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  1. PROPWASH FEBUARY 2, 2019 We're knee deep into the Defense of Moscow Campaign with the fifth mission tomorrow. A dozen MiG pilots and a dozen I-16 drivers will patrol vital railway lines and protect the supply trains from a Luftwaffe desperate to hinder the Soviet Winter Counter-Attack driving their troops helter-skelter back from gates of Moscow. Low ceilings won't deter either side and it will mean they'll be upon us almost before we see them. Our I-16s were designed for this but my MiG was born for high altitude. Yet all we want is cannon shells and a German aircraft to kill. At this height no one's bailing. That's okay. One short excerpt from a recent mission. Tasked with patrolling we spotted contrails in the winter sky and rolled in below a formation of Stukas, a lucky thing given their defensive gunner's arc of fire. I lit up the tail-end Charlie with hits on the tail, engine and wing but had to break off when another MiG [lower left] crossed into my line of fire. I damaged a second Stuka but that one too was finished by another pilot. I saw movement down low and swept down where it was still dark and caught a third Stuka in a dive. (we don't have icons during missions. my IL2 recording adds them in and I forgot to remove it from the Stuka death scene). The last Stuka damaged my engine. The MiG commander diverted me to the alternate landing field but the engine packed it in early. Thankfully, the snow-covered field I chose was smooth and I glided in without damaging the MiG. During that mission our MiGs fought Stukas, 109s, and 110s back at home. The I-16s dropped their bombs on ground targets, fought off 109s and shot up a flight of Ju-52s. I flew military and this group would fit in well with real-life squadrons. It's a blast to take off at our respective airports, form up, fly out, engage, reform, engage again, reform, using communication discipline and discrete channels for I-16 and MiG [and Pe-2 when applicable]. Check out our website at http://www.tangmerepilots.co.uk/ and come join us in the sky. Sparky Pilot Officer, Press Officer
  2. TP_Sparky

    When the P51 will be available?

    The German jet engines used in the Me-262 were deeply flawed. Compressor blade design technology was in its infancy and compressor airflow was not yet well understood. Thus, in addition to inferior metals and shortage of strategic metals and poor construction at times and sabotage by slave laborers there were the design flaws inherent in the compressor blade designs. When the engines suffered compressor stalls from rapid throttle adjustment or excessive angle of attack flight the result wasn't just bangs, whistles and loss of power. The turbulent airflow in compressor stalls would often cause the turbine blades (due to their design flaws) to crack and break. The broken blades would sling out like super-heated knives through fuel and hydraulic lines. High-pressure hydraulic fluid spraying from punctured lines spray vaporized hydraulic fluid more flammable than aviation fuel. The loss of blade mass unbalanced the compressor causing it to vibrate as it rotates at super-high speed flinging many more blades. The result were blazing nacelle fires actively fed by fuel and/or hydraulic fluid. So if the pilot was a new guy (and most post-Nowotny 262 pilots were new guys, read the 262 ace biography, Stormbirds) and he moved the throttle too rapidly or maneuvered too aggressively into a high AoA attitude he'd create a compressor stall and in addition to losing power he'd likely (pardon the phrase we used back in my military flying days) "shit blades" and create a fuel-fed fire. The problem was never solved. Fuel shortages dwarfed most other considerations as only a few of the ready aircraft could be fueled. The German jet engines were on the absolute cutting edge of an unknown technology and by far on the forefront of modern axial turbojet engine development (and had the best wind tunnels, etc.) but they were dealing with a terrific learning curve with a thousand unknowns in how one had to design each set of the multiple stages of turbine blades to get optimal airflow under varying flight conditions. Just as the 262 airframe and airfoils had to deal with unforseen high-speed airflow compressibility problems so it was with varying aspects of the unproven and in-development axial jet turbines in combat use rather than in extended development. They were pioneers in technology and the engine failures were a regular consequence of the undeveloped and immature technology.
  3. TP_Sparky

    When the P51 will be available?

    Wonderful news. I wonder what the next module after BoBp will be. What did you folks decide at the Moscow meeting, Jason? What secret campaign is being researched at this very moment? Concerning Bodenplatte, I do wish we'd received the P-51 before the 262 as in real life. All through BoS and BoM and BoK the German fighters were technically superior. I'd hoped for a moment of parity. I doubt the multiplayer servers will reflect the force ratio percentages that relegated the 262 to insignificance as far as war-winning or losing. Like the V-2, it was futuristic but in terms of the Allied war machine, a pinprick.
  4. TP_Sparky

    How do I take a screenshot from a VR IL2 recorded mission?

    but how do I pull a screenshot from a recorded video in IL2?
  5. I can play back the mission in IL2 but how do I extract single screenshots?
  6. What's a link to download the latest 3Dmigoto without signing up for other stuff like media fire, etc.? Every time I try to download it wants to put useless junk on my computer like file converters. I just want the mod and I'm willing to contribute to lefuneste but this other stuff is foolishness. I've tried a dozen times and no joy. - Never mind. It seems persistence paid off. It finally worked.
  7. Join now, get through OTU training flights and this next campaign (Operation Typhoon, 1941, flying Soviet fighters, perhaps beginning with the Soviet counter-attack) and you'll be old hands by the time our Bodenplatte Campaign begins. Our mission designers have researched this all this year awaiting release of the Bodenplatte aircraft and map. I'm not sure if we'll shift between Axis and Allied or switch German aircraft to simulate individual raids but I know from hints dropped along the way that there are very special ideas being considered. The timing means I go online around 2pm Central time US to putz around the sky with some of the guys until the required 3pm brief for Sunday operations and the same for the non-required Tuesday and Friday practice flying. It's a bit like being in a 1940 British fighter squadron with the banter and the flying without the wet wool and 20mm cannon shells putting off your weekend plans.
  8. TP_Sparky

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    They're at least 93 years old. I think they look pretty good considering age and mileage.
  9. I think you might not have the right setup for the turbosupercharger, engine controls and engine-related accessories (WEP, etc.). I can't help as I'm half a world away from my flying computer. IIRC our model has the uncuffed paddle bladed prop so she should climb pretty well.
  10. What a great present for US folks in time for Thanksgiving holidays! "Come to the table dear, we're waiting. Dear? Honey?" Seriously, prepare to set up your P-47 key bindings. There are the inlet and outlet cowl flaps I suppose, WEP (war emergency power), turbocharger, etc. Me, I'm in France and won't get my hands on the controls until mid-December when I'll be expected to be in full-get a tree and decorate the house mode. Ho ho ho.
  11. TP_Sparky

    Developer Diary 211 - Discussion

    Amen, brother. The Warthog is the best all-around airborne ground-attack system in world history. Nothing else comes close. Lower speed and higher loiter time like the SPADS of Vietnam for supporting front-line infantry. Night vision and precision weapons capability. Good for low-intensity anti-insurgency or high-intensity anti-massed armor. No pretense. No BS. It just gets the job done at 110%. They oughta take every general that tries to replace them with F-35's out and make them burn crap barrels for fifteen years.
  12. TP_Sparky

    Developer Diary 211 - Discussion

    Compare the 365th Thunderbolt patch pictured in Spektre's wonderful display (thanks!) with the present squadron's new patch. They changed after the war to the National Guard's 163rd Fighter Squadron and used a long succession of a/c from P-51's through F-16's but in 2010 they resumed flying the Thunderbolt [II]. Okay, the they fly the Warthog, but I use the never used official name in reference to the original and present patch which you'll notice is based on the original Bolt design.
  13. TP_Sparky

    3DMigoto mod for VR

    Thanks for the reference. You do indeed show it in detail. Sorry, I got buried in the mass of posts. Guess once I get it all going right the Pimax 5K+ I just ordered will arrive in the New Year and I'll start over. It's not the server (@ external camera since I tested it on quick mission). It worked and then I instelled 3DMigoto and for some reason the external camera didn't work although it was still mapped to the same switch and it didn't even work with F2 😮 Go figure. I have no idea why. Using Vive Pro, 2080 Ti GPU. Excellent. Sierra Hotel. Thank you. 😀 Post Script: Zoom works now. Thanks
  14. TP_Sparky

    3DMigoto mod for VR

    I'm not a programmer. I will have no idea how to read a d3dx.ini file text I see many messages here where people understand and manipulate coding. That's not me. I flew military but need a "These are the key commands for zoom x2, x5, x10, prop off, gunsight intensify, etc." list. And why did my F2 external view stop operating the moment I started 3Dmegoto?