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  1. Wing surface looks wet, maybe it's alpha layers fault?
  2. Is that some (in this case) non-wanted feature of the engines, that they can't turn to different directions? Germans were aware how to counter the torque effect, so it would be something to do with engine itself then.
  3. For example in takeoff I need full right rudder to keep the plane straight.
  4. Well, about the price for example Bodenplatte doesn't cost 250€ + it has the campaign and the map too, yea 10 planes for 70€ + extras. I don't think it's pretty rational then to sell planes for 20€, or 25€ like in this case, but what do I know anyway.
  5. Sounds good then, I don't yet have the plane but I'm kinda interested in it, but the price tag concerns me a bit.
  6. What I mean do I just get up in the air to be shot down, or are the missions properly made with fighter cover and such, so is it truly an option to play with it.
  7. Can you play campaign with it and if so is it really an option?
  8. This mod removes all icons etc. and shows only aircraft type/pilot names, waypoint distance & ammo panel when using instrument panel overlay. Overlay cleaner.rar
  9. I don't think game will read extra files, if the mods aren't enabled.
  10. ....and couple hundred files later....
  11. Hedeyex

    [MOD] Icons

    I would just want black dots for spotting enemy planes better, I don't use instrument panel (or what is it called, lower left corner). Just the dots and nothing else. Is it possible with this mod and does the mod even work nowadays?
  12. ...\Graphics\Skins\skins.tab.eng: Example: "graphics\Skins\Bf110e2\01+VB.dds" "" "14" "LuaScripts\WorldObjects\Planes\Bf110e2.txt" "01+VB" "" "graphics\Skins\Bf110e2\[Skin name]" "(these quotation marks must remain and should be left blank)" "[next number of the skin]" "LuaScripts\WorldObjects\Planes\Bf110e2.txt" "[Your skin name to be displayed in game]" "(Optional description for the skin, if left blank quotation marks must remain)" Custom image's name must be the same as the skins name. Image in Il-2\worldobjects\planes\--plane--\skins\ should be 512x256, however if you make for example 512x512, game shrinks it to fit.
  13. Nice I try that method then. Another question, I'm trying to add little images to my skins as seen in game for the official skins, which file(s) define the image and text? Edit: Oh, k skins.tab.eng did the trick
  14. Oh, ok thx - I haven't been leading my group yet. I think they should make the skin settings stay after you have changed it for your plane once, but it always go to default. I did change the default skin for 110 E-2, but now all my men have same skin with same codes, but at least I don't have to change it every mission 😄
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