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  1. 3 hours ago, Lemsip said:


    Hmm, thats strange. Im afraid I dont actually know why thats happened. 



    Thanks. The snow is there as I changed the season to winter. The second tank is meant to stop around that position, but it may get stuck sometimes unfortunately. This was made quickly for fun, Im not a mission maker usually so there may be imperfections.

    Think of it as a layer of permafrost! , winter 44-45 was pretty severe by all accounts.

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  2. I can't remember which WW2 flightsim it was in, but when you flew above 10000 ft your pilot would be shown wearing an oxygen mask, then when descending below this level it would disappear. That would be a cool thing to have in BoX series.

  3. I've been flight simming since the days of old CFS1, had them all from EAW to IL2 BOx and DCS, no gold bars here doesn't bother me one jot. Everyone has something to offer. Kudos to the guys who pre-order displays commitment to the developers, plus it does look good doesn't it. Everyone has their own reasons for how and where and when they purchase this series but really it's not worth worrying about IMHO as long as your enjoying your flying, that's what counts.

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  4. Individual markings on planes, numbers and emblems would be great like Clod etc but would require a code change I think (hope I'm wrong...)👍😎

  5. I damaged a Mig 3 in career mode, this one did limp back to it's base but as above I've had fighters following me back and strafing my base when trying to land.


    Thoroughly enjoying the career mode though despite it's odd behaviour now and again. Iron man, great idea.


    Personally I'd take it a step further...if you die the game uninstalls and you have to go through the full rigmarole of reinstalling etc !!!


    That would make you a very careful flyer...:P

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