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  1. Ok - so over a year late to reply to this one...! I've been using TrackHat for a few years now and it's never failed on me - at all... However, I have literally just discovered SmoothTrack, an App I found on the Apple Store (no idea if there's an android version...?) - a bit of setup (about five minutes if you follow the very straightforward instructions) and BOOM - head tracking with nothing stuck to my head...! The freedom is awesome - will obviously be testing it out over time to see what issues arise (if any). Just need a massive fan set up above my monitor that adjusts to the
  2. - take my money - take it all (I don't have much anyway...!) - Just don't drop those collector planes until after Christmas - my Credit Card can't stand much more...!
  3. Thanks Jason and team - there goes some of my wife's Christmas Present money - guess she's only getting the slippers and not the dressing gown set she wanted - ah, well - never mind - maybe I'll show her how to fly a plane...! LOL - Glad to be a part of such a bunch of enthusiasts - - crazy fokkers...
  4. Stoked for the WW1 simmers...! Obviously I'm going to buy it as I'm an obsessive collector and just can't help myself... Now for the anxious wait to see when it's going to be available...
  5. Definitely the Hurricane for me... Been waiting for it ages and now it's here I can't get enough of it...! Maybe not the best all-rounder but pretty handy none-the-less. P-40 is my other go-to - apart from that, the P-38 and Mustang are a couple I'd like to get to better grips with. Eventually I'll get to have a go in everything - might find another favourite (or two)...!?
  6. Have you looked at TrackHat...? I've been using it as a temporary measure for about five years...!! Never had any reason to move on from it. He also produces a wireless version now too. https://www.trackhat.org/
  7. What's happening...!! My Credit Card is leaping out of my wallet for the second time today...!! First Tobruk and now this...! I'm an addict, aren't I...?
  8. I love flying the P-40 (and the hurricane) - I'm very rarely in anything else...! So I'm looking forward to see how this one behaves...! Disasterously - I have a short break booked from the 5th through to the 10th... Hmmm... Take the holiday / get divorced and play Tobruk .... Decisions, decisions... Copy the code to the left of the Activate button and paste it into 'Add a Game' on Steam... The activate button just gives you instructions...
  9. 1. Buy Game from here - https://il2sturmovik.com/store/desert-wings-tobruk/ 2a. If you click 'Activate', it will provide you with a set of simple instructions on how to activate in Steam: 2b. Copy the code to the left of the activate box (obviously not this one as I have already used that - you have your own...!): 3. Follow instructions from 2a above if you skipped this step..!! LOL. 4. Wait patiently for the game to be released...!!
  10. Absolutely, activate it now...!! Can't play yet - but it'll be sitting there waiting for you...!
  11. You're going to have to add some more content - I have nothing left to buy...!!!
  12. Please respond to the topics in this part of the forum in English. Although I understand the requirement of responding in English - I took the time to translate (a small amount with a lot of help from a certain online translator...!) and wanted to share: Oh, thank you. That was my P-51 when I was ten yeas old. That was 60 years ago. It brings back memories. What a lovely sentiment.
  13. Excellent - Black and White, easy to understand and abide by. Now - talking of flak... I bet here comes a bunch...!!
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