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  1. Yes performance are terrible with parallel projection mode on.... so much that I don't play IL2 anymore, I am waiting for a fix from dev team The good thing about VALVE INDEX release is that it will benefit to all Pimax owners since every VR game will have to add support for canted displays! BIG THANKS VALVE this is the best present you could do to us
  2. I just hope that PIMAX 5K is common enough in the community so the devs will modify the game accordingly! Anyway, more VR headsets are on the way with higher FOV, especially Steam Index VR so the change is needed
  3. You can see in the FPSVR app that parallel projection causes a higher frametime, which impacts every game but not with the same drop in performance.
  4. I just received my by max 5k and the game looks amazing!! it's crystal clear and the field of view is a game changer!! The only problem is that you have to activate the parallel projection option in Pimax tools ( so you don't have crossed eyes image) which drains a lot of performance currently the game is not really enjoyable even on a 2080 Ti! There is a slight modification of the game engine to do. Games like iracing just made the modification and the game is now amazing with the pimax. I was just wondering if you devs are currently working on it? thanks in advance for your answer! EDIT: Now that Valve Index also has canted displays, this topic does not only concern Pimax anymore!
  5. I bought it but can't find the place to download the EARLY ACCESS ?!
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