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  1. sevenless

    Developer Diary 199 - Discussion

    Yea, I´m also wondering if we get the occasional flame out with the Jumo engines.
  2. sevenless

    DD today?

    🙂It will be SCHNELL
  3. sevenless

    Developer Diary 199 - Discussion

    Beautiful lines. 🙂
  4. sevenless

    DD today?

    LOL! The Vodka is strong with those...😂
  5. sevenless

    DD today?

  6. sevenless

    Spitfire Mk.XIV poll

    No argument here, however rarity is no criterion in this game, otherwise we shouldn‘t have the P38, but shurely would have the Typhoon, should have G14/AS and other stuff. It‘s more about attractivity for the player and added variety which decides what is included or left out. If enough people are interested, why not add it and earn some additional money with it?
  7. sevenless

    Spitfire Mk.XIV poll

    I beg to differ: On the last day of September 130 and No. 402 Squadron RCAF, equipped with Mk XIVs, flew to airfield B.82, Grave. Their arrival was timely as they, along with the Hawker Tempest units, were needed to counter the Me 262 nuisance raids. In December the three Lympne based units ( 41, 350 and 610 Squadrons) flew to join the others on the Continent, eventually becoming part of 125 Wing. 610 Squadron was disbanded later to help maintain the level of aircraft and pilots of these units. So there you have it 5, later 4 squadrons on the Continent. And...it is one of the most sexy Spitfires ever. 😉 Can´t beat that argument for a nice collector plane can you ?
  8. sevenless

    Northern part of Eastern front

    Beautiful! That would be so cool! I hope they get that on its way.
  9. sevenless

    BOBP: Where are the bombers?

    Yes, the CloD engine seems to have much technical potential. Maybe it is because it was designed from the ground up to handle large air battles as they happened during Battle of Britain, while the BoX engine originated in WW1 warfare. Anyways it will be interesting to see what the developmental future holds for both lineages.
  10. sevenless

    What size monitor do you run?

    Four years ago I decided to stop using PC Monitors and switched to a Sony BRAVIA KDL-32W706 32inch Full HD Smart-TV and haven´t regretted that switch. AFAIK it is no more available but you certainly can get the successor model. https://www.amazon.de/Sony-BRAVIA-KDL-32W706-Fernseher-Triple/dp/B00I3WQPQK
  11. sevenless

    Northern part of Eastern front

    Everything which expands the eastfront would get my money. Barbarossa to Moscow, Fall Blau, Charkov, Kursk, Bagration, Leningrad, Murmansk, Goetterdaemmerung Oder to Berlin, so many yet untouched areas/timeframes.
  12. sevenless

    DD today?

    Too late for today? Maybe tomorrow? Pretty please...
  13. sevenless

    BOBP: Where are the bombers?

    This is also my understanding. The gunner positions in B17 or B24 draw too much CPU cycles to make it feasible to have combat boxes of a 12 plane B17 squadron in the game. To make it realistic you would need to model at least 3 combat boxes forming a bomber wing with 36 planes flying in formation plus the additional fighter cover of 12-36 planes and the attacking german staffel (squadron) of 4-16 planes. So for such a scenario you would have at least 52 to 88 planes in the air. This works with IL2 1946, but I guess it will be a long way until we see something like this in the BoX universe.
  14. sevenless

    Where Else Do You Want to Fly?

    Spanish Civil war would be the perfect link between FC and BoX and it offers a lot of very early WW2 birds.
  15. sevenless

    150 octane fuel for the 2nd TAF on the continent

    A lot of information, both on late war Spitfire XIV action, fuel situation etc. but also some interesting information about the state of affairs for the german fighters Feb45-VE-Day can be found here: http://www.spitfireperformance.com/spit14v109.html