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  1. Thanks all for the responses. Apologies if I came off as confrontational. It was not my intent. I just think the KO needs to be either dialed back or turned off so the pilot dies. --- @Zach Yes. Yes. Not magically temporarily knock people out. Death. Guess you mean 'hits' here.. But sure. Google Nishizawai and read his autobiography. He woke up inverted and passed out several times on the way home. And this is a guy who flew 100s of sorties. It didn't happen to him every time his aircraft was hit. Nope. Please reread. Seriously. Or differently stated with same premise... I think the devs decided they had to add some 'realism' to the WWI pilots and since they couldn't nerf them via gloc, they added some weird ass knock out parameters. Maybe I did or not, but I refer to my previous question above. What do you think machine guns do? Temp KO? ---- Great point. But I don't know why that would KO someone. Indeed. Thanks for the reminder. And of the all the damage to his aircraft and his person on all the sorties he flew, he was knocked once. I don't know about your last sentence though. I had thought he took one through the back and out his chest. Did he dizzily fly through the machine gun fire? Not trying to be coy. I'm am interested and welcome your thoughts/knowledge. ---- I'd love to see it. Or maybe I'm bitching about some splash damage settings that needs a minor tweaking. Hah... Yeah. It does. I just find that since the 'pilot nerfing' patch the KO's seem to be happening constantly. Maybe it's just me cause I'm flying WWI stuff more. Other than that, I do like the damage model. I think the Devs did a great job on it. ----- I guess my point is that I bought a flight sim, not a pilot sim. While I understand that the two can go hand in hand, and some of the pilot 'realism' stuff is neat, I'd rather see the devs time better used. Say like making accurate planes and flight models, knocking out the many bugs instead of pilots (like compasses that point the wrong direction), adding custom control curves per plane (like ROF), a campaign (like ROF), and lastly but not least MORE planes (like bombers). S!
  2. Is his compass installed backwards?
  3. I was an avid ROF pilot and was really looking forward to the Flying Circus. I pre-ordered it even bought a key or two for my friends. Things seemed promising. Cool map too (even if the trenches are flat decals).... But after the 'pilot retard... er realism patch', I noticed that the WWI pilots are getting knocked out for little to no reason, and wonder what y'all did. You get a wing to tail bullet stitching, KO! Tail gunner rando wing shots you, KO! Head on gun pass, KO! Looking at tracers no where near hitting the cockpit... KO!!! Then 30 seconds later you wake up and have little to zero control input. Looking down at the stick, there's nothing preventing movement, and when looking around the tail and the rest of the aircraft are in good flying order... What gives? This is bullshit for a few reasons. First, my plane getting hit doesn't mean I should lose consciousness. Did you guys implement this same code for the WWII birds? No? Why then for the WWI guys? I'll be in a fight and watch where the guy shooting at me is and look at where there are bullet strikes are occurring or about to, and I make sure to try and keep it so that even if he does hit my plane he won't get a hit on me, thus nothing hits near me -I shouldn't lose consciousness. Yet I do.... It's like when y'all did your 'realism' G-loc nerf on the WWII pilots, you decided that something had to be done to the WWI pilots too. Since the g-loc tolerances weren't measurable enough to screw the WWI guys you instead decided to knock them out for aircraft damage taken 10 meters away? And then when they come to and look around, see minimal damage to the aircraft, you decide to code nerfed inputs? That's just wrong. Can we see some damage models? Don't get me wrong, I appreciate getting bloodied and oiled, it was a hallmark of ROF (should code a wipe face/goggle button), and I could even understand a random KO in RARE circumstance (HOWEVER, I'VE NEVER READ OF IT HAPPENING IN ANY WWI MEMOIR AND ONLY ONCE IN A WWII MEMOIR). It wasn't the norm in a dogfight as you guys have made it.... But hell.. I flew a Se5 today and the compass indicated the wrong heading for the direction I was flying. One of the many bugs. Please get your priorities straight. Work on the damn planes, not knocking out pilots on some stupid bullshit realism variable Karen is pumping. Thank you.
  4. Meh. I think it's a neat addition for realism. That said since I can't 'feel' the g's coming on, and I don't have a force feedback, all of a sudden I tend to get hit with it. In my opinion due to reasons stated, tolerance levels need to be relaxed. Also, in several instances I'm seeing red when I should be blacking out. And for the hordes of fan boys cheering this... Why stop here? If they really wanted to do it right, the devs should code it so that in order to successfully execute a high g maneuver, the pilot must to look forward, sit straight up while pressing back into the seat to steady his head prior to and while executing said maneuver while simultaneously pressing a some button to simulate the breathing exercise performed during the maneuver. Gotta do it right or else you immediately break your neck and die. Personally, I'd rather they make individual key bindings for aircraft controls and incorporate interactive cockpits -than go down this path any further. That said, I'm glad the bat turn pilots will have to change it up.
  5. I know it's busy time developing and rolling out all the different map/planes. And I believe everyone is doing a great job. I'm really looking forward to the Flying Circus map and ME262. But for the love of god, please implement individual plane joystick profiles that would toggle when switching between planes. I have all the planes thus far and there is no way to bind everything. As a result I really haven't flown any multi engines. Thank you for your time and consideration. S!
  6. Yeah. DCS is a time sink information overload. The manuals for each aircraft are about a thousand pages. If one stays with it, he/she will learn everything about each system on the aircraft and how to use it. I thought the WWII stuff was going to take off more on DCS, so I picked up the p-51, the 109 and the 190... And learned all the systems. Really, the legit startup sequence, procedures and stuffs. The research those devs put into the aircraft is nuts. The one thing I do like about DCS over FC is, even if you don't have a key bound to an action, you can just click on it in the cockpit and it works. Kinda spoils ya. Still love me the Rof and FC though. It is raw. Low level loops, oil on the face, wings shearing off. I do wish more people played it....
  7. Yup. I single player flew her a bit last night. Fun, fun, fun. She felt polished and smooth. No mirrors tho.... Went over to DCS and hopped into an F18, four mirrors. Hehe... kidding, I don't care about the mirrors. But really, the f18 has several.
  8. DCS does this. It is kinda nice.
  9. Well... I learned something new today. Guess I can go home now. Thanks!
  10. For me it dosen't matter if that 'prefer web distribution' is ticked or not. Measuring in kb.... This is a special ed speed. Come on guys... Guess I'll be in some time 3rdQ of 2018.
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