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  1. After fruitless contact with the devs and extensive research, Ive given up and gone back to DCS. One of the things that attracted me to IL2 were all the different missions and campaigns. And since none of that information is documented and recorded because of this error problem, continuing on is a big waste of time. If you ever figure it out, please let me know since I prefer IL2 over DCS.
  2. Each to their own. I have the ability to differentiate between real violence and fictional. That said, I dont care for slasher films but am enjoying the hell out of HLA.
  3. As a 65 year old, life long gamer, I am so thankful I lived long enough to play Half Life in VR. I thought Skyrim and Fallout 4 were amazing in VR, but HL Alyx takes the cake (Portal reference). The interactive immersion with the Knuckles controllers, the detailed environmental artwork and the mind bending puzzles make this a pinnacle gaming experience for me. I hope it doesnt take another 12 years for Valve or other game dev to release something spectacular, since Im pretty sure I will have left this mortal coil by then
  4. I bought both the seat, the flight cockpit and the motion platform from Next Level Racing. They are all separate items. I bought the seat since its designed to work with the platform (but it was a bitch to install with my larger hands. It was tough to access the areas where the chair bolts on to the mounting plate).
  5. I have contacted support, several times. I implemented their suggestions with no positive results. My last email to them went unanswered......My Windows 10 is up to date, Ive reinstalled the game, old games files are deleted, Steam is current. No other Steam VR games have issues like this. Only IL2. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi Olga: Unfortunately I have tried your suggestions with no positive results. The problem persists for me and some other users. Thanks for you help.
 On 3/3/20 4:42 AM, 1CGS Support Team wrote: Dear u
  6. If I use the HOTAS in a manner that I would realistically fly with (smooth not jerky) the platform is smooth. If I jerk the joystick around the platform moves fast. There is Platform Manager software that allows me to customize the movements to my liking and I am happy how it performs with IL2 . YM MV.
  7. Good information. Thanks again. I recently did a full windows update before installing IL2. I hadnt used this computer for 6 months and decided to bring it up to date. So in essence I did the update process you suggested. This problem seems unique to IL2 since all other VR / Steam games and DCS run just fine.
  8. Thanks Corvus X! Yes, Ive done them same research process and seen the other solutions. The link you provided me is not the same error message I get, but my issue does involve the BoS.LogParser.Offline function. #10032 Error occurred while receiving results from offline log parser module" This user has the same issues I do and they were not resolved by resintalling windows. Unfortunately the solution to reinstall windows is more of a pain in the ass than its worth to me and seems unlikely to resolve the problem. If that ends up being the only
  9. I've get this error message after completing a Quick Mission in IL 2 Sturmovik. #10032 Error occurred while receiving results from offline log parser module. I am running the latest Win 10...have reinstalled game and Steam (using VR) several times...have checked game for file completeness... always play Steam Online... All other VR games run with no issues. I also get this error when running IL2 pancake. When I start running missions/campaigns this will prevent me from getting end game flight data, kills, etc. Game killer for me. The Devs suggest
  10. Andre sends you an email after purchase of Simshaker Wings with that information. Both a logon name and a key.
  11. I have same issue and devs have no idea what causes it. This solution doesnt work for me.
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