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  1. I can't understand how you do all of this in a 110
  2. so proud of that big beautiful pig Nice bounce
  3. Love this Great shots of the 39
  4. Brief description: Microsoft FFB2 joystick connection lost Detailed description, conditions: While playing, I hear the windows sound to indicate a device has disconnected, then reconnected. My FFB2 seems to be the device. Despite reconnecting and windows recognizing it again, IL-2 will not pick the joystick back up until the game is restarted. When in-flight, this is a major problem I only see my joystick disconnect when I am using it to play IL-2. Otherwise it sits connected, idle, to my PC at all times. Windows seems not to lose connection when I'm outside of IL-2. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): I am new to bug reports and do not know which log to look for. Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): Laptop Windows 10 Home i7-8750 32 GB ram RTX 2070 Sidewinder FFB 2 joystick CH Pro pedals Both inputs run through 4-port USB 3.0 hub
  5. These are good skins I need more skins for my beloved P39!
  6. Thank you I knew there was some sort of procedure I was missing, but I couldn't figure it out. Shocking that you have to redo room space every single time...
  7. I played with my Odyssey Plus for the first time last night in IL-2 and had this issue. I am going to try setting up the seated space in my VR client and see if it gets fixed It was a bit dizzying to have everything rotate but not translate. Also, is there a universal solution for getting your mouse to activate when your headset is on your face? My mouse moves fine while headset is on the table, but stops when it's on my head, and I have done a bunch of weird alt-tabbing and win+y to get it to work, but it has seemed like luck at this point (I haven't found a reliable procedure).
  8. I love this plane. It helps for me that the cockpit is in english, so I think managing it has seemed more intuitive. It feels the most like a machine of the planes in the game, though, the sounds are finely tuned for all engine performance levels and that gives me a better physical, immersive experience. I am bad with it, lol, but I am bad with all planes so that doesn't really bother me. I do hate the blind spots, and I do love the mirror (saves me a lot). At high speed it feels very maneuverable, and it is thankfully safer in a dive than the other red fighters I have used. I'm a bad shot, so it also helps that landing a cannon hit mostly rips a wing off the enemy plane. I really wish I could fly it above 16kft, though. The massive drop in manifold pressure at 17 bums me out every time.
  9. My game runs between 40-60 FPS regularly, but routinely it drops down to 3-4 FPS for no reason I can understand. Sometimes it's in menus or mission briefings or in flight. I can't recreate the bug reliably, but it happens every 10 minutes or so. The framerate drop will last for several seconds or sometimes until the screen type changes (if I'm in menus, it won't fix itself until I get back into the game).
  10. That's exactly what it looked like, twice now. Is this a bug or a cheat?
  11. Question - this has happened to me twice now on WOL. Someone rips me from close range while I had been scanning at high alt, almost runs into me. When I got back into flight records it looks like they just spawned on my 6, because I can see the tracks of all other planes in the area continuously. Is this a flight recorder bug, or is something else going on? I'm still new enough to the game that I totally believe I just have bad SA. lol pls help?
  12. I just ordered a FFB2 on eBay and can't wait to get it!!!
  13. So this was my first TAW campaign, and I've only been in IL2 for about a month. I played red, but was surprised that there were always twice the num of blue pilots online. Scrolling up a bit I see a lot about game balance but can't get a definitive sense - is it typical to have red so outnumbered? FWIW, I found TAW more compelling than the other multiplayer I have done in IL2 so far. Sine I'm new I had enough to learn every sortie that I wasn't too disheartened by the lopsided numbers.
  14. I think I'm gonna edit the cockpit view into a quick video because it was pretty dire lol.
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