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  1. Spot on! You can’t deliver everything and all at the same time! Jeesh people. For me, I’ll look forward to purchasing normandy. Alway wanted to fly a mosquito! Hopefully, the floating mulberry temporary ports along the coast will get modeled as some are still out there today (albiet sunk or damaged from 75 years of sea exposure).
  2. I know, the prices of nvidia’s stuff is outrageous. Thankfully I retired comfortably so can afford to get gouged once in awhile. To be honest my 980ti hydrocopper did a pretty adequate job too. I decided to upgrade when they offered the 2080ti for $999. Was able to sell the 980ti for $250 so came out OK on the deal. Your perspective on waiting is a good one. To be honest, the raytracing isn’t all that impressive for the performance hit you take. For the cost of the 2080ti, they should have doubled up the on die gpu to deliver outstanding, not just better, performance.
  3. I typicall Run the HW monitor app while playing various games to give me some insight. I did with mine yesterday and here are the results. To sum it up, the GPU is 100% loaded and the CPU averages around 82% across all cores. Frame rate runs a consistent 45 with all graphics options set to highest regardless of how close to ground.. in summary the bottleneck is still gpu performance over cpu. Likely because il-2 uses all cores vs. single core performance in many other games. This is likely to be even more pronounced with a i7-9700k. You might consider adding the videocard now, then see how limiting the existing cpu is before going forward. i7- 6700k @ 4.5ghz evga 2080ti black w/ hydrocopper cooler @ 750mem and 225 core OC gigabyte z170 gaming 3 mb samsung odyessy + 32mg ddr4 3000htz ram m.2 drives, ssd, and hdd custom loop cpu/gpu w/ 360 radiator
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