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  1. Propwash November 14, 2020 Tangmere Pilots finished their first IL2 BoX USAAF campaign, flying P-47D in the Ardennes Campaign. We “retooled in roundels” in the 122 Wing RAF flying Hawker Tempest Mk.V on the Rhineland map in squadron markings created by Fritz. [Quoting from Dutch's excellent campaign brief] “From late September 1944 onwards 122 Wing comprised of Nos 3, 56, 80 & 274 squadrons RAF, & No 486 squadron RNZAF, & it's the operations of these five squadrons that will form the basis of our missions.” Last Sunday our two squadrons, No.1 and No.601, taxied out with 23 pilots in two squadrons, all using the same server. No. 601 squadron flew low looking for targets to bomb and strafe while No.1 squadron flew top cover. Here is just one of the squadrons. The Tempest flies beautifully and has the power and speed to match German fighters yet maneuvers well. The Tempest's four 20mm cannon are able to blow apart German fighters with a half-second burst although hitting the cockpit with a 20mm makes other damage irrelevant. Another satisfied customer. However, a change in the damage model means more debris is blown from damaged aircraft. Even if you break off sooner there's a significant chance that debris hits your aircraft and shatters the canopy or destroys your propeller as Tom found out to his distress last mission. He showed particular panache in shooting down yet another Jerry as he dead-sticked down across the front line to ditch in friendly territory. Show off. An improvement in the G-effect allows pilots to ride the ragged edge of performance envelope as in real life rather than the previous "Poof, you've blacked out" G-effect. Now you ease into gray-out. And then into tunnel vision. The progression is now much more nuanced and realistic, allowing you to fly and fight using your aircraft's full potential. Yet another RAF addition is the venerable Hawker Hurricane Mk.II in its various configurations, everything from the .303-equipped Battle of Britain Mk.IIa through desert modifications and Soviet-used weaponry. She’s a sweet flier, docile and maneuverable but must be careful with 109s and the .303 are less than impressive. “Don’t just stand there. Get one up!”
  2. I've flown fast movers to canvas-covered Cubs and Champs. It's far easier for the experienced eye to see a/c moving against the background terrain and sky in real life than it is in BoX. Nuggets see very little but with experience you see other a/c everywhere. With the Mark 1 eyeball (unlike VR) you catch movement better with your peripheral vision rather than in the center of the visual acuity in the middle of the retina. You constantly scan in pie-shaped sections, stopping at 1, 2, 3 o'clock, etc., rather than sweeping in smooth, uninterrupted fashion. I find aircraft unrealistically hard to pick up with VR and wish there were improvement. Flat screens are better but I won't fly without VR for the immersion.
  3. I've flown fast movers and used a g-suit ("fast pants") and find the g-effect and the g-suits (technically, "anti-g suits") to be realistic. I've done hard acrobatics with and without g-suits and my only beef with the BoX effect is that in real life with positive g you gray out, get tunnel vision, then lose vision, then go unconscious. It's all due to lowered blood pressure in the eyeball (intraocular pressure). There should be a phase between gray out and loss of vision (black out, not unconsciousness) where you get tunnel vision as if you're looking at the world through a cardboard toilet paper roll. It's a very distinctive effect. There is also a phase where vision is lost yet you're conscious (this doesn't seem to be in BoX?) and you should be able to manipulate the aircraft without being able to see. Also, especially with 9AF P-47 pilots operating during the winter in France and Belgium, these guys were cold and tired and lacked sleep. Thus, they, like overworked pilots of their opponents and Allies, were not at peak physical condition, physically and mentally. Note pilot narratives of unheated tents, waking with your canteen frozen solid, and when they get leave they remark how exhausted and in need of rest they are. This reduces resistance to g effects.
  4. I bought Cliffs of Dover and Rise of Flight to support the developers despite their lack of VR. I'd love to buy Desert Wings but its lack of VR means I will not. I will buy anything they produce and any available collector aircraft if and when they incorporate VR.
  5. Yes, switch to gunner position, press "t" to take the weapon, then press "shift" and "t" at the same time to look through the sight and get a full-screen view through the gunsight
  6. Thanks for the update. When you announce a delay you might consider throwing out some eye candy on works in progress, whatever the stage, like the Yak-9, Hurribus, B-26 or anything else, just to give us something fun. Since you're posting anyway-
  7. I'm a Yank so I fly at 3 pm Central Time Zone. I flew military and find No.1 squadron like the real guys I flew it. We fly official missions Sundays and on Tuesdays and Fridays we practice fly co-ops, in an online server, Flying Circus, and the occasional Vicious Carrot missions designed by Bunny. Tis great fun with a wonderful group. Half of us are in No.1 and the other half in No. 601.Each squadron has it's unique character. We joke around a lot but missions are pretty realistic. I've sometimes flown with other groups of guys on nights Tangmere isn't flying. The other groups chattered constantly and scattered like quail to pursue their intended victim. Tangmere Pilots joke around but we keep mission communication within reasonable limits and when contact is made, comms are for managing the battle. Tangmere Pilots brought me back to when I strapped one on and slipped the surlies.
  8. Is the size and shape of the Normandy map the same as the revised area shown before? I hope so as it includes my village on the southern edge.
  9. Gordon200, I really want to use these settings for my newly-arrived Reverb (v.2) but I have not the slightest how. I flew fixed-wing military types and civilian airliner but I'm no programmer. How in the world can I use this (and I'll download the new 3Dmegoto tonight).
  10. I ordered my Reverb from HP and they said they'd send it out for arrival in 8-10 days, I don't remember. Actually it went out much quicker and arrived eight days before they said to expect it. Fast. I'm clueless about SS and other settings. I had to download SteamVR for WMR to get it to work but it's fine, just washed out colors. Better gauges than my Rift but the washed out colors interfere with seeing when the bandit banks and his ID since he's hard to see in a washed out a/c against a washed out background. I'd like recommended graphics settings. I have a 2080 ti and an Intel 7th gen chip and loads of memory so it's about the best you can get now. So I'd like graphics settings for a high-end computer please if someone could advise.
  11. @dog1I wouldn't wait for Bodenplatte which might be out with the last aircraft release set for late next month. If you sign up now you might (depending on instructor availibity) be able to cruise through OTU in time for the end of our summer break and join us for the start of the La-5FN campaign. When Bodenplatte drops I'd wager we might immediately go with Mk.IX RAF Spitfires and the old squadron rosters for No.1 and 601 Squadrons in 1944. Thats just my guess, not anything I know for sure. Where in Thailand are you? I spent a few weeks in Chang Mai and Isan and on into Lao (Laos for you sticklers) and adored the Thai.
  12. This works perfectly. When I'm in VR and the enemy is sighted it would be inconvenient to life the headset and start recording. I forget to anyway in the heat of the moment of contact. Your mod works beautifully and nothing is lost. Thanks, Mike. 🎖️
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