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  1. I love this plane. It helps for me that the cockpit is in english, so I think managing it has seemed more intuitive. It feels the most like a machine of the planes in the game, though, the sounds are finely tuned for all engine performance levels and that gives me a better physical, immersive experience. I am bad with it, lol, but I am bad with all planes so that doesn't really bother me. I do hate the blind spots, and I do love the mirror (saves me a lot). At high speed it feels very maneuverable, and it is thankfully safer in a dive than the other red fighters I have used. I'm a bad shot, so it also helps that landing a cannon hit mostly rips a wing off the enemy plane. I really wish I could fly it above 16kft, though. The massive drop in manifold pressure at 17 bums me out every time.
  2. My game runs between 40-60 FPS regularly, but routinely it drops down to 3-4 FPS for no reason I can understand. Sometimes it's in menus or mission briefings or in flight. I can't recreate the bug reliably, but it happens every 10 minutes or so. The framerate drop will last for several seconds or sometimes until the screen type changes (if I'm in menus, it won't fix itself until I get back into the game).
  3. That's exactly what it looked like, twice now. Is this a bug or a cheat?
  4. Question - this has happened to me twice now on WOL. Someone rips me from close range while I had been scanning at high alt, almost runs into me. When I got back into flight records it looks like they just spawned on my 6, because I can see the tracks of all other planes in the area continuously. Is this a flight recorder bug, or is something else going on? I'm still new enough to the game that I totally believe I just have bad SA. lol pls help?
  5. I just ordered a FFB2 on eBay and can't wait to get it!!!
  6. So this was my first TAW campaign, and I've only been in IL2 for about a month. I played red, but was surprised that there were always twice the num of blue pilots online. Scrolling up a bit I see a lot about game balance but can't get a definitive sense - is it typical to have red so outnumbered? FWIW, I found TAW more compelling than the other multiplayer I have done in IL2 so far. Sine I'm new I had enough to learn every sortie that I wasn't too disheartened by the lopsided numbers.
  7. I think I'm gonna edit the cockpit view into a quick video because it was pretty dire lol.
  8. I did a solo attack on a train last night on TAW with some truly awful technique. I didn't recognize the train until they were shooting at me, and I was low to try and sneak my way in, so at the end of the shallow dive I turned too hard and inverted right at ground level. I realized pretty quick that reversing the roll would slip me into the ground so I held full stick down while I undid the 100% pitch trim I used to get out of the dive. lol everything about it was awful but it was a lot of fun and I'm learning to be more patient (plus it made for a silly video).
  9. Holy cow, I had this same exact problem in my IL-2 1941 for the past week of trying to practice ground attack and I couldn't hit a thing lol. My sight is finally recentered 😄
  10. I like the sound of that. I think I need to map all my engine controls to the stick like that. I have gear on the stick, and that's probably very stupid - I only press it twice a mission. I have a button for map, AP lvl, canopy (I fly mostly russian planes with a lot of canopy open). Which weapon controls do you have mapped to the red btns? I'm trying to figure out how to do Bombs and rockets all on the stick.
  11. Do people have favorite keymaps for the MK2? I have been toying with mine for the past month and am still trying to find something I like. I love the stick, just trying to figure out which controls I should put on stick vs keyboard.
  12. Is there a visual catalog of these units anywhere?
  13. Thanks for the responses! It's sounding like Moscow is the right module for me Question about the new career mode - will it render the campaign modules (like Ten Days of Autumn) obsolete? Or will you still have to purchase that content separately? I will buy Ten Days of Autumn, too, if it's still going to be a separate purchase I have to make later.
  14. Also, I was wondering about CoD BLITZ - is that a robust singleplayer option?
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