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  1. Thanks for your answer So sad for this airplane. I will stay on "online server" and if I find a squad, perhaps it will be possible to dive bomb with this wonderfull aircraft...
  2. Is there any scripted Stuka campaign available on 3.010 ?
  3. Thanks for this very naice campaign. 6 of 10 completed mission for me... and a lot of fun 👍
  4. Of course YES ! The campaign would be more immersive with a career mode. The actual campaign is only a way to unlock paint sheme and other stuff (for those who don't have a premium account)... The missions are useless and boring :/
  5. Same issue today. After loading the mission, i jumped in the cockpit and everything is freezed then, il2.exe stops working. All other server work fine for me...
  6. Bought it... and immediately try the I-16 and MC202. It works fine
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