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  1. No Problem. I´m quite happy that we can agree to dissagree. Normandy would be as much about D-Day as BoBP would be about the strike of 1.Jan 1945. I see absolutely no need for having landing crafts or huge amount of ships in the game. It would be more about ground support before, during and after the landing operations. Tactical operations could range from 4/44-8/44 and climax with the Falaise Gap and the destruction of Army Group B in the Falaise-Chambois corridor. Any release which would expand either East- or Westfront would help them to boost new sales and sales of already existing products. Normandy would certainly trigger more new sales than a Bagration expansion I guess. Additionally to planeset synergies they would be able to combine that with TC scenarios (Operation Epsom, Operation Bluecoat or Operations Totalize and Tractable up to Falaise to name a few options). Same would be possible with Bagration, East Prussia and Poland.
  2. To each his own, I guess. Nope, there is neither sickness nor is there any engine limitation which would exclude that scenery. The contrary is the case and additional important factors which would boost both new Sales from new customers who are oblivious about Bodenplatte and sales from existing customers would come into play due to synergies with BoBP and Normandy expanding SP and supplementing the ETO planeset. Anyways we most likely will learn what will happen in the second half of this year. A half assed PTO could kill them and it is highly doubtfull if this engine could do carrier operations properly, let alone handle the necessary amount of planes in parallel.
  3. Nope. BoK was released 3/18 and is now, for the first time at 50%. That time alone from early access release (2.006 at 12/16) until 3/18 was worth the money, let alone the full product.
  4. Yep would be very interesting to hear an official statement about their future plans after BoBP. I guess end of fall might be the time when the curtain goes up.
  5. Yes, after Nowotnys death (on 8th November), on 19 November, what remained of Kommando Nowotny at Lechfeld was redesignated III./JG 7 and transferred to Brandenburg-Briest.
  6. This way the Spit-XIV photo is correctly orientated:
  7. Yep. Because of that, whenever you feel the urge to play "Aces over the Reich", fire up good old Il2-1946 and get your fix there. And it still looks very good for its age.
  8. Nah, the eastern front is far from finished. It bore the brunt of the WW2 fighting and in game terms we not even came to the timeframe when the pendulum switched and the soviets overwhelmed the nazis. The fancy soviet stuff is still to be seen in this game. We at least need a 1944 (Bagration 3/44 - 9/44) and a 1944/45 (Vistula to Berlin 10/44 - 4/45) timeframe to close these chapters in the east before thinking about the four/three lost one sided months 6/41 to 8/41.
  9. Normandy would be the best what could happen to this game. There are huge synergies with regard to plane usage between BoBP and Normandy, career expansion over two modules and it would perfectly address a huge crowd of new customers who "click" with D-Day and Normandy, but are totally oblivious about the term Bodenplatte. And there is absolutely no need to even think about B17s. All possible on pure tactical level with twin engined bombers like e.g. Marauders, A-20Gs, the occasional Mosquito, the ground-pounding Typhoon in a timeframe from 3/44 - 9/44 on a map featuring southern England and NW-France.
  10. It depends when exactly it happened. According to Peter Rodeike, who is pretty much the reference here, the V17 flew in June 44. Production started in 8/44. So everything before June 44 seems highly unlikely.
  11. Great Skin. Can you do that for the G14 K4 also, so that we could have it available in BoBP? Thanks for your work! Edit: reminds me that it would be very nice to have either a G6/AS or G14/AS in the game. Or a G-10. All looked pretty much the same.
  12. Can´t be done in MP except by doing asymetric numbers (10:1) allies vs. axis on the server. Another aspect which helped the allies tremendously was their superior training vs. the late war luftwaffel boys which barely had 1-2 flight hours. That aspect can´t be simulated either, except in SP.
  13. Two other EJG2 planes with characteristic tail pattern. Both often mislabeled as Kdo.Nowotny but White 1 actually belonged to JV44 (and before to EJG2) and ended up in Innsbruck 1945: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/101612-me-262-colour-chart-question/ Also White 19 and White 4 visible in this still. And some pics of White 8 at Innsbruck:
  14. I see. That leads me to believe that the behaviour you mentioned is either AI or scripting related. Neither AI nor scripting was touched in any way by swapping in/out planes, as that is the only thing the mod does. If you can observe/reproduce such behaviour, even in the unmodded game, that would certainly be of interest for the devs.
  15. That one is really beautifull. I can´t wait to fly it in the game.
  16. Hey mate, no rush. I know and appreciate your quality skins. Take your time. It is all about having fun with what we do.
  17. Well I thought: WTH why not have the Me262 in both roles just for the fun of it? 1.) 262 fighter role = 13./JG_52 (262 replaced 109) 2.) 262 bomber role = II./St.G.2 (262 replaced Stuka) Have fun! BoBP Kuban V4.zip
  18. Hi 8ELT_Grzesiek, that plane behaviour is indeed hard to explain for me, because all I did was replacing the Fw190A5 with the Me262A and replacing the La5s8 with the P47D24. So unit path scripting and AI behaviour was untouched. Could well be, that the AI for the Me262 is yet incapable of doing Jabo work. I try to put the 262 in another "fighter only" squad and see what happens. Ok, I switched over the 262s from II./SG1 (Jabo) to 13./JG52 for a more fighter centric role. I guess that is all I can do. V2_Mod is attached. BoBP Kuban V2.zip
  19. That is certainly a science of its own. http://www.clubhyper.com/reference/showandtell7db_1.htm
  20. Agreed, but you forgot "Nooky Booky" And this one for the fond memories:
  21. Coming back to my "Red B" suggestion for the 262 from my older post above. I came across another source, showing the very special camo pattern of this KG 51 plane.
  22. True that. Those little pixel soldiers of AAA and the tailgunner are really aimbotting the heck out of this game.
  23. Don´t get your hopes up. I´m pretty sure the P38 and the B25, both twin-engined, will be the last in line to completion. Maybe in late fall we might get our hands on one or the other, earliest.
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