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  1. I know it's busy time developing and rolling out all the different map/planes. And I believe everyone is doing a great job. I'm really looking forward to the Flying Circus map and ME262. But for the love of god, please implement individual plane joystick profiles that would toggle when switching between planes. I have all the planes thus far and there is no way to bind everything. As a result I really haven't flown any multi engines. Thank you for your time and consideration. S!
  2. Yeah. DCS is a time sink information overload. The manuals for each aircraft are about a thousand pages. If one stays with it, he/she will learn everything about each system on the aircraft and how to use it. I thought the WWII stuff was going to take off more on DCS, so I picked up the p-51, the 109 and the 190... And learned all the systems. Really, the legit startup sequence, procedures and stuffs. The research those devs put into the aircraft is nuts. The one thing I do like about DCS over FC is, even if you don't have a key bound to an action, you can just click on it in the cockpit and it works. Kinda spoils ya. Still love me the Rof and FC though. It is raw. Low level loops, oil on the face, wings shearing off. I do wish more people played it....
  3. Yup. I single player flew her a bit last night. Fun, fun, fun. She felt polished and smooth. No mirrors tho.... Went over to DCS and hopped into an F18, four mirrors. Hehe... kidding, I don't care about the mirrors. But really, the f18 has several.
  4. DCS does this. It is kinda nice.
  5. Well... I learned something new today. Guess I can go home now. Thanks!
  6. For me it dosen't matter if that 'prefer web distribution' is ticked or not. Measuring in kb.... This is a special ed speed. Come on guys... Guess I'll be in some time 3rdQ of 2018.
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