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  1. sevenless

    My Career just abruptly ended with,

    WOW! Never saw this. Very Cool. I always wondered why I get this warning for firing on friendly troops in the career when I shoot down IL-2s when they are in the target dive and my missing bullets strafe the ground units. Now I know that this might have consequences. Nice!
  2. sevenless

    Bf-109 F4 skins

    As the saying goes the only 109 with both an ashtray and a cigar lighter 😎
  3. Maybe you want to look again? It is both times Film Nr. 9940 Me 110 G2 on Boeing? Or did I miss something? In general you are correct though, we can´t be sure that Luftwaffe back then fudged footage due to whatever reason.
  4. I gladly elaborate on my statement. I agree with @unreasonable that this firing trial does show "best case" settings and no random factor. As for the random factor: Would there be one, there would be problems to interpret the results. However I would have liked to see what might happen if hits were scored at the edge of the wing or on the engine. However... As for the results of the trial, as far as I have understood them, I agree with the conclusion that in most cases "at least one" hit would be lethal to the testplanes, so to my understanding that are two direct hits maximum and the plane in question is dead. Other planes than Spitfire or Blenheim, which might have been build structurally more sturdy, might have required two hits or more (my guess max 3). Nevertheless the structural damage inflicted by such a round surely would knock out every single seater latest after the 2nd direct hit. In case of twin-engined planes 2-3 hits might have been necessary dependant on where they hit.
  5. I agree on that. We don´t see the random factor here and somehow have "best case" laboratory conditions.
  6. sevenless

    Which Joystick?

    Thanks! As for the rudder-pedals I already have identified this favorite here: https://flightsimcontrols.com/product/vkb-sim-t-rudder-pedals-mk-iv/ But that still needs to wait a little.
  7. It would be great if we could get a hold on that footage. As for the footage linked in this thread above by me, as already stated, there are uncertainties as if there is indeed 30mm on the footage, or if it is 20mm or 13mm. If somebody could offer something more convincing, feel free to bring it up and post it here, so that everyone can make up his mind and compare the footages.
  8. Thanks, I see. That is the same as the flick above in the first post. 3.) Film Nr. 1141, Fw 190 A8 attack on B17, Timestamp 5:00:
  9. Agreed, we need to have that in mind. On the other hand, if you, by example, find no Michael Bay like huge explosions on these films, one might rightfully conclude that those weren´t there back then.
  10. That is and most certainly will forever indeed be debatable. Only possibility is to have an educated guess. By example it might be unlikely for a 30mm armed Fw190 or Me110 to use only 20mm or 13mm guns when aproaching a B17 for 20 or 90 seconds from sixoclock. But it is a guess, nothing more nothing less.
  11. That is correct. Because of that it is best to identify the clip by its original "Film Nr." as I did above where possible.
  12. Just to make that cristal clear. My intention is not to show if the DM is correct or incorrect. My intention is to learn what data can be gathered on the topic to have a ressource that everyone might be able to draw conclusions from. But as you already have mentioned that you have nothing constructive to contribute I thank you very much for your concerns. Thanks for posting them here. Very valuable data. Which timestamp please? Thanks. Didn´t know that one.
  13. I know of the possible limitations, but what else do you propose to get a valid approximation of the canon effect of the 30mm MK 108 on airframes?