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  1. I take back my complaint. I found out by accident that my network card is not working properly. When today I downloaded nvidia drivers I noticed that the IL-2 download speed up. That is it. If downloading other file at the same time the IL-2 downloads normally. If not, then it basically stops.
  2. It is still downloading for me. It could only download about 600 Mb. I live in Brazil, my connection here is good (60 Mb down, 6 Mb up), I always had something around 200Kb/s when downloading new versions, but now it is around 5 Kb/s or less. I bought everything here to support the developers, but I think we should receive some support in return.
  3. Type of improvement: Add keys to better align the point of view in VR. Up and down, left and right, forward and backwards. Explanation of proposal: In some airplanes is uncomfortable and sometimes quite difficult to align the point of view in the center of the seat. Right now the "button to centers you" aligns you with the gunsight and in VR it is not interessant. Benefit: Easier and more precise way to place the player inside the cockpit.
  4. I perceived nothing in VR. Wind 7 Pro 64. GTX 1080.
  5. I am flying a Sturmovik in Kuban in career mode and it is so good that seems like scripted campaigns.
  6. I was using QMB just now and something new happen. I had to chase a car, not a truck, a car. The trucks and cars always stop and become sitting ducks and do nothing, but this time was different and super fun! I almost hit a tree in the process. It is not that easy to shot a car on the run. I was flying a D.VII in Stalingrad. I wish it happen more often. Would it be related to the new update or some coincidence?
  7. I liked a lot to see a hint of light in the windows of that Cathedral in the dusk scene! Beautiful!
  8. I love to see the horses and cows. The environment got so realistic that it asked for this kind of detail. It gives live and believability to the world. Super cool!
  9. I lean my torso forwards then backwards (mimicking the expected movement) to help my brain a bit.
  10. I would say the difference between 2D and VR is more or less the difference between a drone pilot and real pilot.
  11. Any approach is correct. But the addition of a dirt layer gives you more work.
  12. I had the same feeling. It seems that the depth is better. The perception of distances feels more real and clear. I wonder if it is just due to the FPS improvement.
  13. Yeah, that would be nice when other people are around.
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