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  1. sevenless

    Should IL-2 Battle packs have more planes?

    That! More collector planes are welcome though. Some early Yaks and Laggs for BoM. Some more russian bomber variants and maybe an additional Smolensk map would all sell well, I guess.
  2. sevenless

    What is with the rendering distance?

    Their engine is their limitation. Maybe they find a way to increase the visible bubble. Time will tell.
  3. sevenless

    BOBP: Where are the bombers?

    Problem is this game engine isn´t capable to cope with it. As of now you need to switch to IL 1946 for having bomber interceptions. They would need to revamp the old engine or to develop an entirely new engine which is capable to handle this stuff.
  4. sevenless

    More Fighter Missions for Fw 190 A5 in BoK possible?

    Luke, if that would be the case I would be a happy camper. However I have yet to see a fighter mission with II/SG1. Can you check with the devs and find out which percentage of missions generated for SG1 are fighter missions? Maybe there is something unintended going on and those missions aren´t generated?
  5. sevenless

    BOBP: Where are the bombers?

    Oh and I forgot to mention, if you are interested to know which type of planes where used and shot down at which time of the day by the 2ndTAF in the relevant time period: Bf 110s, Ju 87s, 88s, 188s, He 219s and some more. and who had a significant impact? You guessed it the Mossie in various incarnations. You can read it up here:
  6. sevenless

    BOBP: Where are the bombers?

    B26 ans A26 seems not to be on their priority list. However since we have still 12 to 15 month until release, they might come up with a surprise or two. They didn´t disappoint with their past releases and I´m pretty sure they won´t with their future releases.
  7. sevenless

    BOBP: Where are the bombers?

    Exactly. Low effort for the developers for a high gain in gameplay versatility. Too good of a chance to let that slip. We will see them, I´m pretty convinced.
  8. sevenless

    BOBP: Where are the bombers?

    They were. By example A26 Intruders were flying from St. Trond or Florennes in Belgium. Mitchel II and IIIs from Melsbroek and many more from a lot of airstrips on the continent in France Belgium or the Netherlands which are all on the map. So the argument you mentioned above is void except for the heavies, but those are out of the scope of this game anyways.
  9. sevenless

    More Fighter Missions for Fw 190 A5 in BoK possible?

    Yes good points and I think they are all valid. All I can come up with regards to 190 A3 role in JG 51 is what I can read in Weal, John. Jagdgeschwader 51 ‘Mölders’. Osprey Publishing Weal, John, Focke-Wulf Fw 190 Aces of the Russian Front (Osprey Aircraft of the Aces, No 6) Osprey Publishing There you can easily find out that only 4 Fighter units were using FW 190s in a fighter role on the eastern front. JG 5 in the north, JG 54 around Leningrad, JG 51 west and south of Moscow and I./ JG 26 near Demjansk. All other FW 190 units were Schlachtgeschwader using them for ground support. The point is: when we want to have it strictly historical, then there should be no JG 51 in BoS. When we want to give the player some more freedom and deviate from the strictly historical path which already has been done with JG 51 in Stalingrad then I vote for having some fighter missions included in the SG1 career in BoK. But in one case having it this way and in the other case having it that way is not consistent.
  10. sevenless

    BOBP: Where are the bombers?

    Sorry, yes I stand corrected. There seems to be a lot of fake news present and I indeed seem to have fallen into that trap. After having dug deeper those mentioned Nachtschlachtgeschwader (NSG) seems to be all Nachtschlachtgruppen (NSGr). So, my apologies to you.
  11. sevenless

    BOBP: Where are the bombers?

    Kurt Dahlmann (4 March 1918 – 29 August 2017) 711th Oak Leaves on 24 January 1945 as Major and Geschwaderkommodore of Nachtschlachtgeschwader 20 What is it? NSG = Nachtschlachtgeschwader; NSGr = Nachtschlachtgruppe. Maybe you can bring some light into the dark?
  12. sevenless

    More Fighter Missions for Fw 190 A5 in BoK possible?

    Yep, that would be perfect. On the other hand we already have 190 A3s in BoS in a fighter centric role with JG 51 although historically they weren´t there (At 42/43 they were at Velikiye Luki and at Vyazma-Orel sector), so the game already stretches history for the sake of gaming fun. I´m just wondering why they don´t do the same for BoK? It appears to be not consistent?
  13. sevenless

    Tip: hide campaign stats

    Is this some new kind of body armour
  14. sevenless

    Enemy pilot identification - career

    I don´t think so, because the old system before 3.00x didn´t show pilot names at all, only type of plane. So switching to the old system would solve the issue. Once the code to selectively show your flights pilot names is working as intended that can be integrated and makes sense. The way it is right now it doesn´t make sense at all.
  15. sevenless

    BOBP: Where are the bombers?

    True. Therefore they did night raids. Nachtschlachtgeschwader and Nachschlachtgruppen were invented for that reason.