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  1. I made this video about AA and pixel spotting some time ago. It compares how AA affect pixels. No AA has a clear advantage at 1080 p The video is zommed in with a video editor to compare pixels
  2. It was overdone but i had the most intense dogfights the last few days, maybe change it to an adjustable server option?
  3. Please make "technical" chat messages optional, im reffering to the *** has conected *** has exited or "server overload" messages that appear on the chat bar. On a populated server they are really spammy and dont contribute anything to gameplay, maybe an extra option to disable them? maybe a separate text bar with technical messages independent of the chat? we all love clear communication and i think the GUI could be a lot cleaner with QOL imrpovements like: 1.chat bar independent, only chat from other players on the chat bar 2.kill messages on an independent "bar" (i disabled them to avoid unnecesary messages and i appreciate that option, that brings me to N3) 3. "technical" chat messages optional, ** has conected *** has exited or "server overload" messages could be optional since they dont add nothing to the common player, I enjoy the sim a lot but there are some really rough edges like these that are too sharp to miss, a reworked UI would make the experience a lot more "cleaner" {at least to me }
  4. I honestly dont know what else to try, reached a functinoal visibility of ac. Im still open to suggestions and will test any setting that i know can make aircrafts stand out better but i dont know what else is left
  5. Hello i would love a 50% collector plane discount, Respect for the gesture!
  6. Its much better with your settings than with the default reshade ones. I will continue with the tests later but i think i made some improvement. It may not look like much but with pixels even the smallest differences makes a world of difference with the spotting
  7. Does Reshade adaptivesharpening goes with the Sharpen option active in game? Done one more video and found out that the ingame Sharpen makes the pixels have a little bit more contrast in comparisson with the adaptivesharpening default settings
  8. Just tested with SSAO on, didnt found any difference . idk whats left to check, im starting to think theres no way to improve pixel spotting, maybe a 40' inch monitor lol
  9. Sharpening has a great effect on how pixels are rendered, with sharpening pixels have more contrast and are bigger but they flicker and sometimes dissapear (!) depending on the angle. Anyone know what other option i should test for better spotting?? posted a 2nd video showing the difference of sharpening ON/OFF
  10. This are my settings, the game runs stable offline or when the server is with not many players. i have a strange slutter like OP in multiplayer when a lot of players are around, ill try to record it when the server is full. I dont think that it is a graphic issue. Tried a lot of options and it runs relatively well in sp, Heavy populated MP is another story
  11. Testing the best config to spot distant aircraft since i am having trouble to do so in MP, the following video was done without reshade so the original idea is to apply some filters once i have the optimal config ingame, i will run some more test later and post the results. The following videos will test how pixels render with different options the edited video has a zoom of x10. Native resolution is 1080 if thats worth something AA TESTS Top left has no AA, top right has 2x and bottom left has 4x Video #1 has the settings that are posted at the bottom #2 has the same settings as the first one, only difference is sharpen turned off #3 has the same settings as the first one, only difference is SSAO turned on SHARPEN OFF SSAO ON RESHADE TESTS AA on these test is set to x4 #1 Reshade defaul adaptivesharpening vs Sharpen ingame option #2 Reshade Geros adaptivesharpening settings vs Sharpen ingame option
  12. I really love the idea of air marshall and wasnt aware that its being implemented. It would be really useful to have some type of tools to write on the map midmission Arma3 style to give orders like approach zones to a target and the like, it would be even nicer the possibilty to make subgroups so that only those in that subgroup are able to see them. IMO the map tools of arma are a great example of a good implementation of that, they have been working in this over 15 years and have reached a pretty polished product Now ill start with unrealistic? things. I know its farfetched but a dynamic front and the possibility to spawn columns would be neat, imagine seeing that the front is moving somewhere and sending some scouts to see whats happening, with the scout reports the marshall would organize an attack to stop the advance. Back to reality i hope it give use to the less flown AC and have some type of requirement to get to that position (flown time or points?) so that we can get some experienced marshalls that know what they are doing. One of the best sim experience i had was with the ghost skies in il1942 when the commander briefed the squad leaders who then briefed us grunts, it all ended with 40 people in a "coordinated" attack all along the front, i really hope we can recreate something like that with these new features
  13. Very interesting read, i am struggling with the same issue. So many contradicting recommendations regarding vsync, i ended up testing everything with rivatuner and noticed that free vsync provides the least ammount of frametime in my case. I downgraded from ultra to high since it seems that it affects the slutters when a lot of planes or objects are present. i leave a video comparing high with ultra, combined with freesync i am more stable than ever but it isnt perfect.. ill continue with the tests in the future.
  14. Hello, how are your settings in the camera tab? i notice that with smoothness turned down i have a faster but more "speedy" movement.. is it better to turn down the smoothness to 0 and control the speedyness by the accela filter??
  15. Especially for people who have experienced the game at different pings, at what point do you start noticing ping is having an affect on your gameplay? 1-50 ms 50-90 ms 90-140 ms 140-180ms 180-220ms 220-260ms 260-300ms 300-350ms 350-400ms 400+ ms I have a lot of data from internal tests but I am looking for your experiences. Of course remember that jitter and packet loss fps and many other factors also impact gameplay; I'm just looking for what your subjective experiences are at each range of those pings.
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