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  1. If you are flying groundattack mission dive to 150metres and hope to better not to be seen. Ingress and egress on your target as low as possible and you will survive. If Jerry sees you and attacks you below 5000metres someone most likely will have to write a letter home to your relatives.
  2. I think Vistula/Oder operation is most likely. The soviets reached the vistula 8/44 and then the front remained relatively stable there until 01/45. The race across Poland including lower silesia an pommerania offensive was finished around 30 march when they reached or already crossed the Oder nearly everywhere. They reached Kuestrin around 02. Feb 45, and there they prepared for the last step across the Oder for Berlin. Seelow heights was 16th-19th april and all was over in Berlin 2 weeks later at 02/05/45 with Weidling surrendering the town. So I could imagine a map roughly from Lodz to aprox. 60km west of Frankfurt/Oder which might include the eastern outskirts of Berlin. Sensible timeframe would be 01/45-04/45. That map would be aprox the size of the BoBP map. If Warsaw is to be included the map has to be significantly larger than the BoBP map, which is IMHO unlikely.
  3. a) Better map than BoBP b) Better (more variety) career than BoBP c) More two engined medium bombers d) Usability of BoN map/career to mod 1942/1943 timeframe e) Retrofitting of more advanced/sophisticated map/career features to BoBP
  4. Clearly a 43/44 and a 44/45 timeframe module are sorely missing. Starting 1943 the VVS turned the table in the airwar in the east and I very much would like to have that represented in this game.
  5. Very nice. Also see here tons of options once the Fw190 A6 is released: Sturmstaffel 1, Info Seite Focke Wulf 190 Sturmjäger (rafiger.de)
  6. Hi busdriver, Quick&dirty editing as follows: at first you need to extract the game gtp files with ungtp.exe. In this case the files you need to ungtp are called scg.gtp and scripts.gtp. Simply drag those files on the ungtp.exe and it will generate a folder called "null". Therein you find a subfolder called scg where in several subfolders the files needed are located. The 13-14-15-etc. planes-to.mission.cfg you find in the scripts folder. Now load that file 13-planes-to-missions.cfg into Notepad++. For mission type 1101=bomber intercept you find two entries for the Hurri. The important line is the "modifications_denied=" line, which defines which ordnance is resticted from usage. If you change the value to 0b000000, then it tells the game to have no restrictions at all for the hurri in that mission. Like it is the case for the I16t24 above the Hurri entries. original entries: After editing, save the file and copy over the folder structure and the included and edited 13-planes-to-mission.cfg in your MODS folder that you use. Put everythin in a folder of your choice, call it "my first mod" or whatever you like and make sure that the next lower folder beneath will be the data folder, then you have the correct structure for JSGME to function properly. Now you can selectively activate your little mod with JSGME, which will allow you to fly the Hurri in every bomber interception mission in career whithout restictions, even with the 2x40mm just for the fun of it 🙂 The mission 1101 is obviously not the only entry for the Hurri in that file, so you need to repeat the procedure for every mission type you like to change for the Hurri. Mind you, that method is editing for the vanilla career mode and not for PWCG. At least I don´t know if PWCG makes use of the 13-planes-to-missions.cfg file(s) as well. Good luck!
  7. Maybe this helps a little. As 1942 progressed, still more Hurricanes arrived in the USSR, with many of these aircraft coming from Canadian production lines. However, by now fully aware of the Hawker fighter’s shortcomings in combat, the Soviets began to increasingly demand Spitfire Mk Vs instead, and to reject Hurricanes which had flown for more than 40 hours prior to delivery. Often, a new fighter could approach this figure during acceptance testing and whilst being flown part of the way to the USSR. Nevertheless, deliveries continued into 1944, when the last batch of 382 Hurricanes was delivered. By then the British had supplied their Soviet allies with 3360 aircraft. Of these, 399 had been lost when the ships they were aboard as hold cargo were sunk trying to reach Murmansk. A further 117 airframes were rejected by the Soviet inspectors upon their arrival in the USSR. Among the Hurricanes sent were 176 Mk IIAs, 1690 Mk IIBs and 1130 Mk IICs. Canadian production supplied 529 Mk Xs, 150 Mk XIs and 248 Mk XIIs, and these aircraft are included in the preceding totals under their British equivalent designations. Among the Hurricanes delivered in late 1943 were 46 Mk IIDs, with twin 40 mm cannon, and 30 Hurricane Mk IVs. These might have proven useful for Sturmovik regiments, but by then the Soviets had increased production sufficiently enough to equip virtually all of its ShAP units with Il-2s. The Hurricane Mk IIDs were duly assigned to 246 IAP, and although this regiment took the ‘tank busters’ to the front during the summer of 1944,there is no evidence that they actually saw any action with them prior to the unit exchanging the Hawker aircraft for Yak-1s. From 1943 onwards, Hurricanes were slowly phased out of frontline service and sent to second-line PVO regiments. Others were converted into two-seaters and assigned as artillery correction aircraft. By war’s end there were no Hurricanes left in the frontline, except for a handful that were used as hacks. However, there were still some 760 Hurricanes serving with the interceptor units of the PVO in May 1945. Mellinger, George. Soviet Lend-Lease Fighter Aces of World War 2 (Aircraft of the Aces) (Kindle-Positionen 387-391). Bloomsbury Publishing. Kindle-Version.
  8. It is no photo, but randomly generated and as we all know the result won´t win any beauty queen contest.
  9. There is a very easy solution for that. Start Notepad++ and delete the artificial aircraft ordnance restictions of your given plane (here HurricaneMkII) by editing the "15planes-to-missions.cfg" (15 for BoK, 14 for BoS, 13 for BoM, etc.) to "modifications_denied=0b000000" for all mission types you wish, which results in making all ordnance available to the player, so that he can decide at his personal discretion what to use and what not to use in his mission and the planes of his flight.
  10. All of them can be changed. The path is: data\swf\il2\worldevents and the subfolders within. You only need to ungtp the game and then you can change everyting you like to. One pic from the automission folder:
  11. Same for me. Yep. Good Idea. Maybe someone is also willing to integrate the pine trees of Battle of Moscow into that mix? About time european woods start to look more realistic. Per statistic NWE woods have aprox. 50% conferous trees and in the Rhineland map we are still at 0%.
  12. Hmm, strange. I started that career and it worked flawless for me.
  13. Which squadron and which timeframe please? I try to check if that error occurs for me too.
  14. It is an unfortunate feature from vanilla. I have flown hundreds of missions in BoBP and have yet to encounter one single P-51 or P-38. The mission structure of the career missions has to be edited for that. If we can or cannot solve that within a mod has yet to be answered.
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