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  1. No need for the Pe-2, what we need for Berlin is the Tu-2S
  2. Whoever made this must be a mental. And that is not a figure of speech. I don't know why or how sima family have anything to do with Chinese and our pride. Let me as you a question. If they ever make a game about the Bloody Mary, would you feel ashamed?
  3. Yep, there is even a TV series about Dongning Special Force.
  4. I am sure you know that is only one website in China. And I doubt you don't know that. So why did you only list the only website I list. Only take a few seconds to do a google search. [Edited]
  5. This actually proves my points. In IL-2 game, Manchuria is just a name for the region, not an independent state. That is why IL-2:1942 wasn't banned. If you want to avoid any sensitivity, you can also call it Northeast of China. Simple.
  6. Really, contrary to your claim, I have a bunch of friends in China want Manchuria to happen. I don't know what's the basis of your claim. I certainly would like to see your market research report in formal, including the methods of research and result figures. The Ban of hearts of Iron was because they portray Manchuria as an independent nation. but in IL-2, it is not. Also, just check the Chinese website and you will find more market here in China than English speaking community. The English speaking community have already gotten one battle, so I think Chinese community
  7. We don't need to have map that big. The same map from the old IL-2 would be just fine.
  8. TB-3? You mean that carrier plane for I-16s? That would be very interesting if the manage to bring it into the game. I still remember the fun we had back in IL-2:1946. The first time I introduced that carrier plane to my friends, they dropped their jaws and had to pick them up from the flour. They couldn't believe that people have built things like that with pre-ww2 tech. But still, I think Manchuria would be a great addition for the game. Plus, China didn't have any super cities in that region at the time. So it is easier to make the map.
  9. I see. Thanks for the info, friend. It's good to know.
  10. This does sound interesting. It is like the Spanish civil war, except with Japanese war planes. Did the Japanese use the Nakajima A4N?
  11. What are you talking about? When I said balance, I meant the year of the aircraft entered the service. I have always argued for the realism of the game on this forum. I even suggested for realistic engine start up before. What is this fact you are showing me? All I see is that there is a P-51D which was a 1944 plane, the newest plane we got is the La-5FN which was introduced late 1943 as far as I know. And where is this "I want it now crowd" come from? I was merely making a suggestion. Did you get that out of fortune cookie? I made a suggesting that to have late war planes on the Soviet side
  12. What are the planes available in Khalkhin Gol?
  13. That only works if my argument is false. Which is oppose in this case. Why shouldn't we have top planes? So the only reason I can think of that someone wouldn't want to add that and deliberately making the multiplayer game unbalanced is because some racists want to keep their feeling of "superiority" in this virtual world that is called IL-2. haha
  14. What's funny? People who like to play as a pilot from US, UK or Germany have already getting their Me-262, P-51D, Spitfire Mk 9. So why can't we get our Yak-3, La-7, Tu-2 etc? Racism much?
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