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  1. I don´t like assign a Key for Brakes because it isn´t progressive, it´ an "all-or-nothing" input. Thanks so much for the explanation. I will try it later. At the moment I think I will use the modified text file. I have verified that if I do not modify the axes, IL2 keeps that parameter at 0.5. Regards.
  2. I have some pedals with separate brakes (G940) to which I have assigned the left and right foot brakes. In the case of airplanes like the Bf109, Fw190, etc. it goes really good, but in the case of airplanes like the Spitfire I need another different axis. I use a Sidewinder and I plan to use the twist axis (Z) as a brake for airplanes such as the Spitfire, so that in the rest position it does not brake anything. I have achieved this by assigning the brakes to that axis and modifying the dead zone to 50% (within il2 it can only be done up to 25%) by editing the "current.responses" file and ch
  3. Into il2 directory, in data/input. Backup the entire directory "input".
  4. Con Cantos tengo contacto via teléfono. El tema de la simulación se lo dejó hace ya años, al menos simulación de vuelo.
  5. Working again using 0.5 :). I´ll check online in Berloga (many planes). Trigger Red. I have other Sidewinder with Silver trigger I´ll test next week
  6. Then ... Does it works better? No Stuttering? I´ve got one FFB2 waiting in a box and a G940 working, but FFB2 feeling is the best for me :D. Can I unbox it? 😄
  7. W10 x64 pro I7-6700K 16GB GTX780 3GB OC (Gigabyte) Prevously 2.011 IL2 worked perfectly (60fps stable and ULTRA) with 353.62 drivers (later drivers crashed IL2 with D3D Error ...) With 2.011 353.62 drivers give me 5-8 fps. Sometimes 60fps returns but when I fly over a new zone or use zoom (in same flight), 5-8 fps back again. With latest drivers 60fps are stables, but in a simple IA Dogfight Mission D3D Error backs again. With 368.81, IL2 works fine but I have D3D Error.
  8. Nothing has changed ... Drivers 368.81 quit 5-8 fps problems, but "D3D Error ... Devices ..." back again . IL2 was reinstalled previously.
  9. Tested (and working) in "alone" flight. I´ll test in dogfight or mission where (before 2.011) IL2 crashed with this drivers. Thanks
  10. Do you mean 368.81 or 368.1 drivers? Thanks in advance P.D.- I´d reinstalled IL2 and same result ... drivers 353.62 yet.
  11. This is my case: GTX780 ... I´m using 353.62 drivers because other more moderns give me drivers errors and il2 "kaput" . I´d updated after this update to last drivers and works perfect until "graphics error crash", so I´d back to 353.62 drivers. After this update, I´d 5-8 fps many times. After sometime (30-60") in 5-8 fps, game works fine, but If I zoom ... 5-8 fps back again for some seconds ... If I fly other new zone ... back 5-8 fps, etc. I´ll try to reinstall IL2 ...
  12. Mine is working perfectly. Try connect to USB2.0 port (white plastic). If light is gone it´s may be a bad contact or broken wire.
  13. Hi Warra Von Lothar, This post is about Stuttering caused using Forcefeedback and Trackir combo. In my case (in most cases) Joystick is M$ Sidewinder FFB2 with trackir (4). When FFB effects are disabled, Stutter dissapears. BB warra.
  14. Then his behavior is like an hall or optical sensor ... I have one for 15 years and (x-y axis) no presents any peaks. Thanks Sokol1
  15. Sidewinder FFB2 uses potentiometers (analogic signal) only in Rudder and Throttle Axis. X/Y axis use other sensors type (optical?, Hall?). "The X and Y axes do not use pots, they use sensors, I think they are Hall sensors, but I have never had to touch them. They are incredibly reliable very precise, do not break, do not need recalibrating." https://riseofflight.com/forum/topic/37104-did-i-get-screwed-microsoft-sidewinder-force-feedback-2/?p=540905
  16. Check this. Only a Jason´s reply but the thread shows a NOT IDEAL solution (Camera Smothing at 90-100): https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/26746-trackir-and-ffb-working-together-cause-terrible-stuttering/
  17. Sometime ago, I opened other thread about same problem. I´ve got that sutters from early versions, so dx9 too. Even I´d got them (and I have ...) in RoF. Sidewinder FFB2, I7-6700K, 16GB RAM, GTX780, Windows10 x64. In my old machine I had stutters too (same joystick, I7-920, GTX570, 6GB, Windows7 x64). I´d test with other Sidewinder (I have two, grey and red trigger versions), same results. Using 90% smooth camera in game hide a bit the problem but game doesn´t work as FFB disabled. The video ...
  18. And Smothing to 90%? For me, this was the fundamental parameter. This afternoon I´ll test Volker sugerences .
  19. It was fine for me. It isn´t the solution, but at least it is playable. Next my config:
  20. THANKS VERY MUCH!!!!. It´s a very good solution (may be not ideal). There is a bit of backwardness in response, but much better smooth... Someone sugested this "patch" but I didn´t understand and confuse it with Smoth Control in Trackir Software
  21. I always had this Stutters (from Rise of Flight). Other sims like DCS works perfect (without stutters).
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