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  1. Just going to toss my hat in the ring here, 25 year old male from Buffalo, NY (no real accent). I have experience voice acting for a combat flight game though no military experience.
  2. I would personally love to see the A-26 make it in simply because of the silly number of noses it has, including large cannons. Plus it does fit the medium bomber requirements for this sim better than most of the other allied aircraft like the B-25 as the crew requirements are still quite low.
  3. To be fair, it wouldn't have to be the end of the WW2 theaters, but it would give a good excuse to start giving more late war props and early jets a go.
  4. I've also been thinking this would be a great direction to go one day. There are plenty of interesting aircraft to use, including props alongside the jets. I will say that I think it should come after the Pacific expansion though.
  5. When driving around I will seemingly randomly encounter an issue where my driver will jerk forward in his seat and the camera will suddenly become fixed forward and the tank no longer responds to inputs. I can usually get the tank going again by trying to reverse, but it's not consistent. I've experienced this in the Tiger, PzIII, and T-34, I haven't driven the KV-1 much but I would assume it has the same issue.
  6. I've got all the other great battles games, but I've had to choose which to save up for when it comes to FC and TC, if I only had to save up for one that would be great!
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