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  1. Looks like it's not available in Australia (at least for preorder). Shame, as this looked like one of the best upgrades from a Rift CV1.
  2. Ha. I play in VR, and once my engine was badly damaged with oil spewing everywhere. My windscreen was so covered that it was difficult to see for landing. No problem, I thought; I opened the canopy and stuck my head out the side to see, only to immediately have oil splattered all over my "goggles". Now I couldn't see anything anywhere!
  3. The IL-2 has a specially armoured oil radiator cover which is designed to be closed during attack runs. It’s described in the pilot’s notes.
  4. Hey, that’s my technique! Gets them every time!
  5. I must admit I don't really understand how it works without cancelling out the motion platform movement in the headset view. Imagine a motion platform which could roll 180 degrees to be fully inverted. In that case the VR tracking would determine that you are upside down and present you with an upside down view of the cockpit, no? In other words, how does the VR tracker know the difference between me tipping my head to the left (in which case the view should change relative to the cockpit) and the platform tilting to the left (in which case the view should stay fixed relative to the cockpit)?
  6. Thanks, that gives me some ideas 🙂
  7. Weird, I've never had that problem. I do get strange movement when paused but once I unpause it's fine. Maybe it was a bug which has since been fixed.
  8. Does anybody know a good source for a multi-axis toggle switch? I mean something like the prop pitch switch in a P-40, which can be seen at 16:10 in this video (and in game!):
  9. You don't need to do that in 2D. While in VR you can move your head to position the view where you want it and press F10. Then sit comfortably in your chair and press the VR center view key (can't remember what it's called, maybe numpad 5 by default). I have both of these bound to buttons on my joystick so I can correct errors on the fly.
  10. This looks like an impressive homebrew rig:
  11. Well, I received the 20cm extension and in my opinion the NXT springs are too light. Practically all of the progressive feeling is gone. So, option 1 is to find some heavier springs which work with the NXT. I actually still have some spare springs which came with it. I can't remember if they're the same as the ones installed, lighter, or heavier. I've had the thing for >10 years and my memory is rusty. Option 2 is to switch to a Virpil base. I would probably also adapt my Cougar throttle for USB and replace my gameport Simpeds with some MFGs. So more $$$ and decommissioning good working hardware 😕. Also I would need to confirm that I can replicate all the config I currently have in Foxy somehow. Anyway, food for thought...
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