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  1. I was having multiple crashes and a couple of days ago I was using the "Viewer" tool to look at some skins and my PC crashed again. I deleted the game & did a full re-install. No problems so far. I can also see the airfield at Lapino using the Summer Map now.!!
  2. After putting up with more multiple crashes, this afternoon I was looking at some skins our squadron had made in "Viewer" and the game crashed again!!🀬🀬🀬 That was the final straw!! I did a full reinstall from scratch!! I haven't had another crash since then (better not speak too loud otherwise the gremlins will hear me and start their old tricks again!!!) I can now also see the airfield textures at Lapino in the summer map!! @IckyATLAS Thanks very much for the advice. Problem solved (for the time being), @Gambit21 This worked for me with regard to crashes, so it may work for you mate. What have you got to lose?? Just a suggestion anyways.... πŸ‘πŸ‘
  3. When I checked my directory for the map, I found out that Lapino is not listed??? Do any of you guys have the same issue? If so, how do you solve it? See me screenshot>
  4. thanks for the help Icky but when I open the editor and open the Lapino summer map, there is nothing there, even after I load all the textures and without grouping anything..
  5. Like Gambit, I also am having trouble with loading airfield textures from the "Lapino Summer" map. After reading through the post above, is there any solution to this problem? Are the developers aware that there is problems with the Mission Editor?? Roodster
  6. Same issue here in Australia. FAILED TO UPDATE!!!😬😑. Tried 5 or 6 times and nothing happening... However using the "Restarter" command as above and the game works. But shouldn't have to do this though.
  7. G`day Guys, I have been flying the Rhineland map on the Combat Box server and the AA is not visible (however is active and can see the rounds coming up at you) but it appears that it cannot be destroyed. Has anybody else encountered this? Possible bug for the developers to fix?? Roodster
  8. Ok thanks for your help guys. You have given me some helpful tips however I think it will be easier to start over again. πŸ™„πŸ˜« Cheers Roodster
  9. Here you go Jim. Thanks for all your help so far.. πŸ‘ RoodsterMissionOne.zip
  10. Thanks for the advice Thad, however ME couldn't open my Mission file and that is the default setting on ME prior to opening the mission file. I have been thinking that I may to redo the mission again as per your first suggestion, so I will see how that goes. Roodster
  11. Unfortunately it didnt work Jim.. This is what I got on my screen:
  12. G`day Guys, I created a deathmatch mission and went to test on a server I created and noticed a few mistakes within the mission. I tried to open it with the Mission Editor and got a message "Error Reading Mission File". Any ideas as to what caused this error and how to fix it? Cheers Roodster
  13. Didn't realise you were into self portraits HRD!!! Striking resemblence!! 🀣🀣
  14. Myscion, This is a fantastic resource for new pilots just starting out, like myself. Your information is valuable and is a must for new pilots trying to work out every cockpit. Fantastic work mate!! Keep it going!! Your efforts are greatly appreciated. Are there any plans to update with the "Bodenplatte" plane set just released ie: Spitfire MkIV & P-47D?? Roodster
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