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  1. Brief description: Tanks and ground targets not rendering behind player tank Aim cursor 3-9 line while in VR Detailed description, conditions: While turned out in a tank using VR, models of other tanks and ground targets (AI or Player) are not rendered behind 90 degrees left and right of where the yellow broken line aiming cursor is indicating. This prevents from being able to turn around quickly (head only) to check surroundings with out having the turret also track to that position and potentially giving you away when in a concealed position and taking your gun off target. this is not an issue with air targets, they are visible at all times while using VR
  2. sorry to be the downer in here but is the cloud fix working in VR for 10.5? I have everything working properly except that, Lctrl+k does nothing and I can't see a Ju52 100 metres in front of me, just before ramming at about 5 metres it popped in perfectly but until then I had pretty much nothing. clean mod install I really appreciate the work you're doing though! so thank you for you're time and effort Lefuneste
  3. Tested it with high medium and low cloud setting as well as combinations of other setting, it appears to have no effect, the 'holes' are always present. however I did notice under certain lighting conditions the 'holes' were visible under the horizon as well, I've attached a photo, hopefully it's clear enough, you can see in the prop disc there is a vertical section there. don't know if it helps but it's there also don't know if relevant or if its been said at all, I couldn't see anyone saying it, but the 'holes' are the frame of the canopy if you fly an I-16 you almost won't see it, but if you take the Pe-2 like the picture here, you can see it very clearly, down to the holes in the metal frame
  4. after playing around with 9.0 for a bit I have noticed that planes can sometimes appear though clouds when they're not supposed too, it was inconsistent and only brief but it did happen I had a He-111 cruising just below cloud level and I was above maybe 1k and it seemed to happen as the He-111 went though a cloud transition into denser cloud cover possibly as it entered the cloud from underneath. I will continue to test in SP and see if I can record it and try figure out the trigger, it happened twice and I was unable to reproduce it after I noticed what was happening.. I'll update with all my settings in game and mod when I have something, thanks keep up the good work though! this mod is critical to the VR community at the moment
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