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  1. Especially for people who have experienced the game at different pings, at what point do you start noticing ping is having an affect on your gameplay? 1-50 ms 50-90 ms 90-140 ms 140-180ms 180-220ms 220-260ms 260-300ms 300-350ms 350-400ms 400+ ms I have a lot of data from internal tests but I am looking for your experiences. Of course remember that jitter and packet loss fps and many other factors also impact gameplay; I'm just looking for what your subjective experiences are at each range of those pings.
  2. Tes


    Can we have a parallel WOL hosted in the us? how much it would cost? can we all put some money to make it possible?
  3. Great construct lizard, it look very sturdy, the only thing that worrys me about your build is the weight. i love the wirelessness tough. A question regarding camera position, its better to have the camera pointing to the middle of your face or is it better for the camera to be pointing a space aligned with the orientation of your monitor? (image attached for clarification of concepts)
  4. I will try them in 2 months aprox when they arrive, thanks for the link. In the meantime this is my current monster, it works pretty good, never lost track of the lights in the day or night and has a nice velcro for attaching it to the headphone
  5. I present you the hobo mk1 a prototype for the real 3d printed one. Used mostly to test components and the skills of the pilot
  6. Hellow fellow pilots, tomorrow i wil embark in the adventure of building my 2nd freetrack. i will leave all the info here, maybe someone will find it useful First we will check the basic components that we will need Camera - 5$ used Pseye - Leds - 20 x 8 $ SFH 485 P seems to be the standart for a freetrack build thanks to the wide angle it uses and the low voltage, unfortunately its not available in my country so i settled with a 8mm 100 dg IR led, i will test it and report back Trackclip - 13 $ 3d printed I used a cap in my first freetrack but the quality of my craftmanship was pretty terrible so i decided to invest a little more for a more polished product. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2458689 26 Usd in total, i could go ultracheap and buy the cheapest leds and make my own trackclip, that would save 20 aprox and should not affect performance too much, when its all finished i will give a preview showing how it works. Whats the next step regarding hardware? a big monitor or vk sim pedals? what do you think?
  7. I know the sim dosnt have the numbers probably to fill a 168 server if its technically possible, but anyone know why most multiplayer games are limited to 84? can you imagine a server with 200 players?
  8. Hola! Tenes la direccion del discord o TS por favor?? quiero meterme a la TAW con ustedes si se puede y no los encuentro
  9. Thank you Busdriver!! You are the real Santa!
  10. Oh i drop the bomb one by one manually, do i have to press the drop key after the target is on the crosshair? I thought the "set altimeter on the nearest army" taked care of the altitude difference, what is a good solution? subtract 100 or 200 mts?
  11. Already read almost every guide out there, i am having problems with level bombing. My bombs always fall long of target (by 20/70 mts) I take a long time configuring all the input data right, set the altimeter to nearest friendly airfield and no luck idk what i am doing wrong anyone has any idea?
  12. Thanks OP! I would like to win a plane, ju 52 sould be a dream come true but anything would work. You are making gods work