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  1. Looks great although somewhat disappointed the next expansion isn't the Pacific. I just hope we don't get the ridicilous arguments about these late war scenarios like we got with IL2, with people whining for their mythical late war plane, run on some unique high octane, high boost setting, where one example was tested. Or there was the .50 cal grouping...
  2. I'd love to see New Guinea as that allows for far more variety in terms of aircraft and what mission makers can do.
  3. Is that actually possible in the real aircraft!? Or abuse of the physic engine?
  4. Me too but there is no context to what he says. Did he even fly those aircraft to the limits? Probably not, only a fool would take a 70 year old aircraft and give it full boost or submit it to flight routine which mimics combat. As far as I'm aware there is only 1 person alive today (probably ever!) that can tell you how a 109E matches up to a Spit Mk1 or 2, or how a 109F4 matches against a Spit MkV or indeed how a 109G6 matches against a P51D or Spitfire IX to the absolute edge of their potential. He's 95, lives in Scotland and flew these aircraft to assess their fighting potential and wrote several interesting books about the topic. There's a big difference between testing these aircraft when they were at the cutting edge of technology and flying them in a display.
  5. Some of you forget what il2 fb was like at the start. If you could get the game to even start you were lucky. If it didn't randomly break you were lucky. It took a good few years for it to mature. We got allot for free, no other game that I can remember got so much free content. BOS on launch day was more reliable than il2fb 2 years after release.
  6. Wait for the mission builder. Once that is out you'll get online scenarios which are realistic, to a point.
  7. It's not at all accurate to paint them all with the same brush. Just like it's unfair to say every Soviet soldier was an uneducated peasan or a bolshevik. Many soldiers just did what they could to survive on both sides.
  8. Purely to demonstrate that if you buy a game that has unlocks in it, it's not abnormal. You can apply the same thing to say Skyrim or a similar RPG. I paid for 60 levels of game play but I have to unlock them. I didn't see anyone complaining that on Skyrim that they paid level 60 so they should get level 60 right away. I don't agree with the unlocks at all but I can at least apply some common sense to my arguments against them.
  9. I have a shell from the Boer war with "Du Put 31 May 1902" engraved on it. My mothers, fathers, Uncle fought in it and was from a gun under his command (he was apparently important enough that when he died his coffin was carried through Brighton on the back of a gun carriage from Preston barracks, which I believe at the time was an officer training school). Whatever that is in relation to me. Great uncle? Fascinated me as a kid but I forgot about it until my parents retired and sold the family home. I should really find out more, I hardly know anything about him other than the shell and a photo of his coffin on the gun carriage being pulled by horses.
  10. Lack of planning for Winter beat the Germans in 1941. The Soviets in 1941 were not just poorly led but poorly trained and logistically in a very poor state. There is a really interesting book called Ivan's War which people should read. It's not about how the Soviets won but it's a study of the average Soviet soldier from that era and what life was like for them. I do not envy any of them.
  11. Bill, born '78 and from good old Blighty. Been flying sims since the original IL2 and been around the IL2 community since 2004. Played IL2:FB to death and purchased every single version released, some at least twice! Used to play allot on the the old Warclouds server. Play DCS too. Currently trying to relearn the KA50 and eagerly awaiting the Su27 PFM. Flown with a few virtual squadrons, looking to again one day. I also play EVE online a fair amount - it's the nearest thing I can get to what IL2 used to offer me for online play. Live with my girlfriend in Kent, don't have children, got a dog instead - a Bouvier des Flandres who is obsessed with water/mud/any liquid he can sit in. Because I'm actually allergic to dogs had to get one that doesn't produce hair like its going out of fashion. My other obsession is 1:16 RC tanks, to which I own a few. The modelling bit doesn't do to much for me but for some reason I find nothing more relaxing than airbrushing. Since these tanks are big, it takes allot of airbrushing. I'd like an Armortek but I don't own a garage for it and my man cave is too small for one. Favourite beer: Harveys Best. Hello from Goons . Did you see the comic CCP did about that?
  12. Playing devils advocate, how is it different to battlefield 3 or any other title where you have to level up? I don't like the unlocks either but I realise that I did get what I paid for.
  13. Even today that mystery meat is plaguing our shores.
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