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  1. No it's not, but it depends on my intention. If I want to have several, not specified planes to be reported, I use check zones. If I want to call out a specific Plane with its height for example "A squadron Sturmoviks just passed Kalach at Hanni 700, target approx Sekretov."
  2. My recent COOP setup, based on a "Free Hunt" mission: For playercount: up to 10 Map: Moscow / Stalingrad Red AI Planes over all (not activated): 50 Red AI Vehicles over all: 50 Red AI Artillery guns: 18 Red AI AAA guns: approx 65 Blue AI Planes over all (not activared): 10 (own flight) + 12 Blue AI Vehicles over all: 10 Blue AI Artillery guns: 0 Blue AI AAA guns: approx 12 You see, to save performance, I heavily shortened blue AI activity. I had to simulate the danger of flying over the frontline cause of AAA, the danger of getting jumped by red fighters, red bombers crossing the frontline and red recon planes searching for blue troops. Every AAA Pos has 2-3 guns, one heavy, one medium and sometimes a small one. I set them up approx every 7-9km, but focused on villages, bridges, strongpoints und cities. Enemy Airfields have own AAA pos. To make the frontline activity as random as possible, every red and blue AI is deactivated at mission start. A 4/6 way-switch triggers then at least -> 1 enemy fighter squad, 1 enemy bomber squad, 2 enemy recon planes, 1 enemy vehicle convoy, 1 enemy train and 1 own fighter squad. All of the now triggered AI groups have at least 4 different waypoint options, triggered by another 4/6 way switch. That means, that even it triggers 5 times the same fighter squadron in 5 COOPs, they will propably have different waypoints and so, it creates a high random factor. Area Checkzones and Subtitles report enemy planes crossing the frontline, so the player gets drawn "in the right direction", but has to actively earch for the enemy planes. Every AI is at least set to "high", to prevent the devensive circle. There is always one Enemy fighter Group (1,2 or three Planes) set to "Veteran", wich does NOT get reported and flys generally at about 3-5km height. They also have Waypoints reaching deeply into blue territory. That makes us always be in high alert, cause you could be jumped everytime. This is my basic setup for our "FREE HUNT" missions. I use that mission setup to build my COOP mission upon it. So that "Free Hunt" mission setup always runs in the background. If the mission objective for a specific COOP is very AI heavy, I just deactivate parts of the "Free Hunt" setup. My older COOP setup, based on a "Free Hunt" mission, wich caused performance problems: I used not to have random switches for the different waypoints, but had a lot of other squads with own wayponts, triggered by a random switch. Also, I had my whole AAA positions checking their areas with COMPLEX Triggers. Both caused partly heavy micro stuttering, lags and sometimes even sudden server crashes. We can talk about it on TS if you want.
  3. HFG_Hunger

    Proximity don't active vehicle group

    Try the following:
  4. A huge 'Thank you guys!' from all members of HungersBunteBühne! You are great!!
  5. HFG_Hunger

    HFG Coop Campaign Videos

  6. Thank you for testing guys! We've experienced no problems with it so far.
  7. Thank you very much! Worked perfectly!
  8. Salute Community, since my tiny flight enthusiasts community flys COOP missions for about half a year now, I've always struggeled to build a most performance saving AAA position. I used to use a bunch of complex triggers to check if enemy planes fly in or out of the AAAs area, but since I have to cover a specific frontline area with approx 25 AAA positions, performance is getting worse. My question now is, if you have an idea for a performance safing AAA pos, wich activates if I come close and deactivates when I leave their area WITHOUT complex triggers. Horridoh and thank you for your ideas, Hunger
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    Map Tools

    Seriously? Maybe you play a whole different sim then me. Sorry but I was able to lead 6 He111 100km to our target in my KG22 times. You have dozens of options to get the course, times, terrainmarks, etc. And: As higher you fly, as easier it gets. There is no shame. I hope the devs do not read such posts. Embarassing.
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    Suche Voiceactor!

    Mahlzeit meine Herren, ich suche für meine Coop-Kampagne jemanden, der für mich ein Paar Sprachaufzeichnungen, vielleicht auch mit Kondensatormikro, machen kann. Wäre klasse, wenn sich jemand meldet, am besten per PN. Danke! Hunger
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    Luftwaffe KG series grips in game

    Are you serious?
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    HFG Coop Campaign Videos

    Thank you very much Jason!
  13. HFG_Hunger

    HFG Coop Campaign Videos

  14. Mahlzeit Community! Wir fliegen derzeit als Gruppe mehrere COOPs wöchentlich, bereits seit August. Daraus ist eine COOP-Kampagne entstanden, welche von 41-45 nun weiter fortlaufen soll. Die COOPs werden im Schwerpunkt von mir gebaut und zur Zeit über ein Burning Board verwaltet. Nun habe ich im September einem IT Kollegen den Auftrag gegeben für mich auf SQL Basis einen "Statistik-Tracker" zu bauen. Um die einzelnen Flugzeugführer nicht nur über die COOP selber, sondern auch außerhalb davon mit einer Art "Fleigerkladde" bei Laune und in in der Immersion zu halten. Nun ist das Problem, dass jener Kollege seither kaum erreichbar ist und wenn doch, mich am laufenden Band vertröstet, demnach also dort kein Verlass ist und ich mit keiner Zuarbeit mehr rechnen kann. Meine Vorstellung des Ganzen sah dabei so aus: Nun zu meiner Frage bzw. Hilfeanfrage: Kennt jemand von euch ein Programm oder eine Möglichkeit für mich die oben als Beispiel gezeigte Statistik in irgendeiner Form zu realisieren? Hätte jemand eine Idee? Die Domain hungersbuntebuehne.de habe ich, Zeit habe ich auch, ich habe nur keine Ahnung wie ich sowas umsetzen könnte. Danke für eure Ideen, Hunger
  15. HFG_Hunger

    The gamer vs the sim/history buff P47

    This should answer all the questions