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  1. +1 Exactly my thoughts, I was at least able to finalize my setup now (had an MT-50 stick and base for a while and need the second one for the Delta grip). What would really make a huuuge difference in the (near I hope) future is for Virpil to develop and expand their software. It's a complete pain to assign keys via the game.
  2. Thanks dburne! I was waiting to order one for a while now and your post was invaluable, otherwise I would have missed it. I'm not sure I understand why they discontinue the MT-50 though, plenty of customers and a solid stick and base.
  3. Where did you see this dburne ?? Cause I’ve been trying to order an MT-50 base for months and it just shows as out of stock!
  4. Anyone can advise on how to make the MODE switch to be a modifier too ? SO that it doesn't only change the LED color but also multiplies the possible assignments on the throttle (ideally so that you can have up to 5 different profiles depending on which airplane and/or sim you play) ? Also anyone knows how to make the T2 ans T3 switches to give a different key for and down ? In any case, a detailed manual and "how to" is what is missing to make a very good throttle exceptional.
  5. Thanks for your replies gentlemen. I am mostly looking for ideas on how and what you bind on the MT-50 Throttle in particular, and more specifically how and what you bind in the 5 rotary switches and on the secondary (small) lever axis. Thanks in advance for any advice and suggestions.
  6. It's confusing and tiresome, I hope soon Virpil will have a system in place that we'll be able to receive an automated email at least to let us know when a new software version is released and a new manual too. The newest manual can be found here: https://virpil.com/images/support/manuals/VPC-Configurator-V1.1-ENG.pdf
  7. I finally have everything setup, but I'm still quite lost (haven't flown competitively for almost 12 years now...). I'd be grateful if anyone could send or share a profile they use for the stick and throttle please. I am using an MT-50 stick and throttle (MFG pedals too). Thanks in advance.
  8. Received it finally yesterday. Hadn’t had a chance to try it yet, just installed it on the chair mount. Will fiddle about tonight hopefully any advise by by the way on the software ? Cause it appears the Virpil light configurator doesn’t recognise my stock anymore, only the throttle
  9. Ordered April 18th, received (at last) a tracking number on Friday. Today the tracking info shows it’s in transit as of today. will let you know as soon as it arrives in the UK
  10. Opening support tickets to get updates on an order or shipping status isn't ideal. As for my order, it's 8th August and no shipping yet
  11. 3 months and 2 weeks later and still no shipping date 😒 Instead "reviewers" received throttles already... wtf ? Ordered placed and fully paid on 18 April, still waiting for a shipping confirmation... The silence and absence of updates and information from Virpil (directly to customers via email) is maddening. "Community" posts don't cut it and definitely facebook posts and similar do not (at least in my book) count as "informing and updating paying customers". Sorry for the rant but this is getting ridiculous really fast
  12. Yet another delay.... 😫 Slowly but steadily it becomes a joke unfortunately, a bitter one. I'd much rather have a "pessimistic" date announced to start with, than having to wait repeatedly for the very final date to read another "announcement" that shipping date is again pushed back. Please Virpil note that you're dealing with adults in this market (at least the vast majority), so no one will believe that you only realized a delay is inevitable on the final day... twice so far... The 5% or 10% discount doesn't do much to the customer base gentlemen, not in this product market at least. I'd prefer to have kept the funds and order when ready than going from delay to delay. Preordered and paid in full on 18/4 going by the initial release date. And here we are 3 months later with an obscure "shortly after..." I am sorry if I sound bitter but while I am glad and appreciate Virpil's products so far, the communication and customer handling is a bad joke.
  13. As hard as it is to comprehend why would anyone buy a flight simulator game to play with a mouse.
  14. All being equal, I suggest you go for an IPS panel over a TN
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