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  1. ESCOMM_Viper

    Wings of War

    AMAZING!!! Great job)) Wainting for the next one
  2. Privet Nice videos! Great LaGG kills and skin)) is this for download? Poka!
  3. ESCOMM_Viper

    Kill Montage

    This is my first video. Hope you enjoy guys! If you guys have any suggestion, i'm glad to hear S!
  4. Yea, thats why I said "you". Because I and more pilots need HL to see good campaigns and not only dedicated servers.
  5. I agree. Adds nothing? YOU dont need, not WE HL support will be good for dynamic campaign like AFW. You are talking this because you never flew it before!
  6. Privet. That Yak at 2:20 min!!))) Great video. Do svidaniya.
  7. Didnt see because u didnt fly I Flew 5 wars there, 4 in Ger - 1 in Rus. All pilots of "big" squads remember me as BLW, so... No. Its not simple to understand. You're doing a mistake talking this. This discussion will never be an end. You will insist that as much people did.
  8. Yes, I dont know who u are, because i never see this nick there. Badges? Dont tell nothing, I had so many badges that i dont remember. Flying in both side. My point is: As you said again," La5 shouldn`t have a problem against a single FW190A3". Its wrong. you should never talk about it without considering personal skills. Plane A dont have problem against plane B. how? Its clear now? ps. sry for my bad english
  9. hahaha true!!!! people start discussion that will never be an end
  10. I never flew agains good La pilots? ok ok ok. I only say ADW You dont know how I am , so as I said. Skills talk more than planes. Face a plane that you know everything about using a plane that you know everything about you will have 40% of chance to kill the enemy. 60% are combat skills
  11. This is the point. For all sorties. You need to check around every time Realy? I dont think so! You never flew against good FW pilots so. I loved enter in a dogfight with my Fw in IL2 1946, and I never lose a dogfight when was flying seriously. Yes, its true. In Spit vs 109 classic server, I flew for a long time and I get 6/12 kills per sorties with my FWs. People talk much nonsense, " La/yak/lagg is a sh.. , 109 is much better", bla bla bla. if they had skills with their planes, they would not be talking this.
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