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  1. Exactly, I like flying on the A-20 or He-111, I fly on these bombers more often than on fighters because the career of a bomber pilot is more realistic for a prosaic reason. Playing as a new fighter pilot, you are able to be the best fighter ace in the first days of your service, you don't have the impression that you are new, you can't do anything and you have to learn. There is no such thing in the bomber's career, the career is longer and you have less spectacular clashes with the enemy. And that's why I would like one of those bombers I mentioned to be flyable in the future. And it doesn't matter to me if it's a B-25 or B-26 or some other American bomber. Just... Make Catch 22 come to Il-2 😄
  2. I`m just poor bomber guy who wait for any news about that : B-25 (any version) B-26 (any version) A-26 (any version) And some another version of A-20 for Allied and Soviet air force..
  3. Same here I have this problem after i buy BoBP, never before i dint hace such many CTD`s and freezing, before that, i can play hours in BoS and BoK. Now, i have CTD if i play longer than 2 hours... At first I thought that the problem were aircraft models and their number in missions in career mode so I reduced all graphic details to minimm but the problem keeps coming back. The game generally maintains a stable 60 fps but suddenly starts freeze to finally get CTD. I think the map itself is not very well optimized for weak and medium computers. I have specs of my PC down below. At this moment, BoBP stuff`s is unplayable for me, to many crashes and freezings
  4. From the beginning of the career mode, it was my main game mode, and after buying BoBP I also wanted to play in this mode, unfortunately I miscalculated and I regret that I bought this DLC. The beginning of the USAAF pilot's career is limited to only one aircraft, the P-47, if you did not buy the P-38, which in this mode is simply a hopeless plane, each mission sets you target away from your lines by about 50-80 kilometers, German planes are attacking you from a higher altitude than you and the P-47 at such altitudes has no chance, it is maneuverable like a He-111 at full load. Such flights without immortality turned on are practically impossible to win, in addition, you have virtually no cover on every flight, you fly in a tight formation like IL-2 Sturmovik`s at low altitude and the enemy spam a dozen fighters on you and most often when you are far behind enemy lines. So, the survival of the P-47 pilot is very, very low, unless you have immortality turned on in an act of desperation. The career script treats the P-47 as a regular bomber, because 90% of the flights I had were to destroy ground targets. I know, you don't have to play P-47 because Spitfire is available, but if you want to stick to realism and go through this career as a USAAF pilot, you have two options. Either buy the P-38 and have any chances to fight fighters and other missions pack than ground attack, or you must use immortality and survive until the P-51 squadrons appear. All this makes my career at BOBP very frustrating and poorly designed for me.
  5. Type of improvement: Career Explanation of proposals: More options for commanding a squadron as a commander, because currently as a commander we have no influence on what is happening in our squadron in the base, the command is limited to the missions themselves. Therefore, I propose to add such possibilities: - Requests to the command for additional aircraft, that it depends on us when we want to strengthen the strength of the squadron. - Requests for additional pilots, as in the case of airplanes, so that it is not automatic and depends on us. - Managing pilots independently, decorating them with medals and giving them promotions according to our perceptions, similarly, if we do not like one of the pilots in our squadron, we could transfer him to another unit. Benefits: Greater immersion and realism, at the same time, a reward for finally being a squadron commander
  6. I'm trying to play as a USAAF pilot in P-47 squadron, and I have similar feelings about career, she is weak and boring. Until now, I had no other mission other than attacks on ground targets, nothing else the command assigns to me, if not attacking the railway station, then bombing the troops. In my last career, I shot down only 3 enemy fighters, and it's always on the verge of a miracle, because the P-47 at such a low summer height literally like He-111 at full load. I also noticed that due to this set of missions the survival rate on some of our P-47 pilot flights is very low, my last pilot probably survived 3 weeks before he was shot down.
  7. Why devs really ignoring new bombers like the B-25 or B-26 in upcoming BON? After all, playing as a bomber pilot is not so bad, and making a model requires a lot of work. There is a lot in our community of playerw who flying bombers, and it really annoys us that there is no news about make this planes flyable.... 😒
  8. V1? and what about any chance to make B-25 flyable?
  9. Bajzon20 + BoN , i dont have any chance but, i will try.
  10. I hope, this will helpdevs to give for players B-25.... We just need this bomber.
  11. I will pay everything for flyable B-25, really, i really want to play in this small ,,Memphis Belle''.
  12. However, in my opinion, Sherman was a better tank than the T-34, which is evident in the Russians themselves, he was quieter in motion, because his tracks were less noisy, the conditions inside the tank were much more comfortable. Optics also better than in T-34. From the mechanical side of Sherman was also better, it was a very reliable tank that allowed for a long operation on practically the same components which was important during long operations. Maneuverability, speed, power to weight ratio were also very good, even the suspension was good, easy to build, durable and damped vibrations better. It was also not a tall tank, the panther was much taller and larger than it, just because the M4 was narrower, optically seemed to be tall. The disadvantage was certainly the narrow tracks which in difficult terrain was disastrous, and the rubber tracks slid on snow and ice which was quickly solved using metal varieties. The last disadvantage was the engine, which required very clean fuel, it did not like contaminated oil and low quality (The diesel of A2 version) So, i would prefer M4A2 on the russian side.
  13. That Sherman, That Sherman, OMG its awesome!, i cant wait to get him, this would be my favorite tank on the russian side. And i think this model looks very similar to M4A2 in Graviteam Tactics: Final Ofensive. Take look at that. About the armor plates in the sides, this A2 is the early version. Interesting, we will have fenders on the tracks in modifications? or another tracks types? removable Browning M2HB etc?
  14. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thank you devs for hard working , good luck in the future 😄 I cant wait for my M4A2 ❤️
  15. I have still hope we will have in the future Career mode for this .
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