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  1. Why does this look like a Do-17 more than like a Do-217? Also, the graphics screams War Thunder xD Good Stuff though.
  2. Feels. But I'm gonna hold of on other games so I can support em and pre-order it by the end of the year )) o7
  3. Slowly we will get to places mate. A lot of people are happy with this, you shall simply wait your turn and perhaps support the devs on their way to try to make your dreams a reality soon. kek
  4. Thanks! I'll pre-order it anyway, do my part. To 10 more years and many more theaters o7 pre-order to early access nor pre-order to release but thanks anyway o7
  5. How Long Does it USUALLY take for titles to go from Pre-Order to Early Access?
  6. I understand people being disappointed about no Pacific yet but come on! Who's not excited about Arado, Me 410, and Mosquito?
  7. I bought Cliff of Dover once before TF and Blitz were a thing but watching and reading about this gives me so much joy I am not gonna regret rebuying the game soon. As for now, can anyone lead me to a place where I can read about all the flyable planes in the game as of it's latest game version?
  8. New to the forums here, is there a discussion thread as to whether CLoD could be integrated into GB in the future? I would like to discuss about it without going off-topic.
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