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  1. Looking forward to the Hurricane and the P51B. And just read Johnson's book, he sure was a fan of that "paddle prop" as he called it.
  2. Excited about the Hurricane, my favorite ride in legacy IL-2. Thank you developers!
  3. Getting a good laugh here, thank you for this post.... Borislav Slavislav ..... hahhaaha!
  4. Me 163 Komet would be my only request.
  5. I'm a lurker but just had to say this is really nice work. Hope my ancient i5 2500k, gtx 980 will run this beautiful map.
  6. Wildcat, my favorite plane in the original IL-2. I liked the way you could simulate cranking up the gear with multiple key strokes and watching the handcrank rotate. Something about it made it more appealing than the Hellcat. The plane in this video is off the hook, wonder what the weight, engine and fuel type is. Cool to watch.
  7. BigMotor


    IL 2's "Battle of Toko-Ri" flying Panthers, Banshees, and Skyraiders off straight-deck carriers.
  8. Then there are the intercooler levers, man those guys were busy.
  9. Agree with Panthercules. Ready to preorder Flying Circus, best news in years! This is what will finally pull the VR trigger for me.
  10. Read between the lines guys- This may be a way to test the feasibility of revisiting Rise of Flight. I'm all in.
  11. Just like to thank the developers. Latest version has fixed the 2 fps I was experiencing. Can't wait to try the Spitfire tonight!
  12. The Charge of the Light Brigade for me Tip. YAK please.
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