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  1. Yep, and in case one of you guys is keen to look at a real Spitfire XIV very closely. Come to Overloon/NL, there we have one hanging from the ceiling in the museum. War belongs inthe museum - Oorlogsmuseum Overloon
  2. Not important at all to understand the painting progress. The comedy for me in the moment I read that line cycles around the enthusiasm/creativity he used to create a totally new, yet totally believable swearword from scratch to describe the german guy (who either did or ordered the painting), using the german faible to create new nouns from composing many nouns together to one single word. Like "Donaudampfschifffahrtsgesellschaftskapitänsmütze" (can you figure that one out?), but in above case for a swearword.
  3. Lol! Ask Amazon. Running a business costs money 😂. In contrast, ordering directly from them will set you back 49 EUR, hence I gave you the link. Your choice 🙃
  4. Indeed for shame 🙂 Messerschmitt Bf 109 : the complete monography by Jean-Claude Mermet Best to be ordered directly from the publisher, to avoid silly prices (compare Amazon): Messerschmitt Bf 109 - English edition (caraktere.com)
  5. As for DD today. Some news/pics on the droptank topic would be very nice:
  6. Well, MiG-1, early Yak-1 and early LaGG-3 are all missing in the Moscow planeset and additionally the I-153 isn´t present. So on VVS side there is really more than one hole to plug.
  7. Nope, you aren´t. I always wondered why on earth people give him money for that StarCitizen crap.
  8. Excellent job on the JG 53 liveries, as always. As a native german speaker, I almost spilled my coffee after reading that sentence above. LOL! 🙃 BTW: the "Über-word" is correctly spelled with "ck" instead of "kk" 🙂
  9. Hard to tell. The MW 50 tank holds 70 liters according to Mermet page 102/103, so we have roughly 70kg for the liquid alone and additional weight for the tank and additional weight for the piping, valves and filters. Empty tank and piping and valves only 14 kg ? Don´t know, but let´s assume it is indeed 84kg altogether completely filled up, then you are correct. 36kg weight difference (maybe AM engine is heavier?).
  10. If we compare G6-late (DB-605 A engine and MW50 system, Erla hood and tall tail) with G-14 (DB-605 AM engine and MW 50 system. Erla hood and tall tail) I would say there is no significant weight difference between them, that I am aware of.
  11. 3 new JG 52 profiles (G6 and G6/late) by Claes Sundin here: Oberleutnant Erich "Bubi" Hartmann (luftwaffeinprofile.se) Wilhelm "Willi" Batz (luftwaffeinprofile.se)
  12. New suggestion by Claes Sundin here: Oberleutnant Jan Heinrich Schild (luftwaffeinprofile.se)
  13. As I understand things, the G6-late we have in the game uses the GM-1/MW-50 modified system of the ex-G6/U2. That one still has the 605-A engine and not the 605-AM engine of the G-14. See page 103 of Mermets book and also page 112 on what the difference is to the 605-AM engine.
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