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  1. I will pay everything for flyable B-25, really, i really want to play in this small ,,Memphis Belle''.
  2. However, in my opinion, Sherman was a better tank than the T-34, which is evident in the Russians themselves, he was quieter in motion, because his tracks were less noisy, the conditions inside the tank were much more comfortable. Optics also better than in T-34. From the mechanical side of Sherman was also better, it was a very reliable tank that allowed for a long operation on practically the same components which was important during long operations. Maneuverability, speed, power to weight ratio were also very good, even the suspension was good, easy to build, durable and damped vibrations better. It was also not a tall tank, the panther was much taller and larger than it, just because the M4 was narrower, optically seemed to be tall. The disadvantage was certainly the narrow tracks which in difficult terrain was disastrous, and the rubber tracks slid on snow and ice which was quickly solved using metal varieties. The last disadvantage was the engine, which required very clean fuel, it did not like contaminated oil and low quality (The diesel of A2 version) So, i would prefer M4A2 on the russian side.
  3. That Sherman, That Sherman, OMG its awesome!, i cant wait to get him, this would be my favorite tank on the russian side. And i think this model looks very similar to M4A2 in Graviteam Tactics: Final Ofensive. Take look at that. About the armor plates in the sides, this A2 is the early version. Interesting, we will have fenders on the tracks in modifications? or another tracks types? removable Browning M2HB etc?
  4. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thank you devs for hard working , good luck in the future 😄 I cant wait for my M4A2 ❤️
  5. I have still hope we will have in the future Career mode for this .
  6. Stworzyłem wątek dla naszych graczy, czy ktoś znad wisły śmiga w iŁ-2? 😄
  7. This is another reason why we need some US Bombers in BoBP 😄
  8. I was find some Bomber Groups and squadrons. 409. Bomber group: 640. BS 641. BS 642. BS 643. BS They have A-20 Havoc`s and A-26 Invader`s. And located in: Bretigny - 30 September 1944 to 15 February 1945 http://www.americanairmuseum.com/unit/358 410. Bomber group: 644. BS 645. BS 646. BS 647. BS They have mostly A-20`s Located in: Coulommiers - 30. September 1944 to 1 February 1945 Juvincourt 1 February 1945 to N.A. http://www.americanairmuseum.com/unit/361 Rest of Groups and Squadrons of 9th AF use B-26`s, so i dont know i should post them here too.
  9. I`am still waiting when they said: ,,B-25 Mitchel will be flyable'' I know, i will be hated now, because i like bombers xD.
  10. Yeah, this is little bit frustrating, some enemies in Career have a god mode, i fighting now in my P-40 vs E7, and? i put to him all of my amunition and this AI dint have any damage, just fly away. I notice this bug multiple times, always E7 have god mode for now.
  11. Hmmm... I would try flying over the China/Burma, what do you think?
  12. When you switch gear from 5 to R 😄
  13. I have one idea for DLC iL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Guadancanal. US: P-40E P-39D F4F Wildcat P-38 (some early version) B-25C/D Japan: A6M2 Zero Ki-61 Ki-45 Ki-49 G4M
  14. Honestly, as a fan of American bombers, I would like them to focus on the current A-20 introducing improvements or new versions, eg A-20G. And then it would be the turn of the B-25. Here are the A-20 versions that I would like to see. A-20B with the Russian top turret A-20G with Bendix turret. This plane just need other modifications/version, perhaps for Bodenplatte or the next DLC from later fights on the Eastern Front.
  15. I do not think that the B-25 will be available only for AI. The work of the devs have to put in modeling the aircraft for AI is almost the same as modeling the aircraft for players. That's why I think that sooner or later we will get B-25 under control even in the form of a premium aircraft. We have to forget about B-17 or B-24, because the scale of theaters in Great Battles is focused on tactical, not strategic aviation, the bombers in the Career for example need airfield, not just spawn in the sky as we can see in il-2 1946, tactical bombers flying over +, - 200 kilometers to the front line, and the strategic/heavy bombers have some 1000 kilometers to the target, you want to waste your time for that fly?, i hope not, me too 😄 . Therefore, you should not expect them.
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