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  1. In SP, I took one down the other day in a 109G-2 on my first pass, igniting one of his engines. Not trying to be argumentative, just adding my own experience to the discussion. They usually take more work from me and can be tough, but I've never experienced an invincible one. IL2s a year or two ago, though...
  2. Just practice some yoga, or stretch. Not hard buddeh
  3. Merry Christmas, everyone! I wish I could "like" everyone's post, but it only let's me have a limited amount per day
  4. I believe the Albatross engine is overcompressed, to give it more speed at altitude, but this means that opening the throttle fully at sea level will induce knock and kill the engine quote fast. It's not over heating that is destroying your engine, bit that the fuel is igniting before the sparkplug ignites it
  5. And droptanks, and carrier ops. Really gets the noggin joggin
  6. But I easily see the landing white Cessna, imprinted against the sky, from the parking garage next to the airport. Therefore the spotting in this game is literal garbage, and I demand that I can see camouflaged planes underneath me from miles away with the same ease
  7. ? There was a huge announcement 2 days ago...
  8. They also messed around with the supercharger as well, as taught to his crew chief by a rep from Republic
  9. They said they are still working on the career mode, so I have faith they will fix it. Even on scattered density, I get bounced every time by twice as many aircraft - with another flight of 4 109s sometimes coming to join the fray as well! The Tempest career doesn't seem to have this problem so I'll play that until the P47 is ready
  10. A couple problems still, but I really enjoy almost all of the new AI
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