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  1. Gordon200, I really want to use these settings for my newly-arrived Reverb (v.2) but I have not the slightest how. I flew fixed-wing military types and civilian airliner but I'm no programmer. How in the world can I use this (and I'll download the new 3Dmegoto tonight).
  2. I ordered my Reverb from HP and they said they'd send it out for arrival in 8-10 days, I don't remember. Actually it went out much quicker and arrived eight days before they said to expect it. Fast. I'm clueless about SS and other settings. I had to download SteamVR for WMR to get it to work but it's fine, just washed out colors. Better gauges than my Rift but the washed out colors interfere with seeing when the bandit banks and his ID since he's hard to see in a washed out a/c against a washed out background. I'd like recommended graphics settings. I have a 2080 ti and an Intel 7th gen chip and loads of memory so it's about the best you can get now. So I'd like graphics settings for a high-end computer please if someone could advise.
  3. @dog1I wouldn't wait for Bodenplatte which might be out with the last aircraft release set for late next month. If you sign up now you might (depending on instructor availibity) be able to cruise through OTU in time for the end of our summer break and join us for the start of the La-5FN campaign. When Bodenplatte drops I'd wager we might immediately go with Mk.IX RAF Spitfires and the old squadron rosters for No.1 and 601 Squadrons in 1944. Thats just my guess, not anything I know for sure. Where in Thailand are you? I spent a few weeks in Chang Mai and Isan and on into Lao (Laos for you sticklers) and adored the Thai.
  4. This works perfectly. When I'm in VR and the enemy is sighted it would be inconvenient to life the headset and start recording. I forget to anyway in the heat of the moment of contact. Your mod works beautifully and nothing is lost. Thanks, Mike. 🎖️
  5. Magnificent work. I like how the French squadron waxed their aircraft.
  6. How may I download it without signing up for some mediafire B.S.? I can't find a way without downloading things I don't want.
  7. Yes, my kids are grown now but I'm sure the friend who built the SE5a has passed away and the a/c isn't at the museum. I'm sure it's passed to new owners who'd look harshly at a stranger wanting to fly off in their plane.
  8. There IS news on the BoBp planes, "Of course, the development of the remaining [BoBp] aircraft is progressing at full speed." That's great news. Read the text as well as look at the pictures. I could have had my own SE5a, in real life. After the commuter airline I flew for went out of business I took my kids to the Arkansas Air Museum at Drake Fielf in Fayetteville, Arkansas and in the hanger an old friend of my fathers I knew was completing his replica SE5a. It looked full-size but possibly was slightly smaller, I don't know what kits are available but it looked authentic, not at all like some kits I've seen. I'm very familiar with the a/c and this looked like the original. The old gentleman was in the finishing-up stages of his build. He knew I flew ragwing taildraggers for years before I flew military and airlines and he said, "Do you want to be the pilot? Do you want to come fly it?" After a few more words I realized he was offering me the chance to fly it whenever I wanted, basically as my personal aircraft. He was quite old then and probably wanted a younger, current pilot to fly his baby. One part of me loved having my own fighter to fly at will. But I had two little kids and my mind instantly thought that modern wings stall at the wing root first so the ailerons stay effective well into the stall. I didn't know if the SE5a wing had that aerodynamic characteristic and margin of safety. I've flown high-performance a/c but my flying instincts are grounded in modern aircraft beginning with a 1947 Champ and a WWII veteran [New Guinea Campaign] L-4 Cub. I have no idea and I'm sure it varies as to year and design but some The Great War aircraft might even stall at the wingtip first depending on wing design, washout, etc. I sadly declined. I was entering law school soon and had two little kids and decided to forgo the chance to have my own SE5a. Can you guess the ending? I've regretted it ever since.
  9. LOL. I'm glad the devs put out such beautiful work. I have my order in which I'd prefer the a/c but in the end who cares. Everyone has their own preferences. The Dora is a stunner and I cannot wait for the P-51, 262, and P-38. I'm delighted the P-38 model chosen is the fully mature P-38J-25 with the dive brakes and power-assisted ailerons. I'm glad the P-51 has the fillet in front of the vertical stabilizer.. for longitudinal stability Not all did, but many of those not so equipped originally were speedily modified in the field. My biggest critique of the mods is that you guys don't get enough thanks for the joy you bring to our daily lives. Sierra Hotel.
  10. I guessed that and am just glad the beautiful pictures were shared. I wasn't being critical, just wondering how many folks notice stuff. That's an elegant instrument layout. I flew military and appreciate when the flight instruments are well-arranged for scanning for VMC, combat-threat environment and IMC flight.
  11. Quickly. Head first if needs be. Anyone notice the first 262 picture over the mountains shows the a/c in a 35 degree right bank but the attitude indicator shows level flight? We're lucky IL2 simplifies many aspects of flying. Our instrument gyros don't tumble during unusual attitudes. Things that gave huge problems jamming or malfunctioning in real life (like the 30mm cannon on the 109G6) don't jam or malfunction in IL2. For us, the a/c fly as they do in the manufacturer's brochures, which is more fun that dealing with jams and engine failures.
  12. PROPWASH Our current campaign ends in two weeks and then the Collapse of the Kuban Luftwaffe Campaign (mid-Sept. - early Dec. 1943) begins on May 5th with pilots choosing between the FW-190 A5 or Bf-109 G6 [G4 for those without the G6]. The former will focus on jabo and the latter on fighter missions. Here's the beautiful 190 and 109 livery Silk crafted. Prangster did the Ju-87, Fritz did the Hs-129. Other aircraft will be flown in certain missions, usually by volunteers. If you join now you can be with us in time for the opening of the new campaign. The Luftwaffe won't hold sway everywhere as they used to but they opt now to control specific areas of the battlefield. The front line will change almost every mission as the German position deteriorates. It will be a target-rich environment. We have A5s and G6s but among Soviet aircraft will be the wicked-fast La-5FN and Yak-1b and Yak-7s. Check six! Tangmere Pilots website Tangmere Pilot Recruiting Page Sparky, Pilot Officer, Press Officer
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