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  1. Get yourself a TrackIR headset. It might seem expensive but it really is a big help with looking for the bad guys. Once you create a profile that works for you, you will never want to fly without it.
  2. Same problem. looks like game is having a hard time connecting to Master Server. Can make it work by going to your Computer files for IL-2 Sturmovik Game IL-2.exe You may get a message about not connecting with master server, just keep hitting ENTER.
  3. ROF was so much better in it's early years. Updates have pretty much dumbed it down.
  4. Heard it thru the grapevine that they don't won't 5.0 to clash with Bodenplate release. Expect Boden first then 5.0 maybe a month or two after.
  5. Thanks for the offer to help Gordon. I do fall into the old fart category. I can manage the update but I don't believe people should have to fix a problem caused by the developers. Think of someone who has just purchased a new game and the first thing they have to do is fix it using third party fixes. Does not give a person a lot of faith in the game they just bought.
  6. I'm sorry but I should not have to download and unzip (and zip is not free, not everyone has it) some file and then copy and paste it to another folder. Some people have no idea what the heck that means and they shouldn't have to fix the game that they bought directly from the company so the company could make a little extra money and not have Steam get their cut. This is a IL-2 problem. If the launcher is the problem then a updated launcher should be downloadable from IL-2 (as the first part of the update) that includes any fixes and the removal of the old launcher. That's just good customer support. Not making the customer fix a product that they have already been using and suddenly doesn't work any more because the developers have changed something. Il-2 broke it, they should fix it.
  7. I don't believe there is much of a difference in the airflow between a rudder that is 20 ft away and one that is 2 ft away. Especially since the rudders on airboats/hovercraft are generally smaller than for aircraft. The blast of air from the prop is sufficient enough to direct the aircraft in the direction you want. Brakes are needed to slow you down and to pivot in place, not so much just to taxi. I see way to many players constantly doing ground loops with no control once one starts. Taxing aircraft is not rocket science. It should not be harder than actually flying the plane. If this was the case there would have been mention of it in the history books and stories of WW2 aircraft. it would be a major statistic of aircraft damaged/destroyed in ground handling incidents. Even the 109 which was infamous for takeoff/landing problems was not such a beast, other than poor visibility, just to taxi. The use of brakes for taxing has been way overly done to provide more gameplay, not to be historically accurate. Just like the water effect anytime you get near a cloud. Flying thru clouds should not be like going thru a car wash. Your opinion may be different, but I'm entitled to mine. And though I've never flown such high performance aircraft like WWII fighters, I do have experience with real life aircraft.
  8. All the planes are terrible at ground handling. Jason has placed way to much emphasis on using your brakes and not enough for the rudder. The rudder is very effective for pushing a light weight tail around. Just look at a air boat. No brakes at all but the tail still moves very well from the blast of air coming off the prop.
  9. Ok, we get it Novice-Flyer. You don't care for WW1 flying. But there are many that do. Also WW1, with much fewer buttons to use, fits in well with VR. And pretty graphics is always a reason to get a newer game. Besides, what is so different with BOS then other WW2 flight simms? Things like taxiing and weapons convergence/selection have a long way to go to equal games like Cliffs of Dover.
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