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  1. Maybe against high altitude AS 109s but not against 190s armed to the teeth to kill bombers. Those were easy prey for the Mustangs.
  2. Well, since they dropped tanks once they engaged the enemy, my guess (I don´t know for sure) would be, that they drained the drop tanks first and then switched to the internal tanks. Everything else wouldn´t make sense for me, But I´m sure someone on this board knows the detailed procedures.
  3. The report is from 14th April 1944, so it might have been that A4/U8 which Eric "Wrinkle" Brown tested as well for the RAF? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Focke-Wulf_Fw_190_operational_history#Western_Allied_view
  4. My bet is on early July.
  5. I can´t think of a real life scenario when they went into dogfight with full fuel tanks. Once they arrived over Germany babysitting the bombers, they must have used up at least one third of their fuel?
  6. sevenless

    ME 262

    There is a mod by Crigby46 which allows you to fly the 262 in career mode of BoS, BoM or BoK if you are tired of Quick Battles. Check it out here:
  7. Looks convincingly natural. Thanks for sharing.
  8. It would be a shame to hold back those skins, wouldn´t it?
  9. Sounds like a reasonable estimate.
  10. Hi Luke, according to one site, that name is one of the rarer types in Germany and obviously more common in Austria. According to one site roughly 4.000 folks carry that name worldwide, another site gives 11.000 entries. The meaning of the name "Mauser" is a guy who is hunting down mice. A micecatcher - maeusefänger, same as a ratcatcher - rattenfaenger. https://forebears.io/de/surnames/mauser and https://de.geneanet.org/genealogie/mauser/MAUSER A variant of the name is "Mausser", with double "S". According to this site (https://de.geneanet.org/genealogie/mausser/MAUSSER) that name is even less frequent (1.600 entries) and present at several towns in Baden-Württemberg ending with -INGEN (that hints to alemannic tribe origin - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alemanni). Oeschingen here: https://de.geneanet.org/fonds/individus/?go=1&nom=MAUSER&place__0__=Oeschingen&size=50
  11. Nope, the stuff is all there. Look at the map in Jason´s post here:
  12. As it Looks by the map they have published in a DD the Ludendorf Bridge is not included. I guess they add it in for the final release. The arrow indicates where the Bridge was standing in 1945.
  13. Sure bet. Ar 234 is second behind Spitfire XIV in my personal collector plane wishlist.
  14. Hi Yankee, load them into paint.net. It is freeware (https://www.getpaint.net/) and edit them before posting to the board. That way you avoid getting them deleted by the admin.
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