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  1. sorry everyone. I had not installed the latest version of the program. Now the sound works perfectly. In fact, the CPU used max 35% with 40 aircraft operating. I have an intel i-7 3,700 gpu @ 3.20 ghz with 32 gb ram at 2.6666 mhz and Nvidia Geforce 1050 M. Now it seems to work perfectly well (10 bombers and 10 fighters on my side, as well as 20 enemy fighters). In addition to renewing the compliments for the splendid (exceptional) program, why not include the possibility of choosing a greater number of planes (15 or 20, or more) and providing one or two additional slots for choosing the planes? In this way it would be possible to plan very real missions with 40 bombardiers and 25/30 escort fighters with enemy planes of 15/20 fighters or more each. After all my pc (quite normal) with 40 planes flighin' in nthe same moment works very well also in vr and even with high visual options. Congratulations again
  2. congratulations for the excellent work, it is spectacular! But when the mission starts in my case the audio disappears and does not return. I specify that audio works during the loading, option selection and setting of the plane, but it disappears as soon as i'm catapulted into the flight cabin at the start of the mission. I tried to check the sound options once in flight, but nothing to to do. I flight in VR, anyone have a remedy? Thanks so much
  3. it's fantastic! The best choice evere, tanti bacioni ai ragazzi dell'est!
  4. This is Europe. It a political and social (not geographic) map.
  5. I really hope the next theatre will be in Europe: Italy, France, England should be great for landascapes, planes, historic missions, cities. Everything in Europe is much better than other places, expecially those abandoned landscapes in russia or pacific areas. And why don't create a larger number of smallest maps (i.e. 120 km * 120 Km) related to interestisting areas (Normandy, South England, Sicily, North Africa, at least Pacific islands) to envolve interesting campaigns? Please don't give us another map so boring as russia....
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