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  1. Are you taking about a mod enabler like JSGME? The download is already set up in the correct folder structure and all you have to do is copy the top folder (old sky color) to the mod enabler's MOD folder and then install it with the enabler.
  2. The folder and images in the first download are for the A-3. Would it work with A-5 and A-8 if I change the folder and image names?
  3. Type of improvement: Weapons and pilot figures interchangeable. Explanation of benefit: Add the British and American bombs and rockets to the weapon listings for early lend-lease aircraft (P-39, P-40, A-20, Spitfire MkV). Make pilot figures interchangeable. Benefits: Users can make British/American campaigns and missions using the correct weapons and pilot figure for the lend-lease aircraft.
  4. Browsing through the root directory I found sound .cfg files under data\LuaScripts\sound\planes. There's one for each aircraft except the newer ones after Spad XIII and Spitfire Mk.IX. None for Fw-190D, P-47D, etc. It looks like you can change configurations within these files. Is this of some value towards modifying sounds? Why is there no file for the latest aircraft?
  5. I love your skins. I'm using them for my defaults. Can you do the MiG-3 next?
  6. I have the Warthog grip on the Virpil T-50 base and it works great. Just plug it in and screw it on. Vastly superior to the Warthog base. Much finer control adjustments allowing more precision aiming and maneuvers. Adjustable from outside the mount and comes with extra springs and cams for different configurations. I have an extension and have the base mounted to my Obutto R3volution frame in front of the seat so I can't comment on the desk mounts. Unfortunately, Virpil just came out with an updated joystick which allows you to change the springs without opening the unit up. But, they are always behind on production and sales are intermittent. I got my original T-50 last fall and had to check the website for availability every morning. I don't know what their current policy is on pre-order and payment for that. There's been some posts here about it so just search and you can get more info on that issue.
  7. I've got all three the year they each came out. Vol. 1 cost me $29.95.
  8. Technically ZackhariasX is correct the P-47 has two superchargers. The second is a turbosupercharger (often shortened to turbocharger), because it performs the same function of compressing the air to make it more dense. As pointed out, turbo means it is exhaust gas driven instead of geared to the engine like most superchargers. The reference to both P-47 and F4U having turbochargers is a slip up. The F4U doesn't have a turbosupercharger, it has a two-stage, two-speed supercharger system (as does the F6F), both geared to the engine.
  9. I get that message when I try to login offline and there has been a new update, but never when I get in and I'm trying to open the Hangar screen. Maybe the update didn't install correctly.
  10. Since this only occurs in BOS; does the Camera Settings have any effect on head tracking movement? I don't have VR. What does Limit VR view in Camera Settings do?
  11. Two powered 10-port, USB3.0 with individual on/off switches. I have all the controllers on one and they stay powered on all the time. The other is for minor gadgets like lighting, PS3 camera, wireless dongles, etc. which get switched off when not in use.
  12. czech693

    No fog mod

    Did you try to download it from DD_Arthur's last post on Feb 6th?
  13. Did you change the uniforms in the Options/Pilot menu? Here's a thread at ATAG about which uniforms are being used and by whom. https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=14891&highlight=uniforms
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