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  1. Jamie, don´t know about your plans with the Stalingrad map, but let me tell you that I would highly appreciate it, if you could do your magic on the fall/harvest map also. I think the summer map has turned out great and adds a lot of variety and brings out landscape features (balkas) which were easily overlooked before.
  2. Keep fingers crossed for the 4.005 update tomorrow. Wololo!
  3. Looks absolutely great. I love it!
  4. Absolutely fantastic. Loved the shot when the 262 lowered one wheel due to hydraulic failure? Looked absolutely realistic.
  5. Sorry wasn´t meant that way. I tend to dissagree. The whole purpose of Jagdgruppe Ost (JGr Ost) was to provide specialized training for new fighter pilots to familiarize the pilots with combat like situations and teach combat proven tactics by experienced veterans. They were delivered planes exactly as they came off the production line and went to the front line units. Graf was the big Boy there from 1 February 1943 – April 1943 (First man to shot down 200 planes, Brilliants of the Knights cross etc.) and ordered his planes to fit his personal preferences and individual style (just look at the fancy paintjob both on his A4 and A5), as did many other commanders. There are several other examples of similar behaviour of veterans unrelated to Fw190s. Only think about Gallands individual 109 F models with JG 26.
  6. Also Hermann Graf prefered his Fw190-A5 to NOT have the outer guns (MG FF in this case).
  7. They were flying recce missions with 2nd TAF in 1944 so bring on those Allison equiped Mustang IIs FR919.
  8. sevenless

    B-25 or B-26

    I´ll take both of em and please add the A-20-G and the A-26 Invader on top. The more the merrier.
  9. Heinz Baer (200 plus kills), when in charge of II./JG 1 in spring 44 also used this config. Red 13 and red 23, both A7s, had the outer 20mm removed by field shop. Seems like the "old hares" prefered performance over firepower. 2 x 20mm and 2 x 13mm is plenty more than the standard 109-G6 had. http://forum.12oclockhigh.net/archive/index.php?t-9412.html
  10. Take your time. We all know something great will be coming. And we will be one week closer to the YAK-9 release 😉
  11. I think it will be years until we see that in GB series or a successor. Until then nothing can beat the feeling of good old IL-1946 in this regard.
  12. Marco, very interesting mod. I would like to do something comparable for my personal gaming pleasure. I have edited the BoK career and changed the planes in the 13./(slow.)JG52 to have Fw190-A3 and A5. I did that to have a fighter unit equipped with Fw190-A5s. So far so good. That works perfectly well. To make that change complete (I know it would be fictional, but hey), I would like to change the name of the unit to I./JG 51 and replace the unit symbol with the I./JG 51 symbol. Now my specific questions: 1) Which files do I need to edit to change the name of the unit? 2.) Which files do I need to edit to change the unit symbol? Thanks for your help.
  13. Nope. Kampfgeschwader 51 with 3 squadrons of its I. Gruppe did nothing else than flying bombing and strafing sorties against the allies west of the Rhine river from Rheine and Hopsten airfield during 9/44 - 3/45. Additionally II. Gruppe chimed into this activity from 12/44 - 3/45 from Achmer and Essen/Muelheim. https://www.ww2.dk/air/kampf/kg51.htm You are correct with regards to the other Me 262 equipped units like Kommando Novotny, Jagdgeschwader 7 and KG (J) 54 and from late march 45 on JV 44. They did anti-bomber business exclusively.
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