Data". While in Windows Mixed Reality you can control Audio, power etc. In power you want Max performance and under Advanced Power make sure your headset is set to 90Hz. In Steam VR Developer Settings I unchecked the box for putting the headset to sleep when idle for 20 secs. I found if I were to pause IL*2 for a moment Mixed Reality would stop and I couldn't reenter the sim.
  9. Gordon200

    OMG OMG OMG is this amazing

    Any time you want to center yourself in the cockpit press number pad 5. For VR you will need to adjust your position by using the Insert, Home, Delete, End keys. Nudge yourself left or right to better see the gun sight depending on your dominate eye. When you are satisfied with the new seat position press F10 to save that set up for that plane. I have always made the adjustments in 2D but I have been told you can now do it in VR as well. Now when you press number pad 5 you will be placed in the saved position. Start a Quick Mission and when you unpause press num pad 5 and leave the plane in Autopilot while you make adjustments. Press F10 to save and exit. If you later make a change to the position press F10 to save. Another trick to simplify sim life is to only use the launcher to update your game after a patch or update. In the game files, Program files (x86)>Battle of Moscow>1C Games>bin>game scroll down to a red star icon for the app (not launcher) and send it to desktop as shortcut. The icon will launch the game without the updater running in the background.
  10. No difference unless you want to buy the Pro Office Suite (excel, word etc). With Win10 Pro you get a trial of the office suite but still need to buy the add-ons. If you don't buy office suite it is the same as Home edition. Pro is a marketing term that doesn't live up to its name. As long as you have Win10 64 bit you are good.
  11. Gordon200

    OMG OMG OMG is this amazing

    There is no going back to pancake flying after the VR experience. Not only is the gunnery more accurate but situational awareness is heightened and navigation is much easier with the added depth perception. Today I added to the immersion when my Buttkicker Gamer2 arrived. East to set up and expand if desired. The Gamer2 transfers deep bass sounds of the sim to your chair. I expanded my system by also putting a shaker on the plywood my rudder pedals are mounted on. As much as VR adds to the visual experience of flying this device adds to the actual feel. Now I feel every bump and rut in the runway as well as the difference between machine gun and cannon fire. When the landing gear retracts you get a little reassuring thump on your bottom. Gun fire hitting the plane is a quick jolt that will leave no doubt in your mind that you've been hit. Highly recommended. https://thebuttkicker.com/buttkicker-gamer2/
  12. Smoke grenades were used in Vietnam by ground troops to signal Huey pilots incoming to a landing zone. I remember purple was for wounded; yellow was 'all clear' etc.
  13. Congratulations, Don! I've just finished the Firestorm OC scan test on my Zotac RTX 2080ti AMP. Man, that thing is loud with all the fans running 100%. That was the last item of my i7 8086K pc build. Buttkicker Gamer2 for my chair and another shaker for my rudder pedals arrive Thursday and I'm done building for a few years. Just in time for winter.
  14. Gordon200

    Model Pilot

  15. Gordon200

    Buttkicker gamer 2 with Ouculs Rift anyone?

    Great idea putting a shaker under the pedals. I hadn't thought of that. My Buttkicker Gamer2 will be delivered Friday and I already have my VKB pedals on a plywood base. It's not necessary to get a separate sound card for VR or USB headsets. This is a step by step tutorial on using Voicemeeter software.