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  1. Thank you very much for your request, but I prefer to get points for performance. But I would be happy to give you three points for the funny answer. Here they are ...
  2. Thats the best explanation to the problem and i use just a gamepad. This must be the solution. When i get a different joystick i will try again. Thanx to all...
  3. Thanks for your answer. Yes, I see the change of trim in % on the right side of the screen.Yes i give time for the trim to work and i dont accelerate while trimming. My keybindings should be ok. Cause the trimming is quite fine on other airplanes like the Me262, or Bf 109s and all the older planes. Trimming does not show any effect on this planes: p51, p38. Shows a little effect on p47, fw190. Dont know how is it possible that it doesnt work on my system but for others it seeme to work. The p38 is almost not flyable cause this plane has a strong tendency to go nose up. Trimming shows no effect
  4. Hallo, this my third post about trimming...no answer until now. PLEASE HELP. Almost all planes are impossible to trim for level flight (exeptions Bf-109s) Fw-190, P-47, P-51 are impossible to trim for level flight at high speeds (up from 300 km/h) and specially the p-51 is impossible to trim at all - the trim weel is moving but doesn't matter if NH or TH the p-51 goes nose up. I need help to solve this problem cause it makes a flight with the p-51 very unpleasend. I don't understand why it is like this. At least I want to know if this is just a problem on my configuration (i have special issue
  5. Points are just a symbol for recognition and a part of a system to assess your performance. And everybody who says he does not care about points or any other form of recognition is right to do so. But I guess if this person has done a lot to help his team to win a MP game and then find himself at the end of the list with maybe zero points, this person is maybe not so satisfied as this person would be when he is under the first 5 names. So if this person anyway doesnt care, it is really great. But we are all living under a system of points, when u bring your love some flowers or helping someb
  6. Yesterday for the first time i used the Ju 52 in multiplayer and droped paratroopers at exact location. Got message paradroopers landed on location. Went back to airfield landed and got zero poinst. I think this is not fair. Maybe this could be changed. Cause it needed time to go there, it was risky (no air support), and I got back. And actually i paid for the Ju 52 and if there is no reward for it in multiplayer i will not use it anymore. Please give the air drop some points.
  7. Since the last big update, the pilots in the p47 (and only in the p47 so far, not tested every single plane) are sometimes, randomly, standing in the cockpit. Is there a solution to this graphic error?
  8. Since the Update its much more difficult to trim the fw190 and the p47 on at high speed (all over 350 km/h). Please let me know if this is only a problem on my system or is that a correct representation of the situation at that time. As u can see on the pictures: the trim is fully extended, but on the scale the pointer is only in the middle of the upper part. And in the p47 is almost no difference between nose up and tail up trimming. i havent tested all the planes, but with the bf109 its not so extrem, but still different since the update. I would like to know if this is wanted or just a bug.
  9. After the last update 3.201 the trimming of all airplanes is differend: For example a Bf 109 f4 with the throttle at 50% and a speed around 400 km/h needed a trimming around -78 and now it is at 92-95%. Its possible to still fly the Bf 109 but to fly straight with the bf110 its impossble, cause the trimming is at 100% and the nose still goes up. Even with a full bomb load. Or the p47, same thing. so a longer flight is quite uncomfortable, and almost impossible to get speed in a straight flight. Does anyone have the same experience and a solution? Sorry actually it is +78 (not -78). Oth
  10. When i get killed or had to leave the plane and land on ground, the game jumps to the lobby and the mission is finished. It annoys me a little that I can not choose myself when to finish a mission. Because sometimes I like to see the end of an airfight or would like to wait until the mission is successfully finished. I would prefer to decide for myself when I want to go back to the lobby. Sure, if i'm shot down the mission is over for me, but it's just a simulation and in reality a mission would continue. For example, this was always possible in il-2 1946. Also wonderful in 1946 was the anim
  11. Thanks for your work and Im looking forward to the moment when we can play this great compaign again...one of the best in my opinion. (especially the briefing and the details)
  12. Thanx for your effort and for the sharing. Its nice to have a place to use this new airplane. Great work.
  13. Is there still a working version for the Bf 109-G4. I started the campaign a long time ago, and now i wanted to continue but (i guess because of last update) it doesnt work anymore. And i dont have the G6 in my hangar. Thanks maybe someone can help.
  14. Thank you so much. I'm just in the middle of the campaign, but it is a lot of fun. I like also the story and mission description. A great work. Thumps up. 👍👍👍
  15. I once had a similar problem: I had to unplug my controller to close the program without Task Manager. After that, I was able to plug in the controller again and it worked again for a while. That changed only after a Windows 10 update. No idea if this will help you, just give it a try.
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