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  1. The "owl effect" is preposterous regarding realism.
  2. VPC MT-50 buttons stop working, then I have to unplug/plug it to make it work. It does not happens always, but frequently. Seems random. Is has started after the 3.201 patch. I use Win 7/64 pro
  3. Airfield near Asbach! I went to this spot in the map and this is so much fun. It is an airfield over a hill, kind of hidden. When you take off, it is a bit like in a aircraft carrier, cause you are in a higher ground. I was flying with the P-51, with the canopy open, flying just above the airfield and doing landings-take off training. Go there in the morning, 8:30 am. Magnificent!!! I came to the conclusion that this Rheinland map is much much superior to the previous ones, even better than the Kuban. Textures are of higher quality, even close to the ground you still have a nice felling of realism. The topography seems perfectly crafted to me, the hills and small mountains are so natural. The size of the map also helps in the immersion, because it is huge, you can easily lost yourself flying around looking at the scenery. I love to fly just above those rooftops. In VR it is absolutely stunning. I will have to buy a better chair.
  4. I worked but it happened again today. Will I have to unplug/plug every time now? Something is not right.
  5. Yes, buttons of my VPV MT-50 are no longer working. Only the axis are ok.
  6. I am experiencing some difficulties with downloading speed, but it is something related to my network adapter or some software layer that I do not understand. What I am doing, and it is working, is to download Nvidia drivers. When it is downloading my speed accelerates and goes up between 400-800kb. If I do not do this my speep goes down to 5kb. I have 5 different Nvidia drivers versions downloading at the same time. When they reach almost to the end I cancel and renitiates it. It is weird, I do not understand it, but it is working.
  7. By the way, the compass in the S.E.5.a seems wrong. It shows E when you fly to the west. Please correct me if I am mistaken.
  8. All looks very good! I just would like to see some people walking by those city streets of WWI.
  9. Brasil, Canadá. All "a" are "open", like in father.
  10. Wunderbar! I would like to see a short video showing the process of making a map. That is fabulous.
  11. In "Windows update" there is a link that shows a list of the updates installed. In this list I can click/chose the one I wish to uninstall.
  12. Shadyman, I just solved my problem. I could roll back the update. Turns out the problem was ".NET Framework" update. IL-2 working again.
  13. I am experimenting the same problem. Yesterday everything was fine, today after Win 7 64 Pro update installation the game crashes while in the loading screen.
  14. Hi Frances, how do you hook the sound to the shakers? I imagine you use those bass shakers and I imagine they only shake with bass sound. Did you used a guide to built it?
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