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  1. Hello ! I find the new visibility system to be great, it adds so much life to the scenery. Noticed a small bug though : navigations lights aren't visible until the classic 9-10Km range, which is kinda weird but will surely be corrected in a few patches.
  2. Jeeeeez... So they actually managed to make it worse than the IBM-style track-point on the old F16-TQS ? 🤦‍♂️ I thought mine was defective at some point...
  3. Hello ! Did anyone manage to make use of the Warthog mouse axis in IL2 ? I tried to use it to control external free camera, but it's way too sensitive...
  4. Thanks for your efforts chili ! Your contribution the IL2-VR community is outstanding. I just wish I had the will to carry on your work, a common performance test will always be useful.
  5. @Talon_ Thanks for saving another career mate ! Your trick did just fine. It's a real shame this bug is still going on nearly a year after 3.0 release, and that support is still unable to help.
  6. Hello there ! I don't want to ruin the party here, especially since I'm much less experienced about CPU/RAM overclocking, but according to BlackMamba's first post he was getting better performances with his previous 1080Ti : Everything else considered equal, his 2080Ti should perform at least as good right ? For the clarity of this (already too long) thread, I'd suggest to move the current discussion to a dedicated 2080Ti performance troubleshooting one. Thanks again for your precious contributions.
  7. Thanks a lot for all those fixes and improvements ! I updated the game a couple of hours ago at very decent speed, nice improvement there also 😊
  8. Bummer ! I just bought a teflon spray can from a shiplander. How can it go wrong with teflon ?
  9. Indeed, I could have figured that one out with little effort 😅 This is a consequence of lack of VR standard, though I guess OpenVR (used by SteamVR IIRC) might become one. In that case, could OpenVR dev team implement AMD/nVidia proprietary solutions into a standard set of API ?
  10. I was suspecting only major studios and game engine developers could afford to fully optimize their rendering engine for VR, yet I wish I knew why implementing nVidia VRWorks is a such a nightmare for small sized studios (you guessed it, I'm no developper). VR is by far the biggest leap in combat flight simulation we've seen in years if not decades, ED and 1C will have to optimize their respective graphic engines sooner or later...
  11. Hello ! Totally agree ! I guess Oculus and HTC/Steam would already have released much higher density HMD if they weren't also looking for reliable ways to alleviate CPU and GPU workload (eye tracking etc.). Not exactly related to nVidia driver optimization, but I remember nVidia presented new VR APIs during the presentation of the 10x0 generation (Multi-Res and Lens Matched Shading, making it possible to lower GPU load and render both eye views in a single pass IIRC), and was wondering if IL2 (or DCS) were making any use of it...
  12. Nice ! Not ready to invest in such hardware though... Yeah that was the whole point of my first question... Thanks for confirming my doubts, I'll try and assign a dedicated button or axe to the main wheel brake.
  13. I was actually thinking the other way around : binding the Wheel brakes to both left and right toes of my rudder pedals. Nice ! Thanks for the precisions.
  14. @hrafnkolbrandr Thanks for the precisions !
  15. Didn't try but was also wondering about that. Wouldn't it ruin the toe brakes abilities (left/right braking asymmetry) on planes fitted with both toe brakes and general brake lever ? (if any ?) Well in that situation I'm always caught into a turn and grinding a wingtip... Are you sure about this ? Reading the above posts, it seems like the spit doesn't allow differential braking... Don't have the time right now, but definitely will give this a try.
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