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  1. Solved! It was caused due to the use of Ä/Ü/Ö in the server name as well as the description. Horridoh, Hunger
  2. It pops up EVERY time I try to host our weekly COOPs. I'm getting absolutely crazy here.
  3. Dear Community, a new mystical error is causing me to go totally crazy. As soon as I create an MP COOP Server, the error [#10002 - Connection to master server lost] pops up and keeps the server invisible. All relevant ports are open. The error also pops up, when NVIDIA GeForce Experience is closed. Do you guys have any ideas? COOPs are awesome, but only 2 out of 10 pilots are able to host right now due to several problems. Horridoh, Hunger
  4. Unsere Webpräsenz: Schau hier rein! Teamspeak:, PW: me109, Kanal-PW: me109 oder schau Schau hier rein! Videostreams: Schau hier rein! (Twitch) Über uns, kurz und schmerzlos: Wir sind eine kleine Gruppe von virtuellen Hobbypiloten, die eine zusammenhängend erzählte online-Karriere anhand von selbsterstellten COOPs zusammen fliegen. Unsere Flugtage sind dabei einmal immer Donnerstrags (2000-2200Uhr), sowie Sonntags-Abends (unregelmäßig), das sind auch die einzigen Tage, an denen man sich in der Regel im TS trifft. Alle Mitflie
  5. Something like "packed data verification error". It came out of nowhere. The only thing I did before was working with the mission editor and build my weekly COOP mission. I have no idea where it came from
  6. Came out of nowhere and I have no kind of mods or anything installed. Everything is vanilla. Do you guys have any idea where this could come from?? Thank you Hunger
  7. Then maybe learn how to manage the ME and build scenarios? It's still a company they have to run and not a wishing well.
  8. Guys, I love your work. Thank you very much for everything!
  9. Havent had time to test it yet, have a look please: test.rar
  10. You have to set up a fake airfield / or more than one and assign it to axis/allies. If the AI is in trouble, heavy damaged, low on ammo or low on fuel, it will return to the closed fake airfield. At least, this is what we are observing due to our coops
  11. Seriously, we play several Coops every week since half a year now, always fighting AI. If you set the AI to High or Veteran, they mostly avoid endless turning. They jump you, attack in pairs, dive away, try to pull you to ground level, shoot very accurately. Sure, it's not comparable to human players, but really what do you expect.
  12. Thanks Sketch! I will have a look at your mission when I'm at home later stebas.
  13. As Gambit said, all of my triggers fire 4 seks after mission start, no problems ever occurred.
  14. No it's not, but it depends on my intention. If I want to have several, not specified planes to be reported, I use check zones. If I want to call out a specific Plane with its height for example "A squadron Sturmoviks just passed Kalach at Hanni 700, target approx Sekretov."
  15. My recent COOP setup, based on a "Free Hunt" mission: For playercount: up to 10 Map: Moscow / Stalingrad Red AI Planes over all (not activated): 50 Red AI Vehicles over all: 50 Red AI Artillery guns: 18 Red AI AAA guns: approx 65 Blue AI Planes over all (not activared): 10 (own flight) + 12 Blue AI Vehicles over all: 10 Blue AI Artillery guns: 0 Blue AI AAA guns: approx 12 You see, to save performance, I heavily shortened blue AI activity. I had to simulate the danger of flying over the frontline cause of AAA, the dan
  16. A huge 'Thank you guys!' from all members of HungersBunteBühne! You are great!!
  17. Thank you for testing guys! We've experienced no problems with it so far.
  18. Salute Community, since my tiny flight enthusiasts community flys COOP missions for about half a year now, I've always struggeled to build a most performance saving AAA position. I used to use a bunch of complex triggers to check if enemy planes fly in or out of the AAAs area, but since I have to cover a specific frontline area with approx 25 AAA positions, performance is getting worse. My question now is, if you have an idea for a performance safing AAA pos, wich activates if I come close and deactivates when I leave their area WITHOUT complex triggers. H
  19. Seriously? Maybe you play a whole different sim then me. Sorry but I was able to lead 6 He111 100km to our target in my KG22 times. You have dozens of options to get the course, times, terrainmarks, etc. And: As higher you fly, as easier it gets. There is no shame. I hope the devs do not read such posts. Embarassing.
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