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  1. I see. You mean the 10 days from 11-21/02/1945 when Dortenmann was flying from Babenhausen with his mixed Kdo from 9.11. and 12. sqn pilots the last sorties for III./JG 54 and you decided as a design decision to let him finish his war there. And you decided to leave out IV./JG 26 because they were based at Varrelbusch (from 11/44 as III./JG 54 and after renaming 02/45 as IV./JG 26) and Bissel (from 03/45) which is 25km (Bissel 40km) north of Quakenbrueck, because both are 10-30km out of map area although they were constantly flying over the Wesel/Rees/Arnhem area and additionally flying cover for the Arados and Me 262s in Achmer during the timeframe 25/02/1945 - 06/04/45? Alright. Thanks for clearing that miracle up for me. I was scratching my head why that unit was left out of the career. Out of curiosity. Do you also dissolve III./JG 26 at 25th February? Because after that date they were disbanded.
  2. I know it is a placeholder at Amazon.de...but LOL! Zotac is more realistic:
  3. Any plans to allow continuity for III./JG 54 to IV./JG 26 as it was the case in reality? III./JG 54 was renamed IV./JG 26 on 25/02/1945 and existed until end of war. Those were the guys flying Fw 190 Doras from Hopsten, Achmer, screening the Jets etc. On 25.2.45 redesignated IV./JG26: IV. Gruppe: IV./JG26 was disbanded on 17.4.45. 7.6.44 - 5.9.44 Villacoublay Fw 190A 5.9.44 - 11.44 Oldenburg**** Fw 190A/D 11.44 - 29.12.44 Varrelbusch Fw 190D 29.12.44 - 5.1.45 Handrup/Fürstenau Fw 190D 5.1.45 - 25.2.45 Varrelbusch Fw 190D 25.2.45 - 24.3.45 Varrelbusch Fw 190D 24.3.45 - 3.4.45 Bissel Fw 190D 3.4.45 - 5.4.45 Varrelbusch Fw 190D 5.4.45 - 10.4.45 Dedelsdorf Fw 190D 10.4.45 - 17.4.45 Kleinkummersfelde (near Neumünster) Fw 190D III./JG 54 which we have at present in the game career at Babenhausen past 02/1945 is the "new" III./JG 54 which was: Reformed 27.2.45 in Grossenhain from II./ZG76 with: and was flying with Me 109s: 5.1.45 - 25.2.45 Varrelbusch Fw 190D 27.2.45 - 5.4.45 Grossenhain Bf 109G Also see here: https://www.ww2.dk/air/jagd/jg54.htm and here: https://www.ww2.dk/air/jagd/jg26.htm
  4. I want the Luftwaffles occasionally wear pyjamas and be totally stoned from Alcohol and Pervitin: http://falkeeins.blogspot.com/2016/11/gorings-pill-stimulant-use-and-alcohol.html This story is continued in Fw. Emil Bernd’s diaries; “As the most experienced Schwarmführer of 6. Staffel I flew with six machines to Burg near Magdeburg. After a smooth landing I reported to Oblt. Krupinski; ” 6. Staffel with six machines, combat ready, one pilot indisposed! ” Ofhr. Grill was holding tightly to his port wing, throwing up his dinner eaten that previous evening in our mess. Krupinski, who was still in his cockpit in his pyjamas and parachute –which was all he was wearing- ordered a fitter standing close by,.. "Run over to Hptm. Mertens (I./JG 3 Kommandeur) and fetch me a uniform.."
  5. It is usually sold on Amazon for 40-50 EUR, so no big deal. Compared to Vol.1-3 his selfpublished Vol.4 and 5 are way better, both in book quality, quantity of content and quality of research. So buying the new editions from vaktel verlag is a no brainer. I´m looking forward to his next one "Stalingrad revised" due end of this year.
  6. Thanks. Let´s see how the benchmarks work out. I admit I am really interested in the performance of the 3070.
  7. There is an article about that plane by David E. Brown. Well worth reading. Here: https://airwarpublications.com/product/luftwaffe-camouflage-commentary-1-rlm-77/
  8. Hi kraut, Glad you like it. Unfortunately I don´t have that much knowledge at all. I just learned on the go how to swap out planes of given squadrons and replace them with other planes of my liking. Knowledge came from @detcord12b, @crigby46 and @marcopegase44 in the thread below. Maybe you want to send them a PM, those guys are very helpfull. I guess they might have an idea how to reduce plane count in the career squadrons: This is from crigby46 and refers to this 262 over kuban mod (thread below). I suggest you download that mod and get going from there.
  9. "The next version 4.501 that will be released in a few weeks " Could come with the Hurricane included. End of September would be my bet.
  10. Looks fantastic! and good to hear about the fuel tanks. Can´t wait for that feature. "that were not too long to require the external fuel tanks which are not yet available in our sim yet."
  11. It is all about gaining market share before AMD releases their next card generation. Obviously the pressure on Nvidia is high enough that they decided to shell out cards with 2080TI comparable performance for 500 bucks. The consumer wins this time. Perhaps also next time, depending how competitive AMDs next cards will be.
  12. September is the start of Hurrican season, isn´t it? Wololo!
  13. Holy crap! 😲 Now I appreciate your efforts even more than before.
  14. As for CPU I can tell you. Two weeks ago I switched to an new rig. ASUS Maximus XI Hero with Intel i9-9900K@5.000 Mhz fully capable of doing 5.2Ghz with an ASUS 360 AiO cooler and 32 GB DRAM@3.800Mhz. I came from an i7-2600K@4.000Mhz with 16gigs. I now am able to play everything on "high density" settings in SP without any slow downs in game timer. My old i7 was barely capable to do medium settings and I usually played at scattered density in SP. I still have my GTX-980 SLI combo running on that board and can do everything on ultra one notch below highest settings @1920x1080. I however plan to go for the RTX-3070 when it becomes available in october to have the option to go 1440P or higher. So from my recent experience, it is mainly the CPU which is the decicive factor in this game. Differences between i9-9900K, i9-9900KS and i9-10900K are most likely negligible and in the one digit percentage ballpark, because a good 9900K chip should easily be able to go 5.2Ghz with a good 360 AiO.
  15. Hi DF, love your missions. Just wandering since you named this ‘Tempest_vs_FW190D9_2’ mission2 Is there a first mission I possibly missed? Keep up the good work!
  16. Yeah true. I will wait for reallife benchmarks until I´ll bite. However the 3070 is the most likely candidate to replace my trusty old SLI 980 combo.
  17. Waste of precious time. They already get information out frequently. Never saw a developer doing that that often.
  18. I love that G-model. It was sort of a shock in the Tempest when introduced, but I adapted. I was even recently able to phyically exhaust an I-16 pilots in SP, resulting in him blacking out and crashing to the ground. However I can understand the demand to tune it down a bit. It is a game after all and should be fun for most of the audience. I am perfectly happy with the current setting, but don´t mind if you switch to modelling a well trained and physically ace pilot. However something over-human is out of bounds for me.
  19. I guess apart from Operation Mars (42/43) there was no significant action there in summer of 41 (Juli/August). The center of activities after Typhoon in 41/42 was more in the Rzhev - Vjazma region starting with the soviet counteroffensive 12/41 , the so called meatgrinder of Rzhev.
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