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  1. Sorry, but you write Britaloga and I read Bryzgalova. For those who appreciate. https://9gag.com/gag/a5MVgrG/anastasia-bryzgalova-curler
  2. I felt the same. I could only play the first chapter from VR Exorcist. HLA is more about action and puzzles. I never felt scared in the HL games.
  3. Try unplug and plug again and see if IL-2 recognize.
  4. Yeah, we know beforehand what is going to happen.
  5. You nailed it. This kind of construction would add immense value to the whole. Right now the system is maybe too random and sometimes repetitive/boring.
  6. I have noticed that the drifting happens due to two things. First, the head movement recorded is transformed in movement in the "tape", but it looks more of a soft fluctuation. Second, it appears that the VR boundaries are turned on when playing the recording, even if they are not. And if you move your head to the sides or to the front during the playback, it pushes the aircraft in the direction of your movement. It does not matter if the recording happens in Normal, Expert or Custom mode. As to minimize this effect, I try to not move my head during recording to prevent the first reason but the second still happens. Any suggestions?
  7. Question: I am in VR, then when I play a recording made in VR, the camera drifts a little bit from side to side, up and down. Is it possible to prevent this or it is just how things work?
  8. Even here the brat's plague is disseminated.
  9. That is why I like WWI planes!
  10. 4driano

    The Rheinland map

    I think they should work on the transitions. When the land meets the rivers, when the land meets the cities, these borders seems not well finished, they are too abrupt. Also the map needs texture variety. All looks the same everywhere. But one of the problems is the comparison with Kuban, and here there is something to be said. Kuban has topographically, geographically speaking, much more variance and that interferes a lot in the perception between the two. Rheinland is mostly flat ground and there is not much to do in this regard.
  11. Hi Born, I already got it. But in custom setting the "allow spectators" must be checked for the "Free Head Movement in VR" to work. Before I always unchecked everything and that was the problem. Thanks anyway.
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