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  1. Problem with non-applied settings of camera fov and movement speed for pilot head control when mapped to a second controller remains still unsolved since before release. For the love of it, I know you have only one programmer, but how long can it take to review the camera settings code and see if there's a missing or not working link for extra controllers that results in not taking the settings...30 minutes? It HAD worked before, so it's not like inventing the wheel anew.
  2. Sadly, this is what most people (who seem to be by and large the core of the MP community, i.e. veterans) on these servers want. Such is the state also in RoF after five years. Even the expert servers over there are mostly filled with people flying solo and just looking to pick a fight instead of organising and actually doing the mission as outlined in the briefing. The airquake mentality seems to be a habit that is very hard to get rid of, and, worse, it seems to slowly creep its way into more coop minded servers. It's inevitable, Mr. Anderson. And sad.
  3. The fully zoomed in view is actually the view a normal pilot would have from his seat. This is impractical though because of the restrictions imposed on us by sitting in front of a relatively (more or less for some) tiny monitor. Therefor the fully zoomed out view is used so you actually have the wider field of view that you would have in real life, but unfortunately the only way to do this is to minimise the dimensions of the original frame (zoomed in). Thus, zoomed in view is actually the standard and if anything, the fully zoomed out view "could" be seen as breaking the realism.
  4. In version 1.004 nothing has changed concerning the problem I mentioned. I can't imagine this being such a big and time-consuming issue to fix, but it is VITAL for someone flying without TrackIR or mouse view, one cannot maintain sight on an enemy aircraft during ACMs if the view pans so slowly as it does in the default speed. Brief description: I did some more test runs today, the problem also occurs if only two controllers are plugged in: camera settings (rotation, movement, FOV change speed) do not apply when mapped to the hat switch of a second controller (joy_1) and instead use the default values. Additionally it seems that only vertical or horizontal hat switch movements are recognized at a given time, i.e. diagonal movement does not work when panning around. Single controller works fine. Detailed description: I used this time only two joysticks for testing purposes: MSFFB2 Sidewinder and T16k from Thrustmaster. As long as only one is plugged in (thus being joy_0 in settings), either is working fine. As soon as both are plugged in, the Sidewinder automatically is recognised as Joy_1 by the game, and when mapping controls for pilot head movement to the hat switch of this controller, there is only one (default) speed setting, no matter what parameters I change in the camera settings (rotation speed, inertia etc.). These settings however are still having an effect on the first controller (Joy_0 [being always the Thrustmaster stick]).
  5. Brief description: As reported a couple of updates ago, pilot view controls when mapped to the hat switch of the third controller in a multi-controller setup do not react to view settings as specified in the control settings, it seems to use the default speed and inertia settings. Detailed description: When mapped to any other controller (joy_0 or joy_1 respectively), it is working fine, however that is not an option for me because I want to fly with my MSFFB 2 Sidewinder, which gets always recognized as 3rd controller no matter how I plug them in. This problem is persistent since a couple of updates ago, it is hard to pinpoint when it first started, since I didn't play for a couple of months towards the end of the early access stage. But I know for certain that it did work before. Quick camera panning is crucial for me since I don't use TrackIR. MP is not an option right now because of this.
  6. Don't mind him. He is doing the same on the ROF forums and gets ignored by and large. Constructive posts are not his forte. Personally, I would like to have an option implemented to use clickable cockpits, if the devs have time for that, but I could also do without them. We will have to wait and see.
  7. Just listened to it. It's ok, not excellent, a bit over the top in some cases, in others not immersive enough, you can hear it's just a normal guy speaking, not a pilot and not used to saying such things.
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