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  1. La-5FN??!!! Awesome!! I am so excited~! I just can't hide it~!! I am sure that there are many Yak lovers crying for their Yak-9 at this very moment
  2. Sorry, I have been away for a long time and it probably a little to late to say this. But THANKS~!
  3. Thanks for the help. I have found the mission editor now. It looks more complex than the old one in the original IL-2. Is there a user's manual somewhere?
  4. Hi, guys. I recently got the key for the host account. But I don't really know how to. I tried a few times and didn't seem to work. I must have done something wrong. Also I wanted to create a customised game to train newbies who just joined my wing, but the Dserver seems only allow me to choose from a list of missions. I just want to know how can I customise my mission to host. Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. Please help, for some reason, even the in game profile isn't working anymore. I have flight so many times in multiplayer and in campaign. But the score isn't counted towards my profile. Please help.
  6. http://www.cctv-america.com/2015/09/01/watch-live-victory-parade# Salute to all to contributed to the victory of the anti-fascist war~! To those fascists, I wish you to ****** and I am going to ********** you and ****** for ******** and have you ************ in the name of god~!!! And then I am going to ********** and ********** until you *******. There is no room for nazi ***** and it's alike. They all should just ******** and really ********** plus *******.
  7. No cross hair, anyone else experiencing this? This is ridiculous. How can one shoot without the cross hair??
  8. This is ridiculous. How can one shoot without the cross hair??
  9. Also I don't think this has anything to do with the airport. This happens in some specific missions in chapter 4 (most missions actually).
  10. Thanks guys. I think I found about LaGG-3 is that after land, it will stop by doing a 360 degree turn on it's own and I can't doing anything about that. Is that historically correct? I am glad you mentioned about the land mark. For some reason I can't use my map in campaign. It is really hard to find the land marks.
  11. I am not sure if I am the only one who is having this problem. But I need help with landing. First of all, we (me and my friends) can hardly see the runway from afar. It is very hard to line up my self from afar. How can the runway be white? That means it is covered with snow. How can they let their runway be covered with snow? That's some serious hazard. Don't they have people to clean the runway? Secondly, it seems that this game is very different compare to the COD. I can rarely land it right for some reason. My plane always bounce off the ground multiple times before I can land. OK, I am not a novice here, even in hardcore DCS, I can fly in parallel with the runway and at the end of it, do a 180 degree turn and land my plane perfectly. But I can't do it here. Have I done anything wrong? In this game, the only hope for me is to line myself up from far away. However, due to the reason I stated earlier, I couldn't see the run way. Please help, thanks in advance.
  12. I found 2 bugs in campaign. Ever since I got to the 4th chapter of the campaign, my wing men won't take off until I exit the game. So far I haven't play any type of campaign beside escort. But the bug is definitely there. I tried multiple times, and it happens every single time. The second bug is the battlefield setting. What happened to the environment? Things like AAA at the airfield. There was non. Early I flow an escort mission and encountered 4 Bf109. I shot down 2 and my wing man was killed. So the remaining 109s kept chasing me and I can't do anything because I ran out of bullets. The only hope I had was to fly back to a friendly airport and leave the 109s for our AAA. However, there were no AAA at the airfield. So I flew to another airport and to another and to another. But non of them had any AAA. Eventually I gave up. Because that mission could only end in 2 ways. Either they shot me down or one of us die in old age. So, yah, please have a look.
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