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  1. Looks cool, only problem is the trees still have leaves and I see no firs or spruces. That ought to change. It never snows in september, as we all know from Robert Kershaw.
  2. Ahh, looking forward to that also being implemented in the career. That is really unfortunate. Could add another dimension to the singleplayer. If it is only used in canned campaigns it doesn´t help to spread the word.
  3. Excellent. You only need to increase customer awareness then. Which career units fly missions against them?
  4. There is that other and older Il-2 1946 which can model that. You won´t see that anywhere else in the nearer future:
  5. Part-time airline mechanic, full-time daredevil Rex Kramer (Robert Starr) in Kentucky fried movie. Got some good laughs from that back then.
  6. I wouldn´t mind to see a Krim map, both for 1942 and 1944 battles.
  7. Just saw this here (https://www.militaria-history.co.uk). Would be cool to get both "Schnellboote" and a Beaufighter in.
  8. In Germany it is prohibited by law § 86a Verwenden von Kennzeichen verfassungswidriger Organisationen engl.: Use of symbols of unconstitutional organizations https://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/stgb/__86a.html Fines are prison up to three years or financial penalty. I guess it is similar in Russia.
  9. Not more than for any other theatre. As to when? When they think they have the technology necessary for that. Kuban setting painted for New Guinea is a nogo for me. So my bet will be not before 2025.
  10. I dissagree. If you don´t care about both points you are out of business faster than you can say "peep", especially if you are in a niche market.
  11. I remember having an escort mission for bombers in BoM. Distance one way 130km. Without working time-acceleration this is NOT really funny. Since then I skip those in career until they get a working time-acceleration on the level of Il-1946 done.
  12. Ground attack missions in Me 262 with KG 51 flying from Rheine. Use Air Start and overall mission length will be well under 30min.
  13. Modeling the blown hood for the Fw-190 F-8 (same as D-9 hood) should be more important than this unicorn, additionally it is ugly as hell 😜
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