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  1. I really hope the P-51D gets 150oct fuel and is able to use MP settings of 72”Hg or 75”Hg. This was standard from June 1944 and onward and would allow the P-51 to be very competitive with the K-4 and D-9. The 67”Hg P-51D would be relatively underpowered, I’m afraid.
  2. Oh, ok. So before 700m it runs on a single-speed supercharger that has to be throttled, which is why power gradually increases in this range. Then at 700m it engages the variable-speed supercharger. That makes sense. Thanks!
  3. Hey PainGod. Nice to see you in the IL-2 forums 😃Could you answer a question of mine? How does the 109 maintain constant M.P. up to 700m if it doesn't engage the supercharger until 700m? IF it gets 1.98ata it'll probably do a little over 600kph at S.L., nowhere near 624. The D-9 should still be slightly faster.
  4. Well, that sucks. If that's true, then the P-51D is really gonna struggle against the 109G-14, and K-4.
  5. I am guessing you were flying a constant-speed propeller aircraft. In such aircraft, you set a desired RPM and the automatic governor will increase/decrease propeller pitch across various airspeeds in order to maintain that desired RPM. So, increasing or decreasing M.P. will not see an increase in RPM in the tachometer. It will, however, see an increase in the thrust. If you increased M.P. and there wasn't an automatic RPM governor, you would see your RPM rise. However, since there is a governor, on increasing M.P., the governor will change the pitch of the propeller to make it more coarse, which means there is more "resistance" to the spinning of the propeller. So, even though you have increased M.P., the propeller is still spinning at the same RPM.
  6. Well, we do have the dash numbers for some aircraft (109 G-14, 109 K-4, 190 A-8, 190 D-9, Spit Mk F/L Mk 9, Tempest Mk V). And, I know for a fact that the P-47D was cleared for 70"Hg and the P-51D was cleared for 75"Hg, both in June 1944. To my knowledge, all D models of the P-51 and P-47 were field-modded to be able to use the new octane fuel to achieve these M.Ps, irrespective of their dash number. Considering the Battle of Bodenplatte started on Jan 1 1945, I would assume those planes should have those settings. The question is, however, whether the devs will give them that or will they consider that too "OP" and only limit the P-51D to 67"Hg and the P-47D to 56"Hg (the settings they used before June 1944). I also think the P-38L was cleared for 70"Hg in June 1944 as well, so we'll see if it gets that setting in-game, or if they'll just limit it to the measly 60"Hg that it started off with.
  7. Hello all. I would just like to ask if anybody has any idea what the devs are currently planning in regards to maximum M.P./WEP for the various aircraft in Bodeplatte? Does anyone know specifically what M.P. different aircraft will be running? Examples of some possible settings: P-51D: 67"Hg, 72"Hg, or 75"Hg P-47D: 56"Hg, 65"Hg, or 70"Hg P-38L: 60"Hg or 70"Hg Bf 109 G -14: 1.42 ata or 1.7 ata Bf 109 K-4: 1.8 ata or 1.98 ata FW 190 A-8: 1.58 ata or 1.65 ata FW 190 D-9: 1.92 ata Spitfire Mk 9: +15lb/in2, +18lb/in2, or +25lb/in2 Tempest Mk V: +12lb/in2 These are just some of the settings I know off-hand that these various aircraft ran at different points in time. Does anybody know for certain if the devs will be using any of these settings when Bodenplatte comes out?
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