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  1. Hello ! I'm encountering the same problem : after requesting a transfer to a new squadron (from 416th RCAF at Evere Airfield to 328th USAAF at Asch) on December 23rd, I flew my last mission then clicked on "Next Day", the date changed to December 24th but the game is endlessly displaying "Please wait..." with the spinning mouse pointer. Nice Christmas present ๐Ÿ˜ฅ Killing the game process and restarting doesn't fix anything, this career is still stuck to the "Please wait..." step. I'm able to start and play a new career though, but would really like to fix the previous one. Anybody else having such issues with career ?
  2. @Art-J@Mauf Thanks for your inputs guys. I realized I incorrectly assumed the working of this fuel gauge : I supposed it was meant to permanently display the fuel level of one of the two fuel tanks, and the switch was used to display the fuel level of the other one, when it was actually meant to stay off until the button is pressed to display the bottom tank fuel level only. Of course, the plane needs to be kept in a level flight for proper reading, I've noticed the button isn't automatically pushed otherwise. I strongly agree to this statement. Edit : regarding the units, full tank is 386L according to the mission preparation screen, for a total of 85 Gallons, so that's indeed Imperial Gallons (~4,5L). Should have calculated this sooner ๐Ÿ˜…
  3. I guess there's much more to it than just the time period it was designed in and its inherent limitations. There's something really convoluted about this fuel gauge I'd like to know about.
  4. Hello ! I know there's been a lot of talk on this topic already (I'm on the keyboard binding bandwagon), but does anybody know why the heck it was historically designed that way ? At first I thought it allowed to display the fuel level of two separate fuel tanks - top and bottom - on a single gauge by the use of a button, thus saving one gauge on the front panel. The upper tank being the first to empty, it's displayed by default. Fine, yet a toggle switch would have made more sense : once the upper tank is empty, switch to the bottom one permanently, what's the need to maintain the button to display the currently used tank ? But I noticed the default gauge always reads '0' even with full tank, and then the written mention on the fuel gauge : "FUEL BOTTOM TANK ONLY. TOP TANK IS NOT GAUGED AND CONTAINS 48 GALLS. [...]" Seriously ? Then why is there a button to display the bottom tank in the first place ? It's already a pain to only display the last 37 remaining Gallons, but THAT is seriously ill-minded designwise... Side question : I imagine the gauge uses Imperial Gallons (~ 4,5L) and not US Gallons ? Thanks in advance to the knowledgeable folks who'll take the time to answer me.
  5. @PatrickAWlson For what it's worth, that happened on a Kuban campaign. I'm still willing to provide files if it's useful for you, but I just don't know which ones you'd like.
  6. Didn't noticed that when I read it, but thanks for your input and your hard work ๐Ÿ˜Š
  7. Hello ! I've recently started using PWCG and noticed that 3 times out of 4, takeoff & landing waypoints were actually set in the wrong position relative to the wind direction, making those downwind. The game actually position the planes on the right end of the runway, facing the wind, but then the takeoff waypoint is just in the wrong position and the flight needs to 180 and travel back to it. Upon landing, the landing mark pops up on the wrong end of the runway though... I could manage this by correcting the takeoff and climb waypoints position on the mission map, but the landing approach one is greyed out and impossible to move. Did anyone manage to work around this ? PS : I don't know if it's related, but I've also noticed a lot of clutter on the airfield, with planes and crates layed out very close to the active runway, literally in the middle of adjacent ones, making it quite hard to safely land as they're hard to see and distinguishing the correct runway axis on a grass airfield is a bit touchy, not to mention the landing mark displayed on the wrong end of the runway.
  8. Hello ! There doesn't seem to be any intro cutscene to the BoB career as there was in BoK. Or did I do something wrong ?
  9. Thanks for your answer. I understand from this previous post that the skins folders should be placed in ...\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\graphics\skins, but where should the Audio folder contained in PWCGCampaignMusic.zip be placed ? Sorry for the lame questions, I whish there was some readme file, and so far my searches on this subforum didn't return anything useful.
  10. Hello ! New to PWCG here, so noob question : what are the separate downloads meant for (skin pack and music) ?
  11. Hello ! I find the new visibility system to be great, it adds so much life to the scenery. Noticed a small bug though : navigations lights aren't visible until the classic 9-10Km range, which is kinda weird but will surely be corrected in a few patches.
  12. Jeeeeez... So they actually managed to make it worse than the IBM-style track-point on the old F16-TQS ? ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ I thought mine was defective at some point...
  13. Hello ! Did anyone manage to make use of the Warthog mouse axis in IL2 ? I tried to use it to control external free camera, but it's way too sensitive...
  14. Thanks for your efforts chili ! Your contribution the IL2-VR community is outstanding. I just wish I had the will to carry on your work, a common performance test will always be useful.
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