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  1. Such configuration grip used on most helicopters, so my test was made in helicopter game... I found this grip very convenient for me. P.S. i'm not the master in helicopter piloting, sorry for so lame flight :)))
  2. Sure, but a little bit later... at the next week. For now, i can share comparision of the WarBRD grip with MI-8 / MI-24 Cyclic pitch Grip.. Sad, that they are have no Collective pitch grip yet Not a copy, but very similar .. Front fire trigger have dubble action, as on MI 24... I will test it later in some helicopter game... Apach, or Thunder...
  3. Got my WarBRD base and WarBRD grip. It's amazing! I will finish placement for it and post images
  4. You are right. This extender is not for Warthog base... I just tested on it. Awaiting my WarBRD base in a few days
  5. If somebody wants bluepints of extender, i can share it...
  6. Finished extender tube. I'm not sure should i paint it or not...   
  7. Last news... 1. Finaly got my new metal adapters for М36 Х 2 thread. 2. Made extender, to get correct ergonomic Spade Grip position. Not yet recieved thread cutting tools, but it will look like this: Main tube - 30Х1 и Ends - 40Х5. Material - aluminium Д16Т with aviation sertificate 3. Finished Grip for MARK_II cocpit. It is not for Thrastmaster base, so placement looks different. On this grip was made some thins, that could not be made at the beginig, because some elemets is very hard to found in Moscow. correct Fire Triggers axis, Nuts with split-pins, New fork for pneumo valve pressure imitation, painting with airbrush, titles made with patterns. Brake link was also remade.
  8. I'm sorry for so long time without news.. A test of the buttons in IL2 Battle of Stalingrad showed that the fire triggers in game not corresponding to the original IL2 flight expluataion guide. In the game the upper one trigger for machine guns, and the lower one for the cannons. But by original exactly the opposite. I don’t have a Warthog base now, I gave it to a person who promised to made metal adapters for me ... I can’t wait when he finish it. So I had to put it on a plastic adapter and connect it without the Warthog, so for a while there is no way to fly Do not forget to watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4OBTW1RQSo&t=16s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ygr0YZ3Qy8g https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCUISiP_vdI
  9. Yesterday i had the problem with uploading images on imgur.com... Anybody know why it does not work anymore?
  10. The new intercomm button. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ofc0HZK1imc
  11. Current placemet is just for my convience only. Basicly it will be placed on VPC base or BAUR, i told about it. VPC base support analog axis on stick, so it is possible to use analog brake. For the Thrustmaster bases it will be only with extention tube and trigger brake, or additionlal board for analog brake with separated connetion to the PC.
  12. So, this is the result of the three weeks hard work... (1 houre before and 1,5 hours after the main work) Tomorrow i will cast intercomm button as well... Here is video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-Z31EU7NaE And some pictures: The next step will be housing for brakes with VPS interface board and magnetic sensor.
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