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  1. Just upgraded to Ryzen 2700x IL-2 runs awesome compared to my FX-8350. Career mode runs flawless on all theatre's and with alot going on which is where I was having alot of issues with the odd slowdowns and alot stuttering over the action point.
  2. For me I believe the freezing and stutter was due to loading from the hard drive e.g. textures or objects and just wasn't loading fast enough from my standard game drive. Running the SSD sorted all that. In a completely unrelated game ARMA 3, which is known for these sorts of issues especially on AMD FX CPUS, I can play this now I had 60fps and 30fps with lots going on but was unplayable due to the same issues I had here in IL-2. I now play with the same FPS but with no freezes or stutters. I can't promise it will help you but it sorted all my issues that I was experiencing with this game.
  3. I currently have GTX 970 and AMD FX8350 4.3ghz and 12GB RAM. I was getting a lot of career lag, freezing frames and all sorts. But I have managed to sort all the issues by putting the game onto an SSD, However I still get a lot of big freezes when starting at an airfield. What is look around in every direction and then it works perfectly smooth even on bomber intercepts or anything with a lot of action. I don't believe your CPU is a bottleneck as the 8320 is just a under clocked 8350 and my game is super smooth. I hope this helps in some way.
  4. Are you still getting slowdowns on this CPU? Your one is higher spec then mine as far as I was aware.
  5. What CPU are you running? My CPU only gets to 40-50% with new update. I did read somewhere that MSI afterburner was casuing stutters for some people maybe try run without it. If you run steam I also gained frames if the steam GUI was minizied and in-game UI was off.
  6. Played for a few hours yesterday and no slow downs, however in the locations where I would normally have slowdowns I stuttered and fps was sitting at 45-60. Before the patch constantly 60 but had slowdowns.
  7. Old AMD FX-8350, 8 Core CPU running at 4.3ghz.
  8. Tested today and was able to complete the mission I couldn't be bothered trying to complete as it was the slowest mission I came across. No slow down at all, just stuttering but not game breaking. This was an escort bomber mission on moderate density.
  9. Tried all the limters and pre render frame had no effect on slow downs or stutters for me unfortunately
  10. After 2 days with no slow downs and just stutters, slow downs have returned. Stumped now going to have to wait for devs to fix doubt its a system related issues, so many people with different systems and high end ones experiencing these issues.
  11. Hi Lemon, Tried removing texture optimization however this made the stutter quite bad. I also played around with input nosie this had a mixed effect which could suggest an issue here, when playing around with this setting I got mixed results of smoother gameplay to increase stuttering. CPU is only around 50% -60% not sure what I can do to get more use out of it.
  12. Are your stutters just in career mode? I have perfectly smooth gameplay in all modes other then career. I am still to try your settings. One thing I forgot to mention, while testing out settings I have an FX-8530 8 core AMD, I paused the game mid flight and turn affinity off on 4 cores and the game ran much smoother and then I tried increasing back to 8 and noticed a decrease in perforcemance. Maybe something else to try depending on your CPU
  13. Thanks Lemon I appreciate you making all the effort to write this out! I also have a 970. When I get home tonight I will have a look at those settings and see what happens with my game.
  14. That's exactly the stuttering I get not toooo bad, seems only on the bomber escort when there is more planes in view.
  15. So after a full reinstall, I have managed to get no slow downs, only a little bit of stuttering on bomber escort missions. All settings ultra and view distance 70k front line activity moderate. Dense just kills my machine assuming my CPU can't handle it or hopefully performance improvement hot fix will improve this.
  16. The performance issues you have is this in career mode or in MP?
  17. I have played for a few more hours, my slow downs are much less with the overlay turned off, but it doesn't appear to have anything to do with the amount of aircraft it's always over the same point in the map where the two fronts meet. I want to see if running the sim from an SSD will make it any different.
  18. I ran with dense front line, it was stuttering over area with lots of buildings on the ground. The mission I was struggling with was an escort bomber mission, which had a about 6 109s plus ju87 about 8 and a bunch of Russian fighters about the same amount. slow downs with overlay on, turned it off and I flew with no slow downs and managed to finish the mission. I got the idea from BF1 as I turn off orgin overlay and gained a bunch of frames.
  19. After testing again. I disabled steam in-game overlay and managed to play career without slow downs, however there was still a large amount of stutters
  20. I'm having the same issues as well, my game works on all other modes, 84 player MP and Quick missions. The moment I play career mode and am over the object the game runs in slow motion however my FPS shows 60. AMD FX-8350 Black Edition Asus Strix GTX970 8GB DDR3 I have tried call Jasons fixes and all other fixes on the forums but no luck! Really enjoying the career mode when its working ):
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