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  1. I find the Yak 7 the easiest fighter aircraft to use - you almost can't break it I just started flying the 202 and it's a dream, too Robust in a way similar to the Yak 7! Any 109 will also be easy - point, shoot, kill stuff.
  2. Amazing! Now you need to take me on some training sorties.
  3. I'm not talking about the minimap while you're in cockpit, I mean the aircraft icon on the full screen navigation map. I tried pressing "I" there and it doesn't seem to do anything.
  4. I appreciate that multiplayer servers can allow/disallow GPS, but I find that I fly worse when I I have GPS available on a map. I would like to have the option to disable it for myself even if the server I'm playing on allows me to use GPS in the map view. It would be great in Campaigns as well*
  5. lol I feel like I'm being trolled. Great hits I hope there really is some Po-2 wizard routinely hitting tgts from 3km on multiplayer servers!
  6. @ACG_Bayern is very very good at IL-2 lol. He might have killed our squad of 6 ten times last night. I wouldn't normally tag a kill like this but I hope he reads it as praise rather than gloating lol. Nights like last remind us how bad we are at this silly game.
  7. My only hope is that there is more ship killing in it. I love skip bombing ships and don't get enough out of it at the moment
  8. it's making this TAW campaign very fun 😄 Here is the skin, for anyone interested https://github.com/whilefun/IL2Skins/blob/master/I16t24/Raticate.dds
  9. Mark II of the skin is live. Here for more pics https://twitter.com/ClickToZoom/status/1198008962765017089
  10. Ratbaby's first kill!!! Skin still needs some work, but it's out in the wild
  11. I need a new skin for the upcoming TAW campaign. Thoughts?
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