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  1. I apparently spoke too soon... I'm happy to report that my JetPad arrived today. Yesterday the Russia Post site updated to say it was "Processing in United States of America" at USJFKA (JFK airport in New York). Then USPS tracking kicked in, it arrived in my city all the way across the country early this morning, and was just delivered a few minutes ago. Hopefully everyone else's gets delivered soon, I'm certainly excited to try mine out!
  2. I think almost all of them can be found in this post. Doesn't look like the Yak-9 or Yak-9T has been added yet though.
  3. My tracking data shows the "local distribution center" dance too. I have no idea what "Released from Russia" means though. I have read that Russia is getting hit pretty hard right now with the virus, so that probably accounts for some of the delay at least. And FWIW, the US Post Office has a page regarding international shipments from Russia which says: The tracking page for my shipment also has a link at the top to fill out a form to apply for a package search due to the lack of updates. Unfortunately it seems to require a login and it's all in Russian. If I don't g
  4. Mine shipped on May 8th (I'm in the US), I was starting to get a little worried since the last update on the Russian Post site was on May 17th. Looks like I shouldn't be holding my breath here though. If I don't get it by August I guess I'll start looking into it. I do wish the shipping was faster though, I'm really looking forward to having it.
  5. Hm, that's disappointing to hear. I don't mind doing some tinkering but for $270 I'd hope for some hardware with decent longevity. Anyone else had issues like this?
  6. I used to have some force feedback joysticks back in the day and I really miss them. I had been thinking about getting a Buttkicker in the hopes that it might provide some of the same kind of feedback information, but now that Il-2 supports SimShaker, I'm looking at that plus the Jetpad instead. My questions are (for those who have these already): 1. Can you feel the stall buffet coming on when you're turning, and so turn tighter, closer to the edge of a stall? This is the number one thing I miss about the force feedback joysticks, it was much easier to turn close to the max per
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