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  1. I found opencomposite a real improvment of VR performance of this game. At the same time, the injection of VRSS in games like pCars2 is quite effective. Anyone know if this method works with OC or just with steamVR? Thanks
  2. Hi! I have some question about this online theatre: - Some external app (eg. as hyperlobby for IL21946) are requested? Or can I join the server via the MP in-game function? - How goes for VR-user? The spotting without marking is very difficult, so are the unit tags allow? Thanks!
  3. I totally agree: with i7-9700k+RTX2080 ACC in VR is horrible for both fps and quality. I play pCARS2 forcing NVIDIA VRSS and... it is incredible: full details with great smoothing and what quality!
  4. Hi, I strongly reccomand the Open Composite rather than Steam VR. I tried Mastiff's Settings with a i7-9700K+RTX2080+oculus rift s with SteamVR: ok in solo flight, but no way to play a career mission... to play properly with my system I had to set ss 1.0 and reduced details distance to nomal/100 km. With Open Composite, all settings flat out, SS 1.4 and very good fps, just some sporatid stuttering, totally playable. Thanks for the tips!
  5. Hi, time scale seems works properly only at 2X: 4X and 8X scale are shown, but the time is not really accelerated. Any suggestion? Thanks
  6. Off-topic: can this aircraft be used in BOS/BOM campaigns?
  7. S.M.79, the reason to play a Med theatre!
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