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  1. hallo guys,someone now when we will have Bodenplate?
  2. when we will have gameplay for Bodenplate? when we will try Bodenplate..someone no the date of release?
  3. JG77_Kemp...i see you! is a joke..no offense,no hard fillings
  4. Asgar from where you are?If you are from Germany..respect!i no well German Aces and im proud with them...and must you no..THE BEST FRIENDS OF THEM was...ROUMANIAN PILOTS..why???Because fighted toghether 4 hard years... nowing well eachother and if you read German Acess speak with verry much RESPECT about Roumania and pilots...please don t be selfish and recognize the truth...IAR-80 and 81c was a good fighter plane against all odds...Hartmann sed one time...IS NOT IMPORTANT MUCH IN FIGHT THE PLANE...BUT PILOT! And i belive him!
  5. look here one example...100 US fighters P-38 attacked on 10 June 1944 the base of Popeşti-Leordeni, defended by the 6th Hunting Group, led by the pilot Dan Vizanty. In just 12 minutes, Vizanty's pilots, with 36 Romanian IAR-80 planes, fled the Americans, writing a glorious page in the history of the Second World War.Hunting pilot Dan Vizanty, born in Botosani region, was one of the Romanian military aircrafts of the first half of the 20th century, alongside Constantin "Bâzu" Cantacuzino, Alexandru Şerbănescu Ioan Milu,and others.A legend of World War II on June 10, 1944, Vizanty, who led the 6th Popeşti-Leordeni Group of Hunting, near the capital, was the artisan of one of the darkest days of American aviation, which he had knocked over 20 flight machines. The courage and skill of the Romanian pilot, who had the madness of an actor and the lightning of a lightning, made him one of the most frightened, but even more respected opponents in the air. On the Eastern Front, in the struggles with the Soviet pilots, he gained the reputation of "The Wolf of the Carpathians".After the war, he was thrown into communist prisons, after which he worked as a crane or farm worker. His salvation then came from the President of France, Charles de Gaulle, with the support of whom Dan Vizanty left Romania in 1977 and never returned. He died in Paris in 1992 at the age of 82.On June 11, 1944, the American newspapers Denver Post and Boston Herald reported on a painful defeat of United States aviation over Romania during World War II: 24 Lightning P -38J were shot down the day before, on 10 June 1944, by German aviation near the Ploiesti oil field.In 24 hours, pictures and drawings on site would change the data of the problem. Newspapers in Chicago, Boston, New York, and Washington presented pictures of the group that struggled among US military aviation. They were, in fact, Romanian airplanes IAR-80, and the artisan of this victory was Romanian Dan Vizanty, commander of the 6th Popeşti-Leordeni hunting group.The military pilot who received the reputation of the "The Fear of the Lightning" after this battle has severely damaged or damaged that day 13 US fighter . Not by accident, American author Thomas McKelvey Cleaver, in the "Air Fight Annals," called that day "Blackest Day". Richard "Dick" Wilsie, a US aviator who participated in the raid on June 10, 1944, declared, according to the book "Journey of Flight," by the same McKelvey Cleaver: "That day I felt as if the sky had fallen over we. We felt on our skin that we were beaten badly. " Vizanty wrote on that day one of the most glorious pages of the history of Romanian military aviation with his IAR-80 plane, engraved on the line 344.
  6. you no to count?Ownly this 3 you find it shot down 135 plains(west official count)...but it is 30 at list another Roumanian Pilots fighter there,with (beetwin 5 and 15 victorys)...ALL OF THEM TOGHETHER shot down(it means what i sed) HUNDREDS...And Prince Bazu Cantacuzino one flight was with P-51B in return home from FOGGIA where one American Colonel try it to fly the Me-109 G6 of Cantacuzino and crashing on landing...that was in 27 Aug 1944 when Roumania return Prisoniers of war crewmans of Bombers or Fighters..(1110 prisoniers)Cantacuzino was on Foggia send it with one big American Commander Colonel shot down over Roumania 2-3 month ago...in thanks and respect for this PILOT ACE..Americans give him to return home one P-51 escorted by another 4 P-51s...AND IF YOU WEST PEOPLES DON T WANT TO NO THE TRUTH OR YOU DON T NO...pls ASK or try to read about Axes Pilots ok?By the way..the most good pilot of USA ACE ower Europe..how manny victory have???Or English..or Russian?Now i now you don t like verry much the truth...
  7. Asgar pls read one of the manny...(And is not Comunist information...Comunist Party and Russians hate it Royal Roumanian Air Force after the war so much because in school i didn t no nothing till 89 about awer History in WW II...ownly what wanted THEM!)So pls...try someone else...Read about TIDAL WAVE above Ploiesti Rafinerys in 1943...(Americans speak)read about awer Pilots and how manny victorys gain beetwin 41`-45 and awer AA...and in that first mission above Roumania how manny Bombers B-24 losses...Read about all Americans missions above Roumania and how manny losses inflicted RRAF..in special that IARs...till then before talk..READ!Exist Wikipedia...and don t forget IS IMPORTANT..HISTORY is made it by winners..allways,,right???
  8. Is not important how manny was build in front of Me-109...important it was the impact, damage inflicted in aerial battles above Roumania,Rusia,Hungary,and Cehoslovakya..ok?He fighted against most powerfull airplains in the world...(B-17,B-24,P-38J,P-47,and P-51B over Roumania 43`-44` hundreds shot down and USA don t forget never that fights)and over Rusia the same, from 41`-44`all tipes...Against Germany Aug.44`-45 (Me-109 G and K all series FW-190 A-5,A-8 and D-9 Dora a dozens kills confirmed)..After the war Russians killed or put in death camps allmoust all Aces or pilots ho have toghether hundreds victorys...on this Eagles and Bombers or Me-109 fighters (E,G2 and G6)thats why you don t no nothing about them and own profesionalism...pls read history before talk..ok?How manny Countries have it by own ariplanes in WW II and good one??? Few...so pls im proud... verry...Ofcourse manny pilots dead in combat over Europe in 4 years of war in this beautifull and special plane...too soon exceeded...don t forget in Sept.39`was the 3rd fighter in the world...i don t spoke for me this...but History!!!
  9. General Ioan Dicezare, passed away August 10th, 2012, 2 days shy of his 96th birthday, he was the last survivor of ”Grupp 7 Fighters” pilots who managed to escape the Stalingrad encirclement. Rest in peace, General! 500 combat missions 45 victorys confirmed i will put here,all Aces from my Country to see how was Roumanian Fighters in the WW II...and how speak about them entire world...how manny acts of bravery etc... i hope you will enjoy guys!
  10. Guys for construction of the game im not person ho must talk here...ok?But i belive is important to keep in mind accuracy of the game when you say 100% historycal battles,missions and maps!Just say and make SF game, explain this for fans,and thats it!
  11. You can play one sim Il_2 with historic maps above Channel above England without Spitfire or Hurricane???I dont think so...thats why Battle of Stalingrad must to have IARs and Italian bombers and fighters...when you say authentics maps and missions like it was 75-80 years ago...you must put everithing in right plase...right???This is my opinion and for sure..IARs was a good fighters even against odds... IARs made it history even some today dont want to recognize this!!!
  12. You dont understand or you wont...is your problem...beside i dont have nothing with France...i sed historycall point of wiew...and i repeat...you cant make a game where you say authentic 100% some battles or some maps without some important things...and when try to fix...that was what i sed...but some of you dont understand english i belive
  13. Yes you dam right...On table of weeners stad France..not us!!!I repeat..we short war with six month not France...we take it out of country by own...germans..France from France??? We take it a part of war one year...France????And after all of this..France take it a part of Germany and Berlin..not us...we was selld to Rusia..40 years under Comunism...by British and Churchill...ho was victoryous not convict with crimes of war...pls i dont no where you learn history..but pls dont talk if you dont no manny things about us and awer history...that real and good one!!!
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