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  1. It's happening with me as well with Oculus Rift. In earlier versions I did not experience this issue.
  2. Had the same problem, after countless tries I finally found this thread. Reseting data\LuaScripts\snapviews solved the problem.
  3. Thank you chiliwili69 for you as well. I'll be back at my rig on tuesday and will try out. @Cichy000: Thanks for the link but that's for vive and I'm using rift, i didn't find such settings.
  4. Many thanks Alonzo. I'll try those things. By the way those low FPS rates were on Stalingrad map single player quick battle, with the yak s69.
  5. Hi All, Thanks for the advises. Actually I upgraded to 8700K to get better frames rates. I'm disappointed because it's still 40-60 fps. when there is an activity it the frame rate drops. It seems that graphics settings changes makes no different no lower or higher frame rates. I'll try to OC the CPU later but so far I get the same user experience with i7 8700K and 1070ti as with the i5 4570 and 1060. That's strange. I'll dig into the VR topics.
  6. With the release of 3.007 this stopped working for me. Any update or advice?
  7. Hello, I just upgraded my GPU from 1060 to 1070ti. I was under the impression that I will get decent frame rate. I had around 40 FPS with my rift with high settings. After the replacement I have the same framerate which is disappointing. I also experienced strange screen lag in the hmd when I upgraded to the latest nvidia drivers, so I rolled back to 397.93 which is smooth again. No overclock so far with the gpu and Benchmarks show it performs as it should. My CPU is i5 4570 could this be the a bottleneck? Thanks
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