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  1. Hi, Fenris. What does it mean when you say "bind each eye together" When i use zoom, I get a boss eyed view. Presuming there is something I don't get right. And about helping VR players, it is not really about that. The reason I play flight sim now, is really about VR, and the immersion it offers. Adding to the playability of it, can only make the game more popular, to the benefit of all
  2. The distance is open for debate, the idea is to enhance identifiability without giving any tactical advantages.
  3. So, have been playing online for a time with my 5k+, it has become apparent that it is difficult to distinguish friend from foe, even up close. I want to suggest a second type of marker to the one we have, where the aircraft is bracketed from long distance. I want to se a second type, that is only visible from short distance, lets say 200m, consisting of a single dot, of red or blue color, depending on faction. As i se it, this is not a "cheat", only a way to overcome limitation in current tech, and will enhance playability for everyone flying VR.
  4. Cant really say so much. This player saw his best days when the original il2, was a new game. from the 2-3 hours of gameplay I have had, this is better than any other vr-set out there, and has me hooked on flight sims again for the first time in 15 years.
  5. Thanks m8, that did it ! I highly recommend the Pimax 5k+ btw.
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