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  1. Hm, that's disappointing to hear. I don't mind doing some tinkering but for $270 I'd hope for some hardware with decent longevity. Anyone else had issues like this?
  2. I used to have some force feedback joysticks back in the day and I really miss them. I had been thinking about getting a Buttkicker in the hopes that it might provide some of the same kind of feedback information, but now that Il-2 supports SimShaker, I'm looking at that plus the Jetpad instead. My questions are (for those who have these already): 1. Can you feel the stall buffet coming on when you're turning, and so turn tighter, closer to the edge of a stall? This is the number one thing I miss about the force feedback joysticks, it was much easier to turn close to the max performance of your plane. 2. With the Jetpad, can you feel if one wing is going to stall before the other wing? 3. Can you feel the onset of G forces, and about how strong they are? I've blacked out a few times in dogfights from pulling too hard too fast and it would be nice if I could have even a fraction of a second more warning to let up on the stick. 4. If I go this route (SimShaker + Jetpad), do I need anything other than the Jetpad and the SimShaker Wings software from Andre's site? (Basically this.) Specifically, do I need an additional sound card? I have a VR setup and use the speakers on the headset; will I need to mirror the sound output to my main speakers or another output? If so, have you found it better/easier to just get a second sound card? Thanks!
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