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  1. Here's my parting shot to you and your company... I'm not going to plead innocence here - though I don't think I'm guilty either - I've never seen anything official to say Kinguin is a grey market site - and what you've done is pretty outrageous. If you knew Kinguin was miss-selling those products - and if it was illegal - then why did you not go through the courts? It was either because you get your money anyway or it was because it's NOT illegal. You knew they were operating. You knew they were selling your keys and you let it ride. And even after this debacle, they are STILL selling your keys...so you can get more money from other unsuspecting people who are looking for a game. But - all said and done, I knew what I was doing when I bought through Kinguin. TBH, the worst I thought would happen was that I would not get any support from you. I really, really did not think you and Steam would collude to remove the products. Afterall - you got my money. Regardless of how much Kinguin paid for those keys, you got the money for it (well...as long as they weren't stolen I suppose). Anyway - upshot is Kinguin refunded me. Steam has actually refunded the Spitfire VB I purchased on Sunday - so I got that £14 back. They are refusing to refund the other 2DLC, but I've wrote to them and basically accused them of colluding with you to steal my product. You stole it. I paid for it - you stole it. Regarding the DLC, Steam sold me that DLC and they are now trying to leave me with DLC that I cannot play because they removed my main games. What's very sad about all this is you had a customer here that was willing to pump money into your game. I was literally on the verge of buying Battle of Kuban - I mean literally. You had already got £30 out of me for DLC. If we assume you got £20 of the £40 I paid for BoS and BOM at Kinguin, then you had £50. I was then about to buy Kuban at £50 AND I would've been all over more of your DLC. You've lost me. I knew after the s**t show that was Cliffs of Dover I shouldn't have gone near you - you left gamers holding that rotten baby - and against my better judgement I did. You've lost me as a customer...and that could be a considerable loss of cash. I've spent over £600 on DCS!! And why have you lost out? Not because I got the game cheap - not really because you run sales themselves - but because I didn't buy from them or Steam. It really, really is your loss.
  2. Hi all I don't play very often, so I'm confused when I fired this up for the first time in ages to find that Steam has removed a product code I activated "due to a problem processing payment for this item". I have two identical messages, one for BoM and one for BoS. I don't recall getting any message about linking accounts, which I have apparently missed. Anyway. Any chance I can get the games back I paid for please? When I load the game in Steam, it says they're revoked - so no message to link accounts. Thanks
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