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  1. Thanks Rap, I also have a second one with a pretty unique nose art. “The Bug” | Capt. Arlie Blood | 510th FS | 405th FG | 9th Air Force | Summer 1944. Here: https://doogsmodels.com/completed-builds/completed-builds-aircraft/completed-builds-148-aircraft/p-47d-thunderbolt-the-bug/
  2. Agreed. AFAIK they were delivered from the factory (starting with 190-A7) with the ETC rack fitted.
  3. V11 Adapted MOD for V. 4.008 patch and integrated P47-D22 Razorback for BoBP (494th FS, 510th FS) Download in 1st post updated
  4. If all is going to plan, it will be the Hurricane.
  5. Some 30ish years ago I had a plastic kit of this baby. Would be fantastic if one of you kind souls could make a skin for "Little Chief". https://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/Gal9/8801-8900/gal8813-P-47-Gustafson/00.shtm
  6. Yep. 400metres is correct until you change it yourself.
  7. So then, we are close. Can´t wait...
  8. Where did he say that? This week?
  9. Thanks for that. Very interesting Fw190 sequence here. Either explosion of the ammo box or fuel tank. My guess would be it is the ammo box. Edit: Found it. Yep seems like the ammo box or the 2 compressed air bottles for the Mk108. Still think it is the ammo box going boom here.
  10. Took me almost 60 kills and rank of captain to finally take over the squadron. Depending on your performance that will be between 30 - 60 missions.
  11. 3 planes I would pay extra and would fit in multiple modules: - Mosquito IV or XVI - because "Cookies", BoBP and BoN - Ta 152 H1 - because it was there against VVS (1) and 2nd TAF - A-20 G - because it would fit in BoK, BoBP and BoN (1) assuming we will get a 44/45 eastern front module "Vistula to Berlin"
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