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  1. No, the other way around, if anything those suggesting (nice) improvements should rather be paid...
  2. That could easily be restricted to SP no? I suppose you can't put on aiming help on MP, still as a real beginner I really appreciate to have it on to practice... so everybody is happy new comers and aces. I must say I had no idea how steep the learning curve is, so having some tool to help is really welcome, helps more people to discover a fascinating world...
  3. There are so many things to learn that I have engine management full auto for now, so no gauge reading problems yet Just trying to explore the flying envelope and have clean landings, but I found that I have difficult times understanding what is really going on, where am I exactly, with only some visual and sound clues... real pilot at least have body sensation for Gs, and may be motion sensation for AOA (?) to help them I guess
  4. As a newbie I have the feeling that having the possibility to display angle of attack and Gs on the HUD would help me learn the flying basics, am I right?
  5. I don't feel like cheating at all as long as I'm still having a hard time to hit even with aiming helps. Just started flying a couple of weeks ago though, and the only air targets I manage to put down are the big fat bombers for now... very, very difficult new hobby I've just step in Aiming help for rockets and bombs works fine too.
  6. Une configuration warthog m'aiderait beaucoup aussi, total noob...
  7. Hi, I'm totally new to flight sim, and after days of search I didn't manage to find any decent warthog joy, throttle and paddle TARGET profile. I did find very good ones for DCS, and that would be really helpful for total noob like me to find such good quality profile for IL2 bos to start with, i mean even with a ready to go controller there are already soooo many things to learn...even just before knowing what and where to correctly map the joy... Would appreciate if any vet could share or point me to a good Warthog Target profile or script so that I can quickly become an easy ta
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