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  1. Hello, As in title, will we be able to buy BoK on steam? I have got some $ there and it would be nice to be able to spend it for BoK.
  2. No mission to mission, but map to map, currently we have Map #3 so we have planeset for Map #3, at the main site above the map there is written current number
  3. Read the rules before writting posts next time please http://taw-server.de/rules.php http://taw-server.de/manual.php
  4. Be so kind, and tell us what this alternative should be?
  5. i-16 is way better then e-7, pe-2 is great same for IL-2, so what do you mean?
  6. Just because somebody is good you think he/she deserves ban? There are no evidences that anyone is cheating, and false accusation is something not cool guys. I don't know, maybe someone is a cheater, but we don't have any proof for that. And If you want to get rid of cheateres maybe speak with devs, so they create a good anti-cheat system? And yes, you need visual evidence, some guys are playing really long flight sims and mastered the art of it to perfection, and just because they kicks ass of others, does not mean they are a cheaters!
  7. Is there any special way to check is the freesync working, or you just look at the tearing in the game?
  8. But you know guys that on every map there is a CM+1 plane, and if you lose all planes but don't go to 'minus' planes you will get +1 plane so if you play with rules you always have at least one fighter? Just don't go on credit, that's all.
  9. So I checked and ... nope, windowed mode don't change anything
  10. There is kinda big graphic issue with the new update sadly And it is connected probably with AMD gpu users https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/26669-weird-issue-after-dx11-update-2006/
  11. I have the same issue, and also Windows 10 and AMD gpu My specs: Intel Xeon Processor E3-1230V2 [8M Cache, 3.30 GHz] MSI RADEON™ RX 480 GAMING X 8G RAM Goodram 16GB (2x8GB) 1600MHz CL10 PSU: Corsair VS 650W Motherboard: MSI Z68A-G43 LGA 1155 (G3) SSD Samsung 850 evo pro Operating system: Windows 10 64bit Pro I know it is for nvidia, but did you tried switching to windowed mode? I'm downloading the game again at the moment so can't check that.
  12. Isn't easier to made your own TrackIR? You pay only for camera and few cents for ir leds ... and instead of £35.99 you pay like ... 6£
  13. Man, I'm 21 years old, I'm studying and all money I get is from holidays work. I'm not saying that this game should run at pc for 50$ and I'm not complaning that I don't have money, but if sb is telling me that 2k $ PC can easy handle this game I think there is something wrong cause 2k $ PC is expensive as f**** anyway, my PC can handle every new title that comes out easily, but in BoS i have to play on low details and that is the problem.
  14. OMG ... dude srsly? 2k $ is cheap for you? If i had 2k $ PC I would run every game in 4k Ultra 60+fps ... Man people here are playing on pcs for about 700$ or even less. Not everone is from rich country you know? I would have to work 6-7 months without spending a penny to get 2k $ ... And those 5k was exaggerated ...
  15. Yes, that is the way company should work. Probably the main reason you are all doing this is money, you are the company, and no matter what the company is doing it must get profit, simple as that. So when you say, "If you don't like it, don't pay" you look down upon your customers. "I made this game I don't need you", well you know the problem is that YES you need us, because without us you won't get your money for future development! So maybe when people complain about something you should consider that they might be right? Really guys, the game was realased in 2013, and it took you 3 yea
  16. That is the current planeset for this campagin, we know it is not perfect and we are going to change it for sure. But! Because you chose the 'bombers' preference, from 3 combat mission you get firstly supplied bombers, and that's all.
  17. This game is just horribly bad optimized, and that's all. Same as you I can play Battlefield 1 on high/ultra settings with 60fps + but in BoS I play on low settings ... Devs say that we will get much better performance with dx11 which will be implemented until end of this year, so let's hope it's true and we have to wait.
  18. It is just #1 Map, it will get little bit harder later http://taw.stg2.de/rules.php
  19. You know, the problem is that we want to have server that needs cooperation. The point is that single aircraft shouldn't be able to change the tides of war.
  20. Yes, there is a bug and there is no point for know to fly till Kathon repairs it. The bug started at late night hours and Kathon didn't noticed it yet so we have to wait.
  21. It is not so easy to catch the irony through text, especially without knowing the person.
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