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  1. I understood the map is subject to constant improvement. One important area which needs to be looked after if time permits is certainly the percentage of coniferous trees. Fortunately for Germany we have pretty solid information about that. I am pretty convinced the situation in northern france and benelux is about the same. Information comes from this site quick+dirty translated via google (https://www.sdw.de/waldwissen/wald-in-deutschland/waldanteil). Back in the 1940s the percentage of coniferous forest was certainly higher (perhaps more than 60% due to high demand in general industry and construction industry) Area of the forest in Germany: 11.4 million ha (BMI³) Forest consists of: 56% of coniferous forest and 44% from deciduous forest The proportion of coniferous trees has been decreasing for several years, the proportion of mixed forest is increasing. Proportions of tree species: Spruce, pine, beech and oak occupy almost three quarters of the forest area. On birch, ash, alder, larch, Douglas fir and sycamore together account for another 17 percent. In total, 76 different species of trees grow in German forests. Beech 16% Oak 10% Deciduous trees of low lifespan (Birch, poplar, alder) 10% Deciduous trees of high durability (Maple, ash, linden) 6% Spruce 26% Pine 23% Larch 3% Fir 2% Douglas fir 2%
  2. @LF_Gallahad IckyAtlas posted a formation test here. Maybe that can be usefull for your planned project. All the best. I am looking forward to it. Maybe you can integrate Fw 190 A5s as a standin for A6s which were used back then.
  3. And because of that we need that Ta-152 H0/H1. Would give this sim a very pretty USP, perhaps along with an Arado-234? 🙂
  4. Yes, I understood it that way too. It is the number of crew positions. 10 men for B17 or B24 and 7 men for Lancaster or Halifax eating up CPU cycles if done in high fidelity. Because of that a reduced fidelity with believable AI behaviour would be necessary to make it feasable. Bombers like in IL-2 1946 would do the trick for me. To do it correctly you need 20-40ish per bomber box to keep the immersion. We can only dream...
  5. Fw 190 A8s neither. Let´s see when they get this integraded.
  6. Spektre, thanks for considering that. AFAIK they were flying Mk.IXBs until May 45 and then switched to Mk.XIVs. I hope my scans are somewhat helpful. Here is some 401 sqn Spitfire galore from the following publications: - Nijboer, Donald. No 126 Wing RCAF (Aviation Elite Units) . Osprey Publishing Ltd. - Chapis, Stephen; Thomas, Andrew. Allied Jet Killers of World War 2 (Aircraft of the Aces) Bloomsbury Publishing.
  7. Absolutely great stuff. Any chance we could convince you to do an equally beautiful set for No. 401 Sqn. RCAF?
  8. I am pretty sure they will chose an area where a more or less static situation existed for 6 month or more and both sides had their airfields perhaps 300km max apart. New-Guinea would offer such a constellation AFAIK. Let´s see what they will come up with at the end of this year.
  9. I usually exploit that by leading the AI-planes over a friendly airfield and let the friendly AAA guns do their job. Works like a charm, everytime.
  10. Yes. Backup this folder and its content to a safe place. [Steam:] X:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\Career [Non Steam:] X:\Program Files (x86)\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\Career
  11. Thinking in game terms here: All the devs have to do to satisfy the late G6 demanding crowd is to take away the MW-50 boost from the G14 and replace the 605AM with the 605A and hey presto, you have a late G6. Or give the present G6 an Erla-hood and you have a not so very late but also not very early G6.
  12. Very Nice Julian 🙂 I came across this site. Maybe you can take some inspriration from those profiles. http://www.luftwaffeinprofile.se/Tempest vs Fw 190 D 4.html http://www.luftwaffeinprofile.se/Air Combat.html
  13. Agreed. 2nd week of december. Unlikely that before that date something happens with regard to announcing future plans.
  14. First: Typhoon IB, Spitfire XIV, Mosquito Mk VI and if they don´t plan an early/mid 1944 ETO module additionally all three of em: P-47D-22 (Razorback) P-51C (blister canopy) / Mustang Mk.III A-36A / Mustang Mk.I (NA-97)
  15. Type of improvement: Interface / Technochat visual transparency Explanation: Chat/Hud transparency can be changed by a slider between 10 and 100%. Technochat as of yet seems to be unaffected by that. Benefits: By coupling chat/hud transparency with technochat transparency visuals will be more consistent. Alternatively give technochat a seperate transparency slider, so that the user can find the most convenient look to his liking.
  16. Everyone knows that from the beginning of early access. However leaving out the historical main events of the time frame modelled automatically triggers some folks to scratch their heads.
  17. Based on logic. They would open up a big can of worms of critizism not fixing that. It is like publishing a sim called D-Day Normandy and leaving out the 6th june main event.
  18. They only need to put in AI B17 and B24 target drones following their path in combat box formation. Nothing complex to keep used ressorces low. Even EAW like bomber formations, let alone Il-1946 bomber formations would do the trick for game immersion purposes.
  19. It sure is. The key event is still missing in career mode.
  20. I´m pretty sure that´ll be added later. Other important stuff is missing also: No Operation Bodenplatte missions in career mode on 1st January 1945, no geographical locations present for british/canadian Rhine crossing at Xanten and Rees on 23rd March 1945, no geographical locations present for Operation Blockbuster at Goch and Kalkar on 27th February 1945.
  21. I just came across a little oddity which you might want to look into. The german ace Herman Graf (first one to score 200 kills in 1942) is listed with some 130ish kills in the newspapers, even in 1944??? His list of victories on a day by day base can be found here: https://www.luftwaffe.cz/graf.html
  22. Some folks have some kind of personal disorder. The frequency of this occurence is higher on youtube than somewhere else...
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