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  1. czech693

    Is TrackIR best choice?

    UTC II is just the wireless 3-led head tracker, you have to provide a camera and tracking software. I use the PS3 camera I got with the DelanClip and Opentrack. Here's a thread on SimHQ with pictures and details: http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/4332181/all/utc-mk-ii-professional-wireless-trackclip-pro-alternative
  2. czech693

    Is TrackIR best choice?

    I just tuned in to this. Three pages of comments, wow. I used the TrackIR 5. Then the Delanclip with their modified PS3 camera and their GoPro headband (which works well) and OpenTrack. I ended up finally with OpenTrack and the UTC II wireless tracker, which I have velcroed to a Corsair wireless headset. If price was a big consideration, I would have choose the Delanclip package (the wired version). UTC is about the same price as Delanclip's new wireless clip but has been around a while longer. I'm pretty happy with my setup now that I've created my own OpenTrack profile that works for me. But I'm spoiled with wireless (no dragging the tracker off my head when the wires catch on the throttle or collective).
  3. Virpil website is showing the throttle back in stock. EDIT: Never mind. Out of stock already.
  4. czech693

    Failed to Update ?

    Are you using a Steam version of BOX?
  5. czech693

    I cant play anymore!

    Sorry about the CloD refernce. I have it on Steam but not BOX so that was a slip of the tongue. I see you tried using the desktop launcher, was that the original launcher or did you send a new one to the desktop after the update. In the past I've had problems and had to create a new desktop launcher to get the sim to start. Sounds like it might be a conflict with the update and Steam. Yeah, several people on the Steam forum saying they can't get it to start after the update. I'd start a ticket with Steam support.
  6. czech693

    I cant play anymore!

    Did you run Verify Integrity of Game Files for Cliffs of Dover on Steam? That will check for corrupt files and replace them.
  7. In that video the throttle is being pumped as the engine is shutting down. Are you doing that or is the automatic shut down sequence doing that? Fuel has already been shut off, but maybe the pumping of the throttle to full and back is injecting residual fuel into the engine.
  8. czech693

    Key binding woes

    32, I found that info somewhere when I was trying to program a T-50 throttle to handle both CloD and BoX.
  9. czech693

    No engine landing protocols. Attempt 2

    Sorry to have started that discussion! In response to the OP, you dove for the airfield as soon as you lost the engine. You gave up the one thing you had going for you, potential energy, which you may have needed later if there was a headwind or those German bombers trashed the runway and you needed an alternative plan. That also left you with excessive speed to kill on final approach (The prop was wind milling on the way down), which wasn't a distraction you needed when making your dead stick landing. I would have set up best glide speed and headed to the field, and if that left me high I would have circled the landing spot until I could set up a normal approach at the normal speed. Flaps and landing gear would have be deployed when I felt I could make the runway. Know your aircraft's flap and gear deployment speeds as they vary in this sim and you want to make sure they're down and locked in time. Flaps don't always have to be fully deployed. Use them to maintain angle of decent without increasing your speed. As far as the ground loop, correct landing speed would have helped, but slight rapid presses of the rudder pedals during flare and roll out help you to keep your feet awake and moving on the rudders. You can't be slow on response or it's too late to correct. A trick I learned from a lot of tail dragger pilots I have flown with (and by tail dragger I'm referring to a tailwheel aircraft and not strictly a tail skid aircraft) is to get your feet on the pedals on final and start wagging the rudder back and forth slightly to get them ready for active use during flare and landing. Anyway, don't worry about the ground loop on that landing. Your engine was blasted and your airframe looked like Swiss Cheese, so the plane was headed to maintenance or more likely, the scrap heap. Practice landings with a whole airplane.
  10. czech693

    No engine landing protocols. Attempt 2

    I'm sorry, but I have to totally disagree with you on that. "Dead Stick" refers to a dead engine and the "dead stick" is the prop not moving. It's left over from when props were wooden, i.e. the "stick". In 45 years of flying I've never heard anyone refer to a total loss of control function as a "dead stick". And, if you had a total loss of control function how could you perform a "dead stick landing"?
  11. czech693

    Det's Hangar

    Detcord--download and install Classic Shell. You can replace the Windows 10 Start menu with a Windows 7 or earlier. It helps to get used to Windows 10 if you can find things instead of having to learn a new interface.
  12. I've been playing around with fiber optic and various types of led to backlight my MFD's when I stumbled across this project. If these aren't too expensive when he starts production, I would purchase some. Looks like he already has a production model with packaging and everything. http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/4453812/prdevices-backlight-module-for-thrustmaster-cougar-mfd
  13. czech693

    P-47 D Skins

    The naked ones are faster and have more payload. Factory weight & balance on mine listed the paint as 15 lbs. You can imagine what it weighs on a P-47. That needs to be in the FM.
  14. czech693

    P-47 D Skins

    I owned this 1958 Cessna 182A from 2003 to 2013. This is just after I washed it. You can see yourself in the side now, but when it's polished you could shave from it. I owned this 1958 Cessna 182A from 2003 to 2013. This is just after I washed it. You can see yourself in the side now, but when it's polished you could shave from it.
  15. czech693

    P-47 D Skins

    You got it right. Bare aluminum skin oxidizes. It takes five times as long to polish it as it takes to wash it (ask me how I know). No one had time for polishing except for when the brass came down with their WAC drivers for lunch and a photo shoot with the shiny airplanes.